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  1. Thank God and thanks to all hadit comrades, I received my decision today in mail from the BVA and I was knocked off my feet with an almost unanimous favorable across the board, only PTSD, increase depression, and left knee is left on the table. God bless and good luck to all!
  2. Will do, whenever I learn or find something out I will definitely pass it on leave no Vet behind!!!
  3. My time line is correct as followed from the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims remanded by out going VA secretary. It has been followed since and not allowed to lapse. I did keep the same VSO all the way. I originally used a VA accredited Attorney the same for VACOLS issues at hearing. Staying the course was and is the challenge to all veterans! The judge was talking about my (SAH) "I will get to the bottom of things". He said "I will be the judge making the decision on your claim". This is not a formal setting as the courtroom. The judge can deny, remand, award, and or hold claim open additional time for evidence ( 90 days for mine) I didn't use. Assuming is dangerous, yes she did an outstanding job bringing out additional information as did my wife and the judge, this was indeed a team effort. Upon completion of the hearing the judge asked if there were anything else to discuss, after parties input he said "I think we have brought out everything and been very thorough" The DAV rep said " we (my wife and I) did a good job, and gave us a list of things to do for the judge to make his decision which was the final paperwork He gave us 90 days to turn in. I turned in all information and signed a waiver of VARO consideration of same. My DAV representative inform me it is taking up to a year for a decision. Are you asking can I wait 18 years and not continue the FIGHT? The answer is a HELL no. Sir!!!.
  4. I submitted final paperwork today with a waiver of VARO consideration on final paperwork. That was a weight off my shoulders and I got copies of all documents for my records. DAV representative hand carried documents over to Appeals section. My case and all documents forwarded on to Judge for decision. Now the BIG wait begins!
  5. Hello, Carlie and fellow vets, all issues were addressed and the Judge, DAV, my wife and I all agreed they were thoroughly heard and reviewed before the Judge. The judge did have jurisdiction to address all my issues and inform us He would get to the bottom of things. I will be signing and submitting a Waiver of VARO consideration when I submit the final paperwork I am waiting on one letter from my MST Group Leader.
  6. Hello fellow Vets, had a very successful BVA hearing August 20, 2014. Submitting final paperwork for the Judge decision. Thanks for all you'll help and information. Wishing all well as I await my decision.
  7. I received the issues that has been on appeal since 1997 and will be discussed during the upcoming hearing 08/20/2014 they are: increase IBS, epilepsy, L- knee, SC-PTSD by MST, SC-Sciatic nerve, increase R-knee, Specially adapted housing, L-leg sciatic nerve, increase dysthymic disorder, SMC a full plate any advice
  8. Congrats!!!! You give me hope on my A/A
  9. My BVA hearing is on the 20th of next month, I have twelve issues to discuss. I have been appealing these issues since 1997 mainly A & A, and SAH also PTSD by MST new. Advice is welcome and appreciated.
  10. I must say I guess I luck out it took about one year
  11. I am having a BVA travel board hearing 20 of Aug. 2014, and my PTSD will be discussed and also my MST among numerous other issues any advice
  12. First post, first time, first day, and a BVA hearing next month any advice
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