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  1. Buck......how do you find out what DRO has been assigned to your Hearing? Are you saying at least 12 months from the time a NOD was filed? I filed 14 months ago but have not heard a word since they acknowledged receiving Appeals 13 months ago. I keep reading that Waco is one of the slowest processors in the nation. How do you go about asking for an expedite? I thought you had to be a hardship case like homeless, old age, or terminally ill. I am none of those.
  2. Per VA WACO RO......does anyone know of a source link or phone number to find out the average processing time currently to get a DRO Hearing date in Waco?
  3. I had an IMO done recently by Valor4Vets (Bethany Spangenburg) and I got a strong IMO on Sleep Apnea with solid rationale nexus to my s/c secondaries and pointing out stark difference in apneas increase rate between two VA sleep studies. I have no idea how this will play out at VARO whenever my DRO Hearing is scheduled, but I feel this IMO has legs. I will let everyone know how the Hearing goes on this disability when it occurs. REVIEW Did they review your entire file -- Yes Did they provide a well written DBQ/IMO/IME -- Yes Were they familiar with VA Claims (38 cfr, M21, etc) ? -- Yes Would you classify them as "Vet Friendly" Yes Would you recommend them to other veterans? Yes
  4. I was rated a 0 compensation on one claim condition that really shocked me! I immediately filed a reconsideration before I filed a NOD.........and just 3 1/2 months later I was awarded 10%. In this instance filing a reconsideration was to my advantage because the evidence was clearly overwhelmingly in my favor and who wants to wait 2 years on a NOD when clear and indisputable evidence already exists. BTW.....the evidence was also there the first time and they said okay we see your disabled but it is not compensable.......BS! My two cents.....I would try reconsideration first if you have undeniable evidence before submitting a NOD........if your evidence is borderline in anyway just wait for NOD to play out.
  5. Surprises me too Berta since it was sent as Privacy Act request...............I figured to have received C-File by now (11 mos.). I got my C-File back in 2009 before I filed my first claim and that took only 7 months......all paper and heavy.........and was not a Privacy Request. I am still waiting on an answer from anyone here where I can contact to find out the status of my C-File. Thanks. WayneTX
  6. I filed several NOD's back in late May 2016, and at the same time I submitted a Privacy Act Request under the Freedom of Information Act for my C-File......ebenefits said estimated completion: 12/22/2016 - 04/24/2017......Current Status: Gathering of Evidence. Those dates have now expired......11 months now.......have not heard a word from anyone. Who can I contact to find out about my C-File status as estimated dates have expired? My RO is Waco, Tx. WayneTX
  7. Great information there Buck.......thanks.......yes I submitted NOD's and requested a C-File in May 2016. I will certainly check to see if they have an idea when my C-File should arrive. I already had a paper file from 2009, but since they will send an updated C-File when filing an Appeal(s) I took the opportunity to request an updated File. I hope it arrives by May as that would be a full year waiting to receive. I pretty much figured I would not receive anything about my DRO Hearing date in Waco sooner than this Summer because Waco is backed up I more than other VARO's around the country.
  8. Gastone - DRO Hearing - Waco VARO.....I am still waiting to get a DRO Hearing set......still waiting on my C-File requested at same time of NOD filings made in May 2016. How long does a C-File generally take to receive? broncovet - I agree and advice well taken.........I had only equaled but not exceeded my minimum required number of episodes to be awarded so I was initially awarded just 0% SC. Then, I did exceed the required number of episodes to qualify for 10%, so I immediately filed a reconsideration and they awarded me 10%. I was still two (2) episodes short of also qualifying for 30% when I applied for the 10%. I then had two (2) more episodes also within the very same time period (one year) and I sent that additional evidence to VARO even before the 10% had even been awarded in hopes they'd catch it and increase to 30% - not award at 10 % that I already knew I had qualified by regs. VA didn't acknowledge the new evidence, and just rolled with the 10% award only. I was hoping they would catch the new medical evidence since they're suppose to look at all new evidence. The new evidence was submitted a month before I was notified of their 10% decision awarded so that's why I went ahead and filed SC disability as a NOD appeal.......all still happened within the same time period of one year. The additional evidence was either ignored by VA. or I submitted it too late for them to catch and correct - who knows - but doesn't change the facts I qualified within the regs. Amazingly, I filed a FDC reconsideration with my added qualifying episodes evidence in February and by the second week in May was awarded 0% SC to a 10% SC....but no 30. My original claim for this disability dates back to May 2015.
  9. I have submitted multiple NOD Appeals (4) nearly a year ago now.......my question is that one of these is just for an increase in disability compensation from 10 to 30% based on exceeding the criteria for episodes, but I submitted as NOD along with the others. I achieved the required number just a month after getting approved for 10%. Since this appeal amounts to an increase and meets all the qualifying criteria do I benefit any at this stage by notifying EVIDENCE INTAKE CENTER that this particular appeal is for an increase only that has since been obtained under the required regulations......or is it better to just let it ride out now as a NOD. Has anyone had a similar situation?.
  10. where they located?
  11. Rootbeer22........I guess I am not clear....are you saying you sent in "new and material" evidence on three denials and one of them came back in your favor prior to your actual DRO Hearing being set????? I was under the impression they rated all denials at one time versus say in your case an award was actually made on one of the 3 denials before any Hearing, and the other two were still held back for an actual DRO Hearing date which has yet to happen.....am I reading this right....if not let me know. I'm just trying to educated myself if there is actually stages in some instances made before an DRO Hearing date is even set. I was told it was better to hold back all evidence findings until the actual DRO Hearing so you can answer questions face to face and dispute then with facts presented. Thanks.
  12. Hey Rootbeer......just curious......how long did it take you to get your appeal decision from the time you filed your NOD's. Also, how long did it take to get your C-File from the time you requested. Hey 90% is still not bad.....I could only hope to get there one day.....not very likely.
  13. Thanks Buck......appreciate the information.........I figure I won't see a Docket Number till the end of the year or my C-File until Summer time......WACO backup.
  14. Gastone.....I filed several NOD paperwork this past May 2016.......I have not been asked to submit any new evidence as yet and have not done so.........what is: VA Mandatory New & Material Evidence ....is this something you receive offically at some point from the VA asking that new and material evidence be presented? I prefer it that option exists, to present all my new evidence at the DRO Hearing - face to face - to answer any questions right there. I also requested my C-File in May 2016, as it contains a more evidence-related information to include as N & M. I have not received my C-File although it sounds like that takes at least a year to receive. I have no problem providing mandatory evidence whenever needed or requested. but I'd prefer to do so after C-File arrives. As stated, I have not been asked to submit anything yet since filing my NOD notice and also requesting a DRO Hearing at same time. They acknowledged receiving and that's been it. Is this normal VA business practice to just wait awhile until they actually ask to see new evidence....or can it all just be presented and done on Hearing date once assigned?