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  1. Is a Statement of Claim the preferred form to add more evidence to an existing claim not yet decided?  Does adding more evidence found slow down a claim processing  time from the initial filing date if it is only about an increase to an existing SC rating?. Thanks.

  2. I have a question and seeking some advice.  I was awarded SC for Sinus in January.  I was awarded 0%,   VA failed to realize I qualified for at least a 1-% rating.  I sent in for an increase because I had five episodes of sinus (all at VA) in the past 12 months and filed a claim for an increase under 3-6 episodes a year = 10%.  As I said I provided  proof of 5 episodes. I decided in early February to apply for 10% as I had no idea when my next episode would occur.  It takes six to 12 episodes to qualify for 30%.  Well, here's the situation as of today. My claim for 10% for sinus according to eBenefits is now in the Preparation for Decision phase and it has been stuck there two weeks now.  Since I filed in early February, I had a sixth episode treated with antibiotics, which actually occurred today.  Here is my question....should I let the 1O% increase play it our first or does it make any difference to go ahead while that is still in the Preparation for Decision phase and put in another new claim showing that I know also qualify for 30%  at 6 to 12 episodes a year  I don't want to confuse VARO's paper trail, but on the other hand if your qualified for a higher increase does it matter to still file while an existing lower claim increase is going through the process?  Any comments or suggestions much appreciated as soon as possible.  Thanks brothers.

    1. Buck52


      You can send any evidence  you have at any time as long as your claim is still undecided & not final, if you file a new claim while you have a claim in process the VA will just add that claim in with the one you have.

      The way I understand it anywayz....


    2. Wayne TX

      Wayne TX

      Thank you Buck.......any other comments out there?


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