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  1. Bulldog4life

    Bulldog4Life - Help With Dic

    Sure I will try to scan the denial for the purposes of helping all veterans who I consider as my family. God Blessed. Bulldog (USMC)
  2. Bulldog4life

    Bulldog4Life - Help With Dic

    Yes Berta I was paid last year Sept. 2013 in the amount of $1215 per month. The VA also paid me accrued bennies. Her last check Which total $3600, the 8 mos when we got married again in 2012 which total $1200, and then back pay of about 9 months which all Total about $13,000., so basically my marriage was recognized with no problem. The first marriage began on nov.12,1997-2009. The second marriage began 4-12-2012 to 1-15-2013. I have a solid feeling in asking for the inhancement of $258 per mo., because in my case we were together a very long time as a Married couple so I feel it's the enhancement is part of the package., and also considering my age of 60. Did I say 60!(lol) Anyway she was a 100% since 1993 and P&T since 1998. Her service connection was in one area (nerosis), and hystomy in The military which was 30%.,but she died of diabetes,kidney failure! Addison disease, and pulmonary lung disorder.
  3. Bulldog4life

    Bulldog4Life - Help With Dic

    Thanks Philip, I feel that I'm right because I've read a lot about DIC and almost went through all the BVA citations in the last 14 years that's close to mine with spouses that's married the same veteran twice. There's not many (Lol).
  4. Bulldog4life

    Bulldog4Life - Help With Dic

    Berta, My question is on Dic? Me and my late wife was married on 2 different occasions. The first marriage lasted 13 years and before she passed away 8 months. She was 100% for 20 years and P/T for 17 years. In the USC 38 1311(2) it states that a veteran that was married to the same veteran more than once the Original marriage will be used in determining the statutory benefit. It also states that the time of marriages Will be considered. Now I was nt paid the enhanced benefit of $258 per month., which states that the spouse has to be married for 8 straight years until the veteran dies. If they are taking the 13 years I was married would nt that meet the requirement? I filed a notice of disagreement for a DRO hearing because I feel I right. Can you shed some light on this? Thanks, Bulldog (USMC........Nam Vet)

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