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    Thank Berta, The TBI is clearly noted in my SMR, but I'm not sure the documentation is there for a moderate TBI. I will be sure to ask my neurologist if he thinks the Parkinsons was caused by the TBI. How should he document it if he does? The way I read the regs is that if you had a moderate or severe TBI and later develope parkinsons the parkinsons is considered a secondary condition. There is no mention of any time limits for manifestation like there is for the other conditions. I'm sure not counting my chickens on this, but I have to try as the payoff is great. All they can do is tell me no.
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    Recently diagnosed with Parkinson's and I am trying to link it back to a TBI I received back in 1986. Looking at the medical records it is going to be hard to justify a moderate TBI from them. Would witness statements help? I have never filed a claim before and I met with the DAV VSO this morning who gave me a list of records and information that he needs to file. Any tips on what I should be doing to get my TBI rated at moderate and the Parkinson's linked to it?

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