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  1. It's the veteran that admits that there is a problem who will achieve real victory in the end. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Congratulations on your success!
  3. I would file. I believe that if it is within the first year of discharge it should be service connected.
  4. Congratulations on a well fought battle!!!!
  5. Great job and congratulations on your win!!!!
  6. Congratulations, Well Done and God Bless You!!!!
  7. Amen and Congratulations!!!!!
  8. Found out that the RO are sending out any and everything to the BVA and anywhere else to make there numbers look good. Hadit always said that E BENEFIT is not trustworthy and also Peggy! Glad that I listened to the priceless advice given by Asknod, Paul, yourself and many others. Create a paper trail with proof of documentation!
  9. Well I found out that the RO said that I didn't file my form 9 in time. I won't down to the RO office and showed them my date and time stamped copy as well as my green return card from the USPS. They promptly place my appeal back into the system and it showed up on E BENEFITS that evening. So for almost 2 months it was dead in the water because of failure to file a timely appeal form 9. Because of you guys on Hadit that dog won't hunt! I love each and every one of you to life!
  10. Still on some raters desk as of last week. Just going to be patient. News on your claim gave me some hope as I am very happy for your success!
  11. Congratulations!!! We all know that it's been a long time coming! But perseverance and due diligence always pay off in the end!!!
  12. I had a c&p exam with a physician assistant and the same thing happened to me. The examiner basically DIDN'T do what the Bva asked them to do. GIVE AN OPINION ON IF THE ISSUES ARE SECONDARY OR NOT. Because you already had an exam, all that is needed is an opinion from C & P for the Rating team. This is what happened in my case and I got secondary service connection a few months later.
  13. No I never got anything from BVA. When I spoke with BVA they informed me that my file and appeal were still at the RO. Also if any decision were made it was done at the RO level. This is totally different from what was on E benefits. I received the same information as you. Decision made at the BVA.
  14. Thanks Askrod and TiredCoastie. Means a lot knowing that we are not alone. Just being patient with the process and learning as we go. Will keep everyone updated.
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