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  1. Me1984

    Temp to perm

    Thank you for the response Vync...I know understand. I am on SSDI so when I come up for my review do I need to show proof that I am getting SSDI. I am not working due to me not being able to deal with different personalities. I had decided to go to school after the Army but it didn't work out for me. Im so not a people person.
  2. He everyone, I have a question, how likely am I to be able to keep my 100% va compensation. I was diagnosed with MDD in 2014 and am receiving 100% temp until my next exam in 2019. I've heard that having a certain rating for five years or more that they can not decrease your rating, or if they do after the exam they can't go lower than my prior rating that was 80%. How accurate is this? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hey everyone I have a question if you can help it would be greatly appreciated. I was awarded 100% temporary last year July and have a future exam date of August 2019. It states on my VA letter not considered perm due to scheduled future exam for reduction. Does that mean that they are automatically going to reduce my rating no matter what? Or they have to do an evaluation to see if I have gotten better, worse or stayed the same? I am bipolar and suffer with depression, insomnia, as well as hear voices, I take prescribed meds but they don't seem to help at all. I am just curious to see if anyone else have went through being 100% temp to 100% P&T. Oh I forgot to mention they only have me down for MDD I put in for BPD after I was diagnosed in June of last year which the doc said I should have been diagnosed with along with MDD in the first place. Because I was already at a 100% by the time they seen my claim for BPD they didn't rate it. I have hopes to get better but as of now it seems I'm on another downwards spiral. Look forward to seeing all responses.
  4. I feel the same way Navywife, yes I sent evidence in showing I had worsened but they said they went by what the C&P doctor noted that I was stable for a couple of months then quickly went into a downward spiral quickly. So she said that it has only worsened recently.
  5. Me1984

    Retro Pay

    Oh yes and that's what she said if I was to not have gotten an increase and I appealed and won it would date back but since I was increased with no problem no retro. I guess I do get it lol
  6. Me1984

    Retro Pay

    Thanks everyone, John999 well I called the 800 number about the effective date and she stated to me that " because I went for a review and I was increased to 100% my effective date is the day that they decided on my increase" makes no sense to me at all. I think it's there way of not having to pay thousand of dollars in retro pay. I'm really confused by it all
  7. Thanks for the responses, and yes they double talk a whole lot
  8. Well I seem to find myself in a claim dilemma yet again. As you all may already know I was first rated for MDD at 50% last year. I was put in for am administrative review unknowingly before I put in for my most recents diagnosis of bipolar disorder which i put a claim in for that and another disorder in June through the 800 number it was only after that I received in the mail an appointment for MMD C&P. I recently got 100% for my MDD days ago but now my claim is up for admin review with bipolar and other disorder hopefully they will go ahead and give me P&T with this review.
  9. Hey you all can someone please explain this to me. I received my infamous brown folder today and reading it just pissed me off. So it states that it was up for special review October 2013 I was awarded new percentage of 100% WITH OVERALL PERCENTAGE OF 100% effective July 2014. Then it goes on to say that YOUR COMPENSATION PAYMENT WILL CONTINUE UNCHANGED. can someone please tell me why my rate of pay hasn't changed as it goes on to state that my disability has kept me from maintaining sufficient work. I have attached some of what they sent me about my claim. Please if you can help explain it would be greatly appreciated. I was thinking it could be because I have two claims open still for dependency and cubital tunnel with UI.
  10. Me1984

    Success Now What!?

    Ok thanks Navy04 I appreciate the info
  11. Me1984

    Success Now What!?

    Oh ok thanks you guys. A call to the loan forgiveness line said I just need a not from the doc stating I was unable to work due to me being 100% disabled. Wonder if it actually works. And my ssdi will continue as long as I am disabled.
  12. Me1984

    Success Now What!?

    I'm glad I received my 100 percent rating temporary until 2019 due to both physical and mental disabilities . I am now trying to figure out how to get the rest of my student loans to be discharged. Anyone have a suggestion as to what I can do the only thing my letter is missing is the total and permanent on it. I receive SSDI but not sure if that letter will work at all. Thanks in advance.
  13. Me1984

    Retro Pay

    Thanks for all the congrats and great info. My effective date is October 2013 so 10mths of retro whooohoo
  14. Wondering if any of you all would know the answer, I received my rating today on Ebennies granted 100% with the effective date of January 2014 will I get retroactive pay from then to now? Or does it depend on what they say in my rating decision?
  15. Congrats to you as well Mikemlj it's five years so just keep going to your doc and in five years I'm sure your case will not have changed as mine we will get out P&T just have to wait it out. It's not a biggie for me

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