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  1. My recommendation when going in for a C&P exam (as advised to me by older Vietnam vets) go in like it's your worse day of your life. Remember the nightmares, smashing your fist against a wall, not remembering anything, wanting to kill someone. That is what I did. I've been dealing with the VA for almost 20 years. I can tell you so many stories of their bull shit. For example if you say one POSITIVE thing at an exam, the VA will turn it around on you. Example: "My girlfriend and I are trying to get along, she helps me out and her father was a WWII veteran so she understands." (Although I told the examiner we didn't always live together) The VA took my statement and and rejected my claim for an increase. Saying, "your life is getting better now and your live-in girl friend is helping you." Not making this up. This is what the VA put in my denial letter. Another example: I told some stupid ass VA counselor that I smoked weed once or twice a month to deal with my Combat related PTSD. I get a copy of my medical records a few years later and my record reflects her statement that I was a drug abuser!!!! Just saying. Watch what you say to the VA!

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