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  1. Thanks mont36 I have been in the military the 8 years so that's all I can go by !! I really appreciate it I will get that in tomorrow. Do I need any help with it or its fairly easy to do by myself. I don't know how these going to contact my last duty station well they should know. Thanks again mont
  2. Hey y'all can call this number 1877 764 0009. That's the number to the dependent office. They will answer and fix ur problems on the spot they did it for me the same day. Easy to get through most people don't have this number but call them
  3. Thank you navy4life. I have a question how should I go about filling out this unemployability form ?? I don't know if I need to include certain stuff or what !! I'm still unemployed I was receiving unemployment but it ran out. I think I need help with the nod. I filed and did my claims by myself now it's getting hard for me I just don't know what to do on my own. Any suggestions
  4. Thank you notorious kelly
  5. Hello to all !! Well today was a good day I guess. I got my rating to 80 percent from 60 in about 7 months. I have a couple of issues !! They low balled me on PTSD and gave me 30 percent when I had a letter from my physchiatrist. They gave me a 0% for gerd also 0 percent for my shaving. When I had shaving profiles throughout my whole military career and I had the surgery for it !! I was wondering what's the next step should I take ?? I appreciate all that helped me I'm not complaining at all I'm very grateful. I was just wondering what should I do from here. Do I wait for the bbe letter or apply for unemployability right now on ebenifits ?? They lady said I meet the qualifications for it. On Ebenifits I applied for increase for my spine, back, PTSD, gets, and for my shaving. Do I need to get a nexus statement or where do I go from here ?? I appreciate any input !! Thank you
  6. Call this number its the direct number for dependency claims they will answer as soon as you call and get it straight for you. 1877 764 0009. I called them and they did my claim right then and there good luck
  7. Hwy ranrak actually they do it separate I got good news for you buddy. Call this number and they will put it in right on the spot for you. They did that for me just call this number I promise you they will have it done by a week 1877-764-0009 that's the number for dependency claims. They do it on the spot for you
  8. Just got back from my psychiatrist she saw that I got rated 60 percent in the system. She then said oh no you need to be at 100 percent. So I think she gonna say I fit the 100 percent criteria for ptsd
  9. Thank you !! Do you have any idea whether my rating will go up or how I calculate it ?? I'm at 60 percent now. I should get 50 for pets reading the guidlines. At least 10th percent for my back probably 10 for my shaving what will that add up to be just curious if anyone would know
  10. Thank you. I'm gonna check on it I had the shaving surgery. I told the lady I don't cut it down anymore because the bumps will keep coming.is there a time frame to when they finish the deferred claims ?? In my award letter it also states I should file for gerd. I think I'm gonna wait until this is finished before I do that because it's gonna delay the process. Or do you think I should file for gerd as well ??
  11. Thank you. I will post it and read up on it.
  12. I just got awarded 60 percent with my other claims deferred. They sc my sleep apmea hypertension and my neck. Deferred my ptsd, back, vision, pseudo Barbae. I really can't complain because I filed 4/12/14 my ab8 letter says may 1 2014 is the start date. I been seeing my doctor at the vet center every week. Both VA doctors diagnosed me with ptsd. I just had an appointment for my medicine yesterday. She said she giving me medicine for ptsd because I was really alert and restless. She said my foot never hit the ground while we was talking. I was wondering do I upload the noted from the vet center ?? I haven't had a c&p exam for ptsd I don't know what to do from here really. I know I will be sc for it my psychiatrist already said it was from the war. I should get sc for my shaving I had a permanent profile plus the surgery. I hurt my neck and back during a pt test and should get sc as well. I was just wondering how much do you think I will get overall if they grant me for the rest of my deferred items ?? To go along with my already 60 percent rating
  13. They Put Mines Back IN Review Of Evidence. But it shows an award of 60 percent it says decision letter sent and review letter could be an exam for pets coming up and it says an effective date of may 1 2014. Did they just rate some of the stuff and will I be getting that amount
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