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  1. WoundedWarrior

    Granted Tdiu

    Will do. Promised the little woman a massage day when the back pay hits. Payment for all the hard work she put in on my behalf. If it wasn't for her, I probably wouldn't have gotten it and it definitely wouldn't have gone through as fast as it did.
  2. WoundedWarrior

    Granted Tdiu

    I went to PFD on 6/27. I bounced around between PFD and Gathering of Evidence a few times, but ultimately never went past PFD until Monday of this week. And on Monday, it went fast - it went to notification yesterday morning and by noon today, claim was closed. Good luck, hopefully they get it moving!
  3. WoundedWarrior

    Granted Tdiu

    Filed a Fully Developed Claim for an increase/IU from 80% on 6/3/2014 through the Cleveland VARO. As of today, my claim has been closed and I was awarded TDIU. My 80% didn't go up, but I will now begin receiving payment at a 100% rate and the added benefits of P&T. Roughly 70 days from start to finish, thanks to my wife, who is a hoarder when it comes to my VA and medical files and kept her foot on the VA's throat.
  4. WoundedWarrior


    If it was done at a VA facility, it should be viewable in MyHealthEVet. If it was done at a civilian provider, you will have to fax a written request to your VARO FOIA officer (if you Google VA FOIA Officers, it should pull up a list of contact information for them). It sometimes takes forever because they take their sweet time when it comes to sorting through faxes and whatnot. You can also contact your VSO - my VSO was able to see the C&P exam notes in her computer system - she printed them off and mailed them to me after waiting 3 months for the VA to send them.
  5. WoundedWarrior

    My Claim

    It can take up to 2 weeks to be issued after notification is sent. Especially if it is a larger amount - it needs extra signatures or something. My first claim - notification was sent on 7/2/13 and I received the big brown envelope on 7/9, back pay went in same day. It showed up on EBenefits on 7/5 with a payment date of the 10th. I have USAA, so my DD went in a day early.
  6. WoundedWarrior

    C&p Exam Report

    You can submit a written request to your RO, hey will release them. But you have to do it via fax or snail mail and it can take like 75 days or something.
  7. WoundedWarrior

    C&p Exam Report

    How do you obtain C&P Exam Notes on MyHealtheVet?? I have scoured the website and can't seem to find anything. Requested them via written fax from my RO, but that may take months.
  8. WoundedWarrior

    Increase Claim To Iu

    No, it was under his GI Bill. He attempted going back to school shortly after getting out, so we hadn't gotten a disability rating yet. The only reason he even WENT back to school was to generate his GI Bill BAH for some form of income. But his SSDI is ONLY for service connected injuries - his PTSD (50%) his back (40%) and hearing loss (10%). I keep getting told different things, too. We have WWP helping us out this time (first time around we had a county VSO who didnt know what he was doing and paperwork kept getting lost). WWP says a FDC should only take 3-6 months, at longest. Maybe faster, considering they have everything they could possibly need. The VA call center tells me the average timeline for ANY claim through my RO is 15-18 months and it could take them 6 months alone JUST to make the decision and notify his.
  9. Hi! My husband is a Combat Veteran. He is currently at an 80% rating from the VA and also receives SSD. We filed a fully developed claim for an increase to 100% and IU. I submitted every last shred of documentation possible to the VA via EBenefits. We file on 6/3/14. On 7/16/14 it went to Prep for Notification, than got bumped back to gathering of evidence because they needed his SSD file. I obtained the full disc of all of his records from SSD and uploaded every single one to EBenefits. There honestly wasn't much there - SSD made their determination using the VA's evidence from his first claim (he didn't go to a single appointment for SSD or have a court hearing and the whole thing was done from start to finish in 10 weeks). I am wondering how long I should expect something to happen with the VA.... if they were ready to give a new rating pending his SSD files, I am assuming it will happen pretty quick? Here is what has been submitted: C&P Exams College transcripts showing poor attendance and poor grades due to his PTSD A statement from him, myself AND some family friends that have known us since before his disabilities. His SSD award letter His SSD file Any and all medical doctors from civilian doctors since he got out of the military His active duty medical record His VA medical record Is there anything else possible I can send in to prevent it from getting kicked back again? His first claim took almost 3 years (mainly because we had NO clue what we were doing and we trusted the VA not to lose paperwork, which happened frequently). This time, I have been following everything very closely, calling and sitting on hold for hours at a time every few days to make sure things were being uploaded into his file. Any suggestions or insight for a fully developed IU claim would be very greatly appreciated!

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