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  1. Good info there.......thanks for the heads up.
  2. Jimmer....very good info provided there. I really appreciate the advice. I do have one more question.....since I filed my NODs I have obtained two IMOs to present as N&M evidence in support of my Appeals..........the Judge, of course, would not be aware of this as I have been told not to send anymore evidence until my actual Hearing Date as that would only delay the timeline to be seen for a Hearing date. That said.......does the Judge ask that any N&M evidence be sent to him when they notify me about the VC Hearing date, so he's able to see the new evidence sumbmissions himself in real time? Or, does he just ask to be sent the N&M evidence right after the Hearing is completed.? Thanks.
  3. If you have some Appeals already waiting for docket numbers and now want to file a brand "new"claim would that impact the existing Appeals process in anyway, or do they run on totally independent on different channels?
  4. Jimmer............thank you....very informative and helpful information there............where was the RO for your VideoConference Hearing ? Having to wait only 9 months was pretty fast so I guess opting for a VideoConference does happen sooner than an in-perpon RO Hearing. I would be tickled to get a date even within a year of the Letter saying been put on waiting list. 90 days is not that long to wait on the results either.......BTW congrats on your favorable award.
  5. Greats tips and advice as always Buck....much appreciated. I have strong evidence to present for Sleep Apnea and sinus increase so I feel pretty good. I like the fact it is a Judge as they can rule faster as I understand.
  6. Thanks for the tips and encouragement Buck....your the best. As I understand a video conference is done the same exact way as an in-person DRO Hearing except a Judge is at the the other end of the video screen sitting in Washingtion DC. It will also take place at my regional VA in Waco. They said in a Letter it could happen sooner with a Video Conference than the in-person Hearing.......how much sooner seems to be an unknown. Yes, if any here have had a video conference I'd like to get your comments. Thanks.
  7. I sent in a Form 9 and VA sent me back a Letter saying I have been put on a waiting list to appear at RO VA office for a Veteran Law Judge to hear my Appeal via a Videoconference Hearing. It stated BVA can often schedule Videoconference hearings more quickly than in person Travel Board hearings. My two questions are to anyone here who (1) had a Videoconference hearing at their RO......how long did it take to get the hearing date after getting the VA letter saying now on a waiting list. and (2) did the Veteran Law Judge award Appeals on the spot during the Hearing, or was it done after the Hearing session? Thanks for any help to Q's.
  8. I will call first and see if they require appts or allow walkins...........go from there. So much BS red tape and confusion to deal with but still dealing as it comes.
  9. Great advice Buck and jfrei..........I am going to head to Waco RO next week and take my chances it will matter and also look at my C-File as well. I will definitely record that I was there as well. I was always under the impression an appointment was absolute but apparently not.
  10. jfrei.........I am seriously considering doing a face to face RO visit very soon........hope not turned away for lack of an appointment......260 miles round trip.
  11. Gastone & Buck, I had my last claim filed by the Texas Veterans Commission Office located at Dallas VA Hospital......it was for a Statement of Support for Reconsideration on a claim that the VA actually agreed that I had a SC disability but rated me at zero compensation 21 months ago. I was livid because the facts had been properly sent. I told the TVC officer I was wronged and that I felt Waco was messing with me. I told her I wanted to file a Reconsideration before I did a NOD (as would take much longer) on it. I simply provided the facts again showing where I had legally met the criteria for 10%. I do not know if VA considers a Reconsideration as part of an Appeal or not, but at that point I had not filed a NOD 21-0958 on anything to VA. It was delivered as a Statement of Support seeking a Reconsideration from 0% to 10%. I know this sounds un-Waco like speed, but they not only made the award this time to 10%....it only took them only about 100 days from sending in the Reconsideration. That was my last dealing with TVC....I was not impressed who I was dealing with.......just another clerk like the original VSO I started out with.......all they would say to anything was that's a legal question I can not answer. I then immediately preceded on my own to file 21-0958 on 5 Appeals 17 months ago, and I checked under Section III, a DRO Review (nothing was said of Hearing) but I also hand wrote (Hearing) to the side of it. I did not check Traditional Review. I never received a Form 9 or a SOC as they claimed they sent me. The only way I knew what was going on was through the status change on my eBenefits account. In fact, I have not heard zip until my eBenefits status finally changed last week. I guess my question here now is since I did a Reconsideration and won the increase is it possible VA treated the Reconsideration as an NOD Appeal even before these other 5 NODs were submitted at the same time 17 months ago. Further, the disability that I was awarded from 0 to 10% still allows up to a 30% max, scheduler rating, and I had qualified again between the Reconsideration award and the submitting of the NOD Appeal. As for the 10 to 30% rating increase that was one of my 5 NOD's that filed 17 months ago. I am still perplexed why VA is saying they sent me a SOC and had received my Form 9 ????. I fear they either got me mixed up with another case file, or perhaps now confused since I won a Reconsideration disability claim and then immediately filed a NOD on same exact disability again to be increased to 30%. Got any ideas? I'm working the Brazos River here without a paddle....seeking some ideas or hunches. I'm stumped. Thanks guys..
  12. Buck.......I am seeking legal now..........before they up and deny all 5 appeals without the benefit of a Hearing or see all my N&M evidence still not on the table. Two of them have met all VA qualifying criteria......... so I don't need this messed up and drawn out any longer. I have not received a letter from a DRO.
  13. Buck52........As you know I'm dealing with Waco........this is what showed up on eBenefits just a few days ago after already receiving SOC and submitting Form 9.......says: Appeal Pending - Statement of the Case (SOC) VA has received your Form 9 and you will begin completing final actions regarding your appeal before it is sent to the Board of Veteran's Appeals. Date Not Available. That's been the only update I've got since and the first anything new has landed on eBenefits. I am just trying to understand if this is simply normal procedure or maybe not...........need to be sure I am definitely covered for a DRO Hearing and not a Review. I always thought a SOC came if they denied an Appeal, but all it said was why they denied me on all conditions in more detail "why" than the Rating Decision Letter......it was just a legal jargon. All they required was to receive back Form 9 to let them know I wished to precede with my Appeal. Like I told Gastone.......on NOD 21-0958, Part III......it asks to select a Appeals Processing Methods......Decision Review Process (DRO) or Traditional Appellate Review.....I checked off DRO Process and beside it wrote (HEARING).......just to be sure they know I want a Hearing and not a Review. I assumed that would be sufficient and clear enough, but now I am beginning to believe based on this eBenefits message that they may be just treating this as a Review only.. Any suggestions. How can I find out who has been assigned to my DRO Hearing in Waco so I can know for sure it will be a Hearing as requested? Thanks.