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  1. greenwrench

    Anyone Use David Anaise Md Jd

    Yes, I have used David Anaise, MD , JD in Tucson , Arizona. I won my TDIU case at the BVA and I hope I will win the Remand for the frostbite back date to 12/1979. I really believe that I would not have won my case if it hadn't been for David Anaise. Great job stating laws and cases won by other Veterans and well worth the money. I owe him many thanks for a great job.
  2. greenwrench

    New To The Site

    Thanks for the welcome!!!
  3. greenwrench

    New To The Site

    Hello from Surprise, Arizona, my second or third time here an I'm so glad I found hadit.com.Have been in the VA system for over thirty years an have made some major head way the last 3 years. Hope to be around for sometime, thanks for having me.

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