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    Serious Issue With Program

    Hi Brothers and Sisters I'm new here so bare with me. My name is Jose and i'm 70% SC for MDD and Chronic Back pain.I applied for Chap. 31 in Puerto Rico where i reside and my careerscope test was done and i decided i want to major in Bachelor's degree in International Relations. I got accepted into Univ of Bridgeport in Conneticut for the major and i was given a scholarship but i'm having a serious hard time with VA. My counselor informed me that i had to take 1 semester of courses(12 credits) on a local college and raise my GPA to transfer to be admitted. i don't understand why since i sent her the letter of admission to Bridgeport Univ. and i believe they don't want to pay for my degree in the US(Continental USA)so they could save some money. Now comes the tricky part: My counselor told me once that if a program is not available in Puerto Rico then they would send me to CONUS for my degree.-->Why they won't transfer my case and send me since International Relations is not offered in Puerto Rico? Also, since i have to increase my GPA so then i can be admitted to a college in CONUS.--->Why raise it(GPA) so i can be admitted when they already have evidence that i have been accepted to Univ. Of bridgeport in CT and to the International Relations program? They have also told me that i must choose a program here in Puerto Rico that is close to what i want which is International Relations but the closest is Social Sciences. Why a different major when they already know i want International Relations(It can be called International studies as well). What can i tell my counselor since i believe they are lying to me and making it extremely difficult to be transfered to the US. I believe this is a financial matter(College more expensive than in PR) and they don't want to spend for my education.They clearly lied since they said to me that if it's not offered in PR then it's CONUS and yet International Relations is not being offered in PR and still won't transfer my case so i can attend Bridgeport Univ. I will appreciate the help and Thank you all for your sacrifice and selfless service.

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