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    Increase In Ptsd %

    I have other issues that would bring me to the 90% if either the TBI is broken out or the PTSD is raised to 70% Here are my rating currently 50% for the PTSD & TBI (VA not counting the 40% rating for TBI) 50% for sleep apnea secondary to the TBI 10% for tinnitus 10% for knee injury totals 80% If my PTSD rating goes to 70% or the TBI is broken out into a separate rating I am then moved to 90%
  2. I just received an increase in my disability ratings. I went from 10% for PTSD and 10% for TBI to an increase of 50% for PTSD and 40% for TBI but they are only counting my PTSD towards compensation. They claim the symptoms are to close so they are taking the higher % one. I am now at 80% overall with my other issues. I was told I should try to get my 50% increased to 70% for PTSD. Here are the ratings from my C & P exam.. Scale Raw 76 DSM 4 Criteria B is met DSM IV Criteria C is met DSM IV Criteria D is met I looked at the C & P exam and it also shows I have a lot of the symptoms of the 70% criteria for PTSD. Can I write a letter asking them to reevalute my rating based on this? The service officer helping me with this says I should get a psychologist to right a nexus letter saying I fit the 70% criteria, not sure how to go about this. I feel weird walking into someone I don't know and say I want a higher rating. The other part is how do I get them to separate out the PTSD from the TBI, if that was done I go to 90%. Suggestions please

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