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  1. That's a lot faster progress than I ever expected for an April 5 opt-in.......do keep us informed. My HLR with a Informal Phone went in May 10. I'm sure a phone call is still forthcoming coming especially with attorney as rep..
  2. I took the plunge into RAMP 3 weeks ago.......I got an invite on April 2, but I still waited 5 weeks more because I wanted to hear more and read more reviews. it comes down to exactly what Bronco says.......RAMP is more scary to VSOs and Attorneys than it is to the Veteran. We (Veterans) want results in 125 days - not 4/5 years waiting out the Legacy backlog. RAMP may make some mistakes but it does hold the promise of a faster resolve and even if denied we can still opt into other lanes faster than still staying put in Legacy backlog.
  3. I agree with you Bronco........I have been sitting over 2 years in Legacy now and based on the fact they're still working on 2014 claims I can see another two years of waiting very easily.......no I will take my chances with RAMP.......they may even take longer than 125 days but that still beats a guaranteed 2 and possibly 3 years stuck in legacy backlog.
  4. RAMP is the only option available unless you want to wait 3-4 more years in Legacy to get a decision. 125 days sounds a lot better than 3-4 years.
  5. Excellent information there Bronco....TY!
  6. Got a Q for anyone......I am considering RAMP as well..........here is my Q: If you had more than one Appeal denied in recent months can you just submit the one you think is the strongest of the denied to test the RAMP waters before putting all the rest now sitting in wait with Legacy now into RAMP?
  7. If you have say multiple NODs just recently denied........there's one you really feel strong about and need that one to qualify for TDIU consideration..........can you just file for that one individually and let the rest (smaller percentages) just play out by filing a Form 9 under current BVA Hearing process backlog In other words, where multiple denials are involved can you choose what denials to opt into RAMP or do they all have to be done together under Form 9 and not be separated?
  8. How long did it take you from the time you filed the Form 9 until your BVA Hearing? Congrats........always good to know some Vets are still in the fight and winning.
  9. PWRSLM.....outstanding and very usable information there. Would not a letter from an existing IMO Dr. disputing the VA Examiner's opinion be enough to qualify as N&M evidence. This Dr. actually stated "more likely than not" due to my secondarys. I'm definitely not doing a reconsideration........but I am going to sumbit more evidence.......I need to dig more today and see how important the missing pieces of evidences they did not list. I did a reconsideration once before before filing a NOD and it worked out well for a an increase rating from 0 to 10%. The argument VA made here is that my records are silent for SA in my SMR.....I just snored so they tell me. My claim for SA was a claim saying my SA is secondary to my s/c allergic rhinitis and sinuitis both of which I'm rated at 30% each now. Many others have won SA at BVA level using either, or both, of these as secondaries. I had both! They also claim it was caused by obesity in ignoring the s/c altogether. I had lap band surgery in 2006 and never exceeded 234 since and currently 215.
  10. Buck....same ol' stuff.....Examiner found no record of sleep apnea reported or tested during active military service but this was a NOD that included two existing legit s/c disabilities previously claimed by others and granted at the BVA Level. They just swept it under the rug it appears to deny.........had 3 years of retro built up at 50%. pwrslim - I am aware and that is why I'm giving consideration but Q - I have read that if you go this route and still end up with another SSOC it delays even more the time to be seen by BVA. Is this true? I'd rather provide new N&M to RO and get it resolved right there but they took two years just to deny simply on no SA reported during active duty. That is my dilemma.....which way to go........try RO once again or just NOD it up the line to BVA. Reaching out for those who have been at this fork in the road for best approach. Gastone - I am checking the evidence list........I have found several pieces submitted not listed......noticeably not listed were lay statements made by my spouse and a physical profile order change as well.....how is the best way to call their hand on those omissions not included?
  11. Yep........ Sleep Apnea denial..... the forms came with the SOC. Gonna forgo reconsideration and just file the Form 9. .
  12. This was a DRO at RO level. Not a Hearing.
  13. Got a Q.......if you got denied on an Appeal for a condition........can you file a Reconsideration before filing another NOD or is a NOD all you can file?
  14. When an award is made and the amount deposited into a Veteran's bank account is that the amount remaining after the Attorney has already been paid his agreed upon cut of the award amount?
  15. Gastone.........I am not stressed out. I just was wondering out loud because most that I have read here said the decision letter usually showed up within 7-10 days of retro deposited. Yes, the calculations were close enough to not be challenged. This was just one of four NOD's that were filed in May of 2016. Have not heard anything on the other three Appeals yet.........no SOC......no grant.......nothing! The wait marches on....... Pwrslm - good info there....thanks. Buck - Not stressing.....retro is in the bank.......just now wondering about the other 3 Appeals that still remain not granted or SOC either.........all filed at the same time as the one that just got granted 19 days ago.

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