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  1. Wayne TX

    RAMP questions

    Great points....exactly why I opt in RAMP as my claims go back to 2015 and have not even been certified by the Legacy Board. None of us are getting any younger so RAMP was an alternate worth the risk of being a pilot program.
  2. MY two cents....why not try RAMP? I had personally been stuck in the Legacy waiting game nearly 2 years with no signs when I'd even be seeing a docket number.......too frustrating! I decided to opt out of Legacy and opt into RAMP........I opted on May 10.....today is August 15, and I am at Pending Decision Approval and it should pop over the next 3 weeks as estimated completion dates keep shrinking almost weekly now.
  3. I got to 50% on my own (starting back in 2009) doing all the work myself and then just handing it over to a VSO to electronically file for me....usually at VAMC.....to insure VA got it! But once I got to 50% the games started with ultra stupid denial reasons and I knew I'm heading to a VideoConference Judge if upcoming RAMP results are not as anticipated. I have been fighting VA over OSA since 2015, and all they can say despite mounds of evidence, CPAP, two positive tests, and IMO's citing secondary SC connections has been this lame...."active duty records are silent for sleep complaints." They fight everyone seeking a 50% disability rating....not an easy one to win anymore even with a winning hand.
  4. Bronco.....I agree with so much you say. Attorneys are not about hand holding and very short in their email replies if any given at all......phone calls.......hmmm lucky to get one every 6 months. I elected to opt into RAMP. I did not even ask my attorney his opinion because I already knew I was better off giving RAMP a whirl than waiting several more years for my time to come around in Legacy. I have no idea how my 4 Appeals will measure out, but I can say this one positive about RAMP......... I opt in May 10......94 days later (today) I am sitting at Pending Decision Approval, which means something should shake down within the next 30 days. That was never going to happen sitting in my spot in line in Legacy. I was looking at a minimum two more years, and now I should see a decision forthcoming within months. HUGE!
  5. I agree 2 weeks tops.....best of luck. Estimated Completion: 08/27/2018 - 09/17/2018........yesterday it was showing 8-27 to 11-11.
  6. Today Day 92 since I opted into RAMP. eBenefits went from Claim Received silence straight to Pending Decision Approval. These Appeals are all HLR with requested Informal TeleConference, which has still yet to take place. Asking if anyone else here has got to this point and an Informal TeleConference either happened after this notice given or it never happened? I am happy to see this kind of movement inside 100 days but this may still drag out to the full 125 or longer. Status of Your Claim: Estimated Completion: 08/27/2018 - 09/17/2018
  7. Today marks Day 92 since I opted into RAMP and today eBenefits went from Claim Received status straight to Pending Decision Approval. These Appeals are all HLR with requested Informal TeleConference, which has still yet to take place. I am just wondering if anyone else has got to this point and an Informal TeleConference either happened after this notice was given or never happened at all? I said I would let everyone know when I knew something. Status of Your Claim PENDING DECISION APPROVAL Submitted: 05/10/2018 (Appeal) Estimated Completion: 08/27/2018 - 09/17/2018
  8. Your moving along at a nice clip......good luck.
  9. Julio....if I was in your shoes I'd do the same thing. RAMP is suited for those who have filed NOD's over the past two years as they'll still have to wait another 3 years.
  10. I am at day 86.....RAMP HLR. I actually got a PEGGY who was not scripted and was actually helpful. He told me where my appeal was being processed and that he counted 6 notes made to date. THat is about as much as you can get and more info than most get. They won't tell you the current stage of development so not point asking. It all comes down to what PEGGY picks up your call.......got a few that were borderline rude but all are required to say "THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!" I was in Legacy with a Form 9 for two years and was still looking at a good 3 years to a probable Hearing Date so I took a chance on RAMP and so far I am ok with my decision.
  11. Well done on doing it right.......hard to beat well grounded evidence.
  12. Wayne TX

    TDIU awarded

    AVF......was this done through RAMP?
  13. CONGRATS pwrslm on the increase.........that was fast.......when did you opt-in and what Lane....HLR or Suppl? What VARO handled your file?

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