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  1. Ebennies Says Claim Complete

    wow yeah the VA is ate up I know,,,,,,,,,,, and still waiting nothing has changed..... My lawer got in contact in winston salem they said they working on jan 13, now so maybe not much longer mine was put in, in march 13...... good luck to anyone dealing with the VA
  2. Ebennies Says Claim Complete

    and still nothing
  3. Ebennies Says Claim Complete

    nothing has changed there either, the call center says its still open......... so pretty sure its just for paper worksaying they got more done than they do
  4. Ebennies Says Claim Complete

    ebennies says my claim has been complete last month on the 20th, but doesnt not say notify sent yet, DOR appeal at Winston Salem NC, has this happen to anyone before, or is it just a scam to say more appeals complete, when they really not