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  1. Shorty_doowop

    Quick Bdd Completed Under 60 Days After Discharge

    Thank you!!! Ok now that I know what a NOD is...I agree I will be submitting one. I still need to review and understand everything first. However, the first issue I have to deal with is they did not add my mother to my dependent list. I put the 21-686c form in my original package and ebenefits shows they got it on January 8th with the original package. How do I get this corrected? I see dependency changes can take awhile. I don't want them to think this is a new claim. I have been taking care of my mom for over 10 yrs now...she was my dependent while active duty..
  2. I just wanted to post my success. I was called on 7/22 about one my contentions because QTC did complete the physical for it. She told me she would send the request for an appt at the nearest VA Hospital and send the rest of my claim on. By Friday everything was completed and my appointment was made two week out. My compensation is 50%. Of course I won't know the break down until I get the package. I am really curious to see it. Thanks to Hadit.com I was able to keep from going crazy. Thank you all for posting your stories to keep my nerves down. Claim Received: 06/01/2014 (I started before I left active duty) Claim Type: Compensation Claim Received: 1/09/2014 Under Review: 1/09/2014 Gathering of Evidence: 4/21/2014 (After my QTC appointments, still active duty) Review of Evidence: 6/24/2014 (Review began 6/1/2014, my retirement date) Pending for Decision: 7/22/2014 Pending Decision Approval: 7/23/2014 Preparation for Notification: 7/24/2014 Complete: 7/24/2014 Total of 54 day after discharge. Contentions: >8 Regional Office of Jurisdiction: Winston-Salem
  3. Congrats on your rating. My claim has been moving fast but recently slowed down. I was just wondering how long did it take to move from "Preparation for Notification" to "Complete" Again congrats!

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