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  1. cg1979:

    Congrats on your claims success and it's clear that you had to work very hard to get wehat you finally deserved and my hat is off to you and your efforts...

    I am considering filing a new claim for my hypogonadism and believe based upon medical evidence that it is secondary to my TBI an Tank Main Gun Explosion and Tank accident in my case. During my research, I saw in your posts  that Dr. Bash wrote a letter on you behalf as I read your posts and saw that you were rated 100% for it? Can you share anymore about your argument and how you archived the 100% rating for the hypogonadism?  Is it possible for you  to share a redacted copy of the letter that Dr Bash wrote on your behalf? Even with Testosterone treatments, my testosterone levels are way below normal and new evidence coming out shows that there is a clear link between the two issues.


    Anyway, your help would be greatly appreciated.. Rootbeer22


    my email is dhyres@hotmail.com if you are will to help me...

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