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  1. Hello all, Had a C&P exam last week and felt as though the examiner was very dismissive. Read the note today and she contradicted much of what i said; for example I described several instances of having difficulty with impulse control, yet she wrote “veteran denies issues with impulse control or unprovoked irritability”, despite writing down my examples. Same went with other things, where I described my struggles with managing finances, maintaining hygiene, etc. She wrote veteran denies issues with x, y, z when I clearly did not deny it, I actually brought a lot of things up that she chose to not discuss. What do I do with that report? Do I wait until they give me their rating and then appeal it, or would it be beneficial (and is there any way to?) address the faultiness of that report now? Thank you!
  2. Hello everyone, Couple of questions--I am 10% SC for TBI, but it shows up as Post-Concussion Syndrome, or something along those lines. Is that typical that TBIs show up as Post Concussion on MyEbenefits? Post Concussion Syndrom implies temporary status, at least to me. My back--I am getting something for what the VA calls a strain, yet one of my VA problems list syringomyelia (which I think has a higher rating than the strain). If I want the "strain" to be recognized as syringomyelia, do I file for a new condition, or is there a way to go about trying to modify the already existing one? Thank you
  3. Thank you for the support and encouragement. I am in FL, however, will follow up on your advice and talk to Radiology techs and also ask about pain management.Will post progress here.
  4. I think I asked my C&P examiner for an MRI, and was told it was unnecessary, which irritated me, because I was given an advice that echos yours, that an MRI might be important for this type of claim.
  5. Hey there, that was my attempt at humor; before joining I noticed great there being great posters here and tons of relevant info, so I thought I'd break the ice with that :/
  6. Thank you for your answer. Ironically, I work for the VA as a HUD-VASH social worker, which means I work with homeless vets. I do a lot of driving, walking, sitting (car/desk). I have a lot of pain in my back throughout the day and need to take breaks for stretching. Sleeping/standing/sitting in one position really sucks. Last week VA Rehabilitation Therapists ordered some stabilization exercises (haven't started yet, scheduled for Sept.). As far as the meds- I was told to take anti-inflammatory stuff that is mild, I think it's Ibuprofen, as well as Gabapentin for sleep/pain. I've had some substance abuse issues, which I think are documented in my VA file, so there isn't any potential for opiates being prescribed by the VA; not sure I'd want to take them long term, anyhow. I'm sorry, Im not familiar with the term UI, tried searching for it, but couldn't find anything. Urinary infections? I don't have any issues with my bladder, but started to notice symptoms of IBM around the same time, but never claimed it, as I didn't think it was a "claimable" condition, and was embarassed about it. Not sure if it's related, or even possible to claim at this point, since I got out in '06. Additionally--my neck has gotten to be pretty bad, as well; it began after my 'lil flight from the turret, and over the years it's got to the point where it's quite bad. Again, Im sorry for being so naive and ignorant about claims--is it too late to try to add it to my claim stemming from my 2005 mishap?
  7. I think this is the case; from reading the notes, it appears they're saying the two conditions are unrelated, while I think it is the same condition, only it has been diagnosed right the last time.
  8. Hello everyone, stumbled upon this site looking for answers on the internet. I am an OIF/OEF vet and was rated for several conditions back in 2006; I was so grateful for the financial assistance (still am) that I never questioned the diagnoses, or the ratings. Now that I am around veterans a lot more I have realized that I should re-evaluate my disability rating and its conditions. One of the things I would like to be re-evaluated/adjusted/edit is my back condition. I was a gunner on a Humvee and was thrown from the turrrett. I broke some ribs and also messed up my back. I was given 10% for UMBOSACRAL OR CERVICAL STRAIN, but going over my recent VA notes, I see that there are mentions of Degenerative arthritis of the spine and stuff like "Facet osteoarthropathy most pronounced at L5-S1". The back pain I am having now is the same pain I had in 2006, however, it appears that the notes from the recent C&P exam state that the arthritis is not related to the back strain. To me that seems absurd; it seems I was given a wrong diagnosis back in 2006, whether intentionally, or not. I believe I should have gotten the arthritis diagnosis back then. I was only 26 back then, and even now, it appears awfully strange to have arthritis at this age. How would I go about adding/modifying the diagnosis related to back trauma? Please advise, and I apologize if I posted in the wrong forum.
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