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  1. I am service connected 100% PT for type 1 diabetes with retinopathy and have recently filed for SMC due to loss of use of bilateral shoulders due to adhesive capsulitis associated with my diabetes, I have provided evidence along with a nexus letter from my VA doctor for the shoulder issue but have never filed for these other conditions because I was told it was a part of the diabetic process. My question is should I file for these other conditions or do I only file when there is a loss of use. Osteoarthritis * 715.90 Shoulder Pain 719.41 Mood Disorder (ICD-9-CM 296.90) 296 Hyperlipidemia 272.4 Peripheral Nerve Disease (ICD-9-CM Limb Pain (Arms, Legs, Hands) 729.5 irritability, apathy , low energy, Diabetes Mellitus Type I 250.01
  2. Thanks for the response, I have been type 1 for 30 years on insulin and frozen shoulder is a condition that is associated to diabetes, this doesn't seem to be well known but can be found in other BVA cases and diabetes magazines etc. I do have loss of use but can still dress, bath and eat, that's what I don't understand about the smc guidelines is that I can still do most things and have only lost range of motion in both arms and am unsure where that falls within the smc area.
  3. I am 100% SC for Diabetes with retinopathy and have applied for SMC for bilateral frozen shoulders that are caused by my Diabetes, my Diabetes physician has provided the nexus letter that is with my claim. I am trying to understand where I might end up in the SMC area, I have loss of use in both shoulders. Thanks for any information.
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