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  1. I was diagnosed with Dysthimia last December and was given a 70% rating after filing for depression.
  2. Well it has only been 3 weeks since I signed the waiver and was informed today that the ALJ awarded me SSDI benefits. I know i gave up something but the wait is finally over and I still get 24 months retro. Thanks for all the advice.
  3. I agree Chuck but the Judge said he was using tht date because that when VA awarded TDIU. I think it is fair besides I am tired of fighting. I believe by doing that that maybe I will be awarded SSA benefits.
  4. I sure hope so thank you Pete. I cut a similiar deal upon receiving tdiu from VA, by giving up appeals.
  5. Received reply from lawyer today. I had asked them to ask judge if I could get a decision without waiting for ALJ hearing. Judges office said if change my retro date by a year and half less he would make decision . I signed and faxed letter back. could this mean a favorable decision. I am 80% Tdiu with VA.?
  6. I sent in Form 95 last year to DOJ they wrote back and said that if was not their juridiction and forwarded my claim to the Department of navy. The navy wrote back and asked me to fill out a Questionaire which my lawyer took care of. When the Navy contacted me they said they were checking my records to make sure I was actually there at the time I said. They have acknowledged my claim I have been waiting since December 2007.
  7. This is very similar to my situation. I was releases from Marines in 1984 with a medical discharge from knee degeneration. I filed for benefits in 2003. They said the condition was preexisting because I told a doctor on the Medical board that I had been having trouble with my leg since I was about 12. On the Appeal I sent in copies of the Presumption of Soundness. I was a field radio man and I noted that if it was pre existing surely being in infantry unit for 2 years had to make it worse. Well in 2004 they gave me 20% which I appealed. I also filed for depression and ankle degeration , well t
  8. 80% IU January 2007
  9. I filed for SSDI in March 2004 and was turned down ( although I was only 20% SC at the time) I filed for osteo arthritis and depression, peripheral neuropathy and Sleep apnea. I was denied at ALC and Appeals Council. That claim is now awaiting to go to the District court Level or Federal. My lawyer said I also file a brand new original claim which I did in December 2006. Since then I have been awarded 80% TDIU (70% Depression) and 2 VA Psychs say they don't think I am able to work. Have been told they will be making decision on new claim this week. Well I should know soon I guess.
  10. In my dealing with the VA most of the time when dealing with RO and they say the case is closed: I was awarded some type of award. But all that said you must wait to officially him from them.
  11. Just go the Veteran Affairs web site and type in SMCs in search box on top
  12. How hard is it to receive A&A when one is receiving TDIU. What is required?
  13. Now that I am 100%TDIU (no T&P yet) I have been considering taking an online college course to use all this excess time. I am 70% dysthymia(chronic anxiety) 20% arthritis left knee, 10% right knee, 10% ankles, 80% total. My question is would it be wise for me to take an online course and how would the VA interpret this. My depression states that I can't work with other people but this would be at home and isolated. Does the VA fund online courses? Would this make them consider any new future exams? Any help appreciated.
  14. No Berta I think they gave retro from the date that I became egilible for the Tdiu(60% rating) from the claims I filed later which was the June 2005 date. When I filed the original TDIU claim I was only 20% SC.
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