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  1. My recommendation when going in for a C&P exam (as advised to me by older Vietnam vets) go in like it's your worse day of your life. Remember the nightmares, smashing your fist against a wall, not remembering anything, wanting to kill someone. That is what I did. I've been dealing with the VA for almost 20 years. I can tell you so many stories of their bull shit. For example if you say one POSITIVE thing at an exam, the VA will turn it around on you. Example: "My girlfriend and I are trying to get along, she helps me out and her father was a WWII veteran so she understands." (Although I told the examiner we didn't always live together) The VA took my statement and and rejected my claim for an increase. Saying, "your life is getting better now and your live-in girl friend is helping you." Not making this up. This is what the VA put in my denial letter. Another example: I told some stupid ass VA counselor that I smoked weed once or twice a month to deal with my Combat related PTSD. I get a copy of my medical records a few years later and my record reflects her statement that I was a drug abuser!!!! Just saying. Watch what you say to the VA!
  2. Moderator, there was no reason given for not receiving my retroactive pay. I received my increase in compensation last month, June 2014. The letter said, I would received a benefits within 15 days and I did receive my monthly check within about 5 days. It took the VA 16 months to approve my increase to 70% from my initial file date. That's roughly 15K in back pay. I could use that right now to fix up my truck and pay off some bills.
  3. Thanks for the response everyone. I've talked to many Vietnam vets and they are still fighting for their claims and compensation. You fight in the military and then spend the rest of your life fighting the VA! Heh. Vietnam vets have told me many times do not give up! I think we learned that in the military. To be honest there were a few times I dropped the ball and did not appeal where I should have but after 17 years, I feel I'm finally getting somewhere. I had open heart surgery right after I was HONORABLY discharged after 12 years of active duty, 2 years in a combat zone and 3 overseas tours of duty but see the VA don't want to pay me for the non-service connect there. I was exposed to uranium depleted rounds, biological weapons in the Gulf war and asbestos onboard ship which is documented in my military medical records. VA looks the other way on those matters as well. I think I have a pretty good case for an appeal and my attorney knows it. I started out in the USMC and finished with the Navy. It must be the salt water in my veins!! Hah!! Anyway, thanks for your support and response here. I would like to know how long it took for some of the rest you vets to get your retroactive check. I understand the retiree's is a different animal. I've read here from some vets anywhere from 2 days to 2 years and still waiting. Thanks again fellow brothers and sisters. Much respect and keep in touch.
  4. What's up with the VA screwing us Vets over on our retroactive pay? I recently was awarded 70% compensation for combat related PTSD. I got my first check for a monthly payment but I still have to pay flippin' bills like everyone else in this slave state. No retroactive check. I will be calling my attorney. I'm done dealing with the VA. I tried to call them and the line is busy. I emailed, no answer yet. Again, NO RETROACTIVE CHECK!!! This is how they screw you to save money in their budget. All the federal reserve has to do is print more money, it ain't backed by nothing. Not gold anymore but our blood. Money is created out of thin air. It ain't nothing but dots and dashes on a computer screen or magnetic card. I hired an attorney to handle my appeal. I'm sick and tired of the VA screwing us veterans over. I've been dealing with them for almost 20 years. I never had much luck dealing with DAV or American Legion. All they do is process the paper work but they don't know the admin. laws!! All the Legion or DAV does (in my experience) is send me a letter and it say's, "sorry the VA turned you down for an increase in your compensation." B.S!!! My attorney will go for UI benefits (after 8 years) NON-SERVICE compensation and SS benefits at the same time. He's been doing it for over 25 years and has the track record. When your appeal goes to Wash. D.C. it sits on a court ledger and the appeal is read by VA attorney's. I will no longer have DAV or and other service org. handle my case. In fact, on the VA website, "they" recommend you go with a service org. such as DAV. Mmmm..why is that? Why not go with an attorney who knows the law. Sure, he will get his 20% contingency fee but you know he's gonna fight to get his money as well. It will work out in the long run. I'm going for 100% total and then some such as non-service. The VA attorneys know that the DVA does not have an attorney representing the veteran. Do not let them screw you over. When your appeal goes to D.C. it's reviewed by an admin. judge (who is nothing but a high priced attorney) and you better have an attorney on your side otherwise the VA will chew you up and spit you because they think you don't know the law. Guess what? We don't. There are so many benefits for veterans after doing research over the years that I'm still learning about.
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