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  1. Mariorivera830, 1. The computer program is like that most places, they don't want to waste money with people who fail 2. The plan is to get you employable after the 28 months since you did not meet the Employment handicap. 3. First things first before you start an education plan is to increase your Employment handicap so that you can use the full 48 months, I had to do this in order to set up my graduate degree. I suggest reading " The Voc Rehab Survival Guide for Veterans"- It really helped me out. 4. If you do not get the Employment handicap then you have to look at jobs that you can do with an associates so that they will pay for at least half, when you think about it the program is just to get you employed. So there has to be a job at the end of the tunnel for you or they will not approve it. Book keeping would be good as a goal but allows you to use the funds needed. 5. If you had a job when your SC was 30% and then lost it after your SC turned 100%, Then I think that falls into (2) The occupation in which the veteran previously completed training is found to be unsuitable because of the veteran's abilities and employment handicap. An extension beyond 48 months under Chapter 31 alone shall be approved for this purpose. (Authority: 38 U.S.C. 3105©(1)(B)) Nothing I write is meant to be hostile, just giving advice.
  2. MDwannaBE

    Voc Rehab Med School

    Ok so this is what happened. Went to my appointment they told me that i did not have the amount of time needed since i did the Post 9/11 GI bill first they subtract that. I don't know why? It seems the pick and choose what ever works better for them but i digress I got approved for Serious Employment Handicap. I had to explain to them how my degree was worthless and some other things. Now i have to make and educational plan with the lady but the funds are there so I think I am over a huge hurdle. Anyone get caught up after they were approved as meeting the standard?
  3. MDwannaBE

    Voc Rehab Med School

    Hey Guy's, Just had my meeting and did all my test. I test well for Healthcare and Sciences and with my GPA and my disability rating my counselor said i would be a strong candidate and just put in my packet. I was stressed over this but it wasn't that bad. I went in well prepared with several forms of documentation and already being accepted to med school helped out a lot. I will update everyone after i hear back about my packet.
  4. MDwannaBE

    Voc Rehab Med School

    Thank you Admin, So its a probable no right? How long would i have to be unemployed before they would let me do this?
  5. MDwannaBE

    Voc Rehab Med School

    Hey Guys, Respect this forum a lot, has answered a lot of questions and put a lot of doubt in my mind. Let me start from the beginning. I am an 80% disabled OIF, OEF vet. I have an MBA and my bachelors completed. I found out after completing these I went to a school that a lot of people aren’t getting jobs with right now. (Online For Profit) And I just got into medical school. I have used up all of my post 9/11 benefits and would like to start to use my Vocational Rehab bennies I have my first meeting tomorrow with the person, after hounding and getting my Vonapp in there. I have already been accepted to the school. I have a 3.66 GPA in my MBA and a 3.72 in my Bachlors. I want to know if anyone has had someone tell them to go screw because I feel that is what’s going ot happen. Or do I have a decent chance because I have already put in the ground work. I guess I could work now but would loath it and not want to be doing what I am doing. Do they take that into consideration? What kind of buzz words should I use? I have read on here that they don’t give a dam as long as you CAN get a job but what about personal satisfaction? End of the day it’s my benefits at 80% I dam well earned them so they should get in line or should I start kissing butts?

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