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  1. I am already rated at 10% for a right knee condition. I've had several arthroscopic surgeries and have gone through the various alternatives such as medications, injections, and braces. My VA Dr. has stated that eventually I will need a TKR. I recently saw a private orthopedic surgeon and He has recommended that I get the TKR. I guess my question is: Am I still eligible for the convalescence compensation being that it is a private Dr. and not a VA specialist recommending the surgery? Can someone please guide me?
  2. Thanks again guys. I am receiving short term disability from my employer ( not work related) and i'll be back to work by months end. I have a co-worker that tells me the same thing.
  3. I recently had arthroscopic surgery on my right knee ( sc 10%) and my understanding is that I can apply for convalescence benefits because i'll be out of work for at least 7 weeks. My question is; can my employer reduce their disability payments if I get the convalescence benefits from the VA?

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