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  1. I went to QTC in Atlanta last week for my IDES C&P exams. The psychologist used my original exam and just asked if this or that still bothers me. They will ask if you are getting treatment, if you have someone that you talk to or just other vets that meet in a group, those count as well. I feel very confident my 70% will remain the same or increase.
  2. I will be going to QTC in Atlanta Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday next week for my MEB/PEB C&P exams. Received 100% P&T in November of 2014 and have been collecting SSDI since January of 2015. Anyone else have a similar experience?
  3. Chuck75, I have found that using the secure messaging on myhealtheVet has been very useful. You can email your PCP or specialist to get the references and/or appointments, they have to respond within 72 hours and it leaves a documented trail you can use if you need it. I have been able to get referrals without seeing my PCP. It has also grown a report with my PCP. The next thing I have done is go to the ER at the VA, then someone has to see you in x number of days. I will also call everyday to check for cancellations if things are not going quick enough. I know it doesn't address the co-pay issue, but it has made it very useful in getting treatment in a timely manner.
  4. After emailing Bob my appeal went to administrative revue, 30 days later 90% went to 100% P&T. Was also having problems with a VA loan, Director of VA loans is a great resource, Mike Frueh, mike.frueh@va.gov . Actually had the Chief of Policy for VA Loans get in touch with me. After we spoke actually called and talked to my mortgage broker and the underwriter to clarify some issues. Seems the VA may be headed in the right direction.
  5. Congrats! Thanks again to Asknod for getting the Bob Ball rolling on the site!
  6. Here in Central Coast California, counting the days until I am back in the Peach State!
  7. I emailed Bob after reading you success. Got a phone call this morning from DRO, neck and radiculopathy granted, new letter will be mailed 100% P&T. Bob has my vote too! Will post all the details when I get them.
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