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  1. http://vets.yuku.com/topic/129127/New-Information-For-Me-At-Least
  2. Iris inquiry then WS RO. VBN too.Its true.We don't have an assigned RO according to where we live. All information is now sent to an intake office to be scanned then routed .
  3. There is no longer regional offices.When a claim is filed it is automatically sent to the office with the lowest backlog.There is only one pending claim per veteran also.
  4. There is no more regional offices.The way it is done is a claim is filed and it automatically is sent to the office with the lowest backlog.You also can only have one claim per veteran at a time. This is the way they think that the claims will get done quicker. All paperwork is sent to a designated place to be scanned in now too.
  5. Guess what it does not matter now because the fdc benifit is diminishing the under review stage and you are past that.There is not a difference in the time from her on out with or without fdc status.
  6. They are trying to sober up Peggy C Boyd.
  7. The examiner will not have your records.They are only answering specific questions for the va .They do not have a say in anything but answering the questions .
  8. This may be a case where part is decided and another part is not. Hang in there .At least there is movement!
  9. Heard from Iris and vso.If your NOD is requesting DSO review it will be on the front page as it can be done quicker.These NOD requests do not need to go in front of the board so they are not included with the appeals page on ebenifits.If the NOD is listed on the claim page and it says Preparation for Decision it has been completely put together and is literally on the DSO agenda.The agenda may have you on it tomarrow or next year....but the bottom line is when your name gets to the top its your turn. So I guess when we ask about nods here we need to specify what kind of nod it is to get advise.
  10. Mine is 29 months and iris says It will not close until after my nod is completed .The nod is only 19 montjs
  11. What will happen if I leave it alone?Will I get my retro?
  12. After months of iris back and forths I found out that they weren't going to close my 29 month old dependency claim until my compensation claim closed.The problem is I have filed a nod 27 months ago and ebennies has it listed as a claim for increase instead of a nod...(retro?) Why would that be and what do I do?
  13. How would he request an insurance audit? I have had this happen three times and I am 50%.I hope this will get his money back.
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