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  1. Using the Regs put upby broncovet maybe the way to straighten this out or quote these regs to the Dr, However I think its better to try to get the Dr's to straighten things out in the Notes...if he/she is saying something in the notes that he/she never said during the session with the veteran then he/she is fabricating things and writing things that is contradictory or pertains to the veterans medical records. A veteran has a big say in a situation like this b/c VA Can't prove what the Dr ACTUALLY MENTION DURING THE SESSION. So if the Dr will straighten things out then that will be better and the veteran should make copy's after the amend is written...b/c the other notes unfortunately will stay in the notes but the Amend will be the priotity of evidence.
  2. First Claim for PTSD from MST

    https://www.mentalhealth.va.gov/msthome.asp scroll down and check the ''Overview''
  3. Yes also you can use the secure message system to email your PCP a question that maybe you were to embarrassed to ask in person or just simply email your question or any Medical problems/ Medications issues you may have or ask for a referral to a specialty clinic ect,,ect,, you can go to your VAMC and check with the MthealthVet Person to sign you up and show you how to use the system. they or you can get you a secured screen name and pass word, also you can click on e benefits while in MyhealthVet and on that you use your real name and a secured password with 9 digits and upper &lower case letters they can help you with that too. When I use e benefits I simply click on ''MyhealthyVet'' saved in my favorites ..while in MyhealthVet I click on ebenefits and sign in. TO read your Notes Just hit the blue button wait about 10 seconds or so while it gathers up your information and then select in the boxes what you want to pull up and read or print off. (in PDF) some have mention they can see a copy of your C&P Exam Results...I never have seen mine in the notes? I get my C&P COPY from VBA...especially if it was contracted outside the VA > QTC ect,,,ect,,
  4. Well its not easy to fix...amends, a lot of it is just jebrish on the Dr's part but some parts can be damaging to the veteran when they say his S.C. Disability has improved ...b/c the vet makes a statement that he has been sleeping better b/c of the PTSD AND ANXIETY Meds...without them no improvment. Its like they think a veteran hearing has improved b/c he has hearing aids , without them he can't hear at all...but they test the veteran hearing without the use of hearing aids. A veteran mention to me he got a proposal to reduce his benefits on his S.C. 50% HEARING LOSS B/C he had went to one of his appointments and his battery in his aids was out he took them off and the therapist mention to him about his hearing aids he don't have them on and the vet said he explain to her about the battery out...instead of the therapist helping him get some new batteries for his hearing aids the therapist wrote up a bunch of lies about how his hearing had improved and not needing his hearing aids at today's session. just flat out lied or misconstrued what the veteran mention. (although batteries are free to Veterans with VA Hearing Aids)...some times their caught off off guard and leave home without extra Batteries... I do it all the time. I had that veteran to come to Hadit to get his straighten out I am not sure of his screen name? or if he actually got on hadit I give him Ms T birds Hadit .com cards.
  5. Why do at times a VA MD or Therapist miss construes what we say during our visit with them and what can a veteran do about it when he finds this in his MyhealthyVet Notes. what they talked about was NOT what they talked about? &by this fabrication it can very well mess up a veterans claim and cause a reduction in benefit's I hope the New Accountability Act will eliminate this ridiculous fabrication on the VA Dr's , Specialty Clinics ,Phyistrist and therapist a like. Anyone ever had this happen to them? what did you do about it?
  6. I had thought they pay by the year...what ever it was in that year is what the vet gets? as Ms T points out 10% was paid less than in 2007 ect,,ect,,, Now if the veteran is paid 10% and wins an appeal for EED back to 1997 then they make the 10% Adjustment for all those years he was paid the 10% and up until 2013 when no COLA was granted then they will make the Adjustment for the 10% and minus it for that particular year...when it gets complicated is if the Veteran has several S.C. disability's and is paid different % on each disability with different EED ...that is very hard to figure out. how they do that?
  7. Everyone who needs to ask some questions be sure and call in tongight Asknod is the special guest and ready to take your calls. call in # 347-237-4819...then hit #1 John basser or Jerrel Cook will take your call ask asknod your question. show stars in 5 min
  8. Waynr if your rating is lowballed or denied request a DRO Hearing ASAP. You can explain to the DRO just how he is and no testing, how can a rater make a decision correctly if no test were performed. he has messed up a lot of veterans and even some have taken there own life because of him.
  9. I've had I bet 20 or more veterans I talk with at appointment clinics at MH and Urology ...that have said he loves to mess with veterans and use his MD Power he can to take away their benefits or not get there benefits...so you may be on your guard with him...unless he likes the veteran then no problem but if they see him for a C& P then he is a total A** H**** A complete Jerk...so do all you can and be serious about your Disability or injury when you go see him. read up on your disability so you can let him know you do know some about it although your not a Dr but you can read. jmo
  10. I agree with Gastone the retro hits before you know it..unless you check your Bank Account everyday. this reminds me when I got my back retro...We had been eating bologna sandwiches. corn bread and beans and had 10.000 in the Bank 2 months before I got my award letter...since I had not been working and living on what the spouse made we just made deposit with her check to make rent and untily's making ends meet and never looked into our savings and for those two months I always had figured we were broke ...got so use to it and all along I was Rich son of a gun eating bologna sandwiches .
  11. Andyman they should S.C. Your PTSD The date you first filed if you want to claim the MST PTSD from when it first happen then you need to get an attorney to try to get it back that far but without medical reports/records that will be a up-hill battle. if you file a secondary claim to S.A. from the PTSD& The medications the date for your EED for that will be the date you first filed but its not impossible to claim the date when your secondary sleep apena claim was first approved. If I understand your filing a secondary claim for the S.A. From the PTSD Meds or am I way off course? Note: I can't think to good today Dr uped my PTSD Meds and its effecting my concentration so don't take my advise to the Bank. Take Care my friend.
  12. Check this link out about ''Apportionment of VA Benefits'' http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/how-divorce-alimony-child-support-affect-veterans-va-benefits.html
  13. I believe they start the process of getting veterans compensation ready on the 25th of each month and on the 31st they hit send (direct deposit veterans) if the 31st falls on a Sat or Sunday they send it a day before that weekend on a Friday. so send in your divorce dicre before the 25th (certified return receipt) also I would call my R.O. And let a VSR/VSO know this information. if it slips passed them and you get the same for next month as you been getting you will need to pay that back...however call your R.O.and ask them about your dependent children??? if they are still considered to be your dependents? I think they will be but not your ex.