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  1. Yes I am on Meds, have been disgnoised by 3 seperate Drs, I see a private Dr as i've actually made a bound with one that i feel takes what i have to say serious. Someone told me on another forum they rushed to get the service connection with a 0% so that I can be treated and have my meds then went back to have my evaluated by the VA to give me a proper raiting...? My questions are more so if i was 0% and it dates back to my Date of seperation and they jump my 0% after my CnP exam will that also be back paid? I know if i ever appeal or anything i can have it increased...
  2. Thanks, here is my next question? I know if you file within your first year of separation they back pay for whole year until claim time, but if i was rated at 0% already and then my rating goes up does it not qualify for the within year separation back pay?
  3. So I submitted my claim for M.D.D. and it went quickly to preperation for notification then all the way back to gathering evidence. I was sent the brown envelope and awared 0% service connection. The same week I had my C&P exam. This exam went like what i've heard other people describe theres as. I am curious is it normal to be rated then have a cnp exam does it help?
  4. I was pushed all the way to prep for notification then kicked back to gathering of evidence on ebenis. Received brown envelope with a 0% service connected dis for depression but still scheduled for a C&P exam, had my exam today which was like most stories I hear a 10 minute of questions, why am I having a C&P exam after I was rated? Can I go up?
  5. So ebenis went to prep for notification then back to gathering of evidance. I was sent the big brown envelope that stated I was rated 0% for depression how ever today I had my C&P exam for the depression? What exactly doesthis mean? Can my rating go up because it sure cant go down? The exam sounded like most peoples story of a 10 minute asking of simple questions...?

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