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  1. Click on his profile to read what happen. Back in 1968 Up at Quang Tri Province. South Vietnam.
  2. https://www.purpleheart.org/about-the-purple-heart/ My Brother-in-law recieved the PH As it was presented to my sister PFC William L Foley http://www.virtualwall.org/df/FoleyWL01a.htm Not sure about the Gulf Wars ,But back in the Vietnam War /conflict you damn near had to lose your life during combat to recieve the P.H. If you did recieve the PH back in the RVN and still live to shoe it or tell about it then you were pretty much messed up.
  3. Good thing you chimed in broncovet about not submitting new evidence in the HLR...I was going to say something on this but you beat me to it good catch. if he/she don't go the Supplemental Claims Lane then and hoping to have this claim adjudicated within the 95 -125 days or He /she may want to look at the BVA to submit new evidence. 18 months or later https://www.benefits.va.gov/WARMS/docs/admin28/M28R/Part_III/Appeals_Process_Higher_Level_Review_Flowchart.pdf
  4. Just as with my 90% combined rating They gave nme the TDIU P&T Using the extra scheduler 4.15/16 (b) due to I could no longer work or do the work I was trained to do...So I was giving TDIU P&T But my rating Was still a 90%combined rating being paid at the 100% rate. Ok few years later I filed another claim a PTSD Claim and was given a 70% rating and the rater gave me the SMC S H.B. because this is a Mandatory rating when Veteran is either IU or 100% they use the IU as a 100% rating So with my 70% SEPARATE RATING FROM THE REASON I WAS TDIU P&T that's the 60% hump I Needed to get the SMC S. H.B. Note* not all raters will catch this. I now have a final 100%degree rating...with 2 years left for my 20 year rule. not sure I am still consider the TDIU P&T? Its not listed in E benefits EOB.
  5. Hopefully you will get a good C&P Examiner to discuss this all with, as Shrek and GB Army & Vetquest mention ...>good advise Remember if the examiner ends the exam without any of this discussed with you Bring it to his/her Attention I had and a PTSD EXAM one time and I mention that the Phyistrist sent me to the VA Sleep clinic and they did a private sleep study and I was diagnose for Mild Sleep Apnea...I forgot to mention this to this examiner and it sure would have saved time...Now I will have to file a secondary claim to my PTSD if I want my sleep apnea Service connected. other wise I believed she would have helped me out Sometimes they do not read all the records for other issues but just what your there for. but like I said if I had mention this to this examiner I'd probably be service connected for my Sleep Apnea Now eh!!! So don't forget to bring up any issues you may have at your C&P at this C&P You have for Jan 27th at your VA My C&P Exam was with QTC a very nice Black Lady. Not sure how the VA PTSD Are? I wish you the best outcome.
  6. On the injurys or deseases if we never had them in service and come down with a desease or anything that could be related to an injury to make these service connected. you need to go see a Dr (Specialist preferred) let the Dr know what you did in service take him your DD 214 it has your MOS on it ask this Dr if anything from your MOS Could cause desease or injury later on. example hearing loss was ok at your separation but years later you started losing your hearing loss slowly but year and years late rit got so bad you didn't understand what people were saying....well you ask a dr to give you an hearing test follow va guidelines and use the Maryland CNC word discrimination test and if this Dr (audiologist) but prefer a ENT State Licenses Board Certified ..if you show you have a hearing loss ask the Dr if the loud noise you were around while in military could cause or be related to your hearing loss or cause your hearing loss? if the Dr says yes it can from the loud noise you were around while in the military. that usually will service connect you for hearing loss but keep in mind you need to be damn near deaf to compensation. The Dr may need to name the noise like artillery gun fire, or if you were in combat and was around air craft Motars rounds grenades RPG ,IED Roadside bombs ect,,,ect,, or just very loud sudden noise ...this is called noise induced hearing loss and usually it effects both hears and also if you have a ringing in your head this is known as tinnitus you need to tell the audiologist you have it there's no test for tinnitus and can be a 10% rating for both ears See you was not diagnose for hearing loss at your separation from the military but years later you were diagnose for hearing loss and...this is how you get Hearing loss service connected and a possible rating.
  7. Good Ideal I will certainly do that..when ebenefits come back on. Thanks
  8. I think if a veteran was prescribe THE BLUE PILL that in its self is a ED DX
  9. I agree with broncovet its never good to reveal you VA income to anyone, that is you and your spouse private little secret. (period) Now some people are glad we do get VA compensation and if I wear my Veteran cap some people take their time to walk up to me an personally shake my hand and say Thank you for your service some will say sacrifice. The people down at the tax appraisal office seems to be happy for us when we go get our tax exemption, but as broncovet mention its not good to reveal your VA Comp. its just a predigest or Jelous-e Thing with some people. It's my thinking everyone had the chance to enter the service , back when I join the draft was still going on, but just the same it was a my choice to join as it would be for anyone...if they can pass the physical part they were in. I am proud to be a Veteran and proud I served my country that's something no one can take away from us.
  10. Looking in my C-file will take some time over 4.000.00 pages but at least it all on CD...But I went to a college Back then 1974 -1978 on the GI Bill and there's a lot of those pages in my c-file and a pay dispute in them the VA had kept on sending me a check every month 399.00 a month (just for one month) and had over paid us we sent that check back and told them(VA) The education part of the VA I stopped going to school and here your extra check for 399.00 and year later they wanted another 399.00 back but this has been solved but it has a lot of those educational papers in my C-file to so these records I need I just have to keep scrolling until I find an award letter or anything that pertains to these dates I need.
  11. Thanks broncovet at least someone loves me I am not sure what my retro was back in 2003? we look in my Banking files and could not find a deposit date or any deposit dates in 2003? I still use this same Bank today for my direct deposit. I may need to go see my Banker or a secretary or someone that can open these files back to 2003 to look at my deposits? Back then 2000 I was getting a 50% check in the snail mail every month we just cashed it and paid bills with Money Orders back then. And no retro form the 50% for hearing loss ? should they been some retro for that too? I first filed in 1998 for my hearing loss and was sent a letter letting me know I was 50% increased from 0% but I need to find this date it was around the middle of 2000.
  12. I'll start this off from the first time I filed my claim for hearing loss. It was April 1st 1998...got denied ...Appeal that in 1998 around AUG got it service connected at 0%...this was back in 1998) ok Filed a claim for increase in 1999 around July 1999 (the appeal date had not run out) ok Got a letter from VARO telling me I was awarded 50% in the beginning of 2000...I was 50% but no retro just the letter from them telling me I was 50%. then I got into Voc Rehab and the counselor had me to file for another increase due to my profound hearing problems and words discrimination this was in or around 2002 I filed for another increase and had that bad C&P EXAM as the examiner mention I was malingering and that brought on a proposal to reduce my rating back to 0% although they said I can keep my S.C. So to try to clear this mess up I went with a DRO at my VARO.. to refute the VA Dr thje DRO Hearing at my VARO on May 7th 2003 at 8:45 am with a DRO And a Rating Specialist both at my hearing. I should have all the paper work but no paper work or award letter when I first got the 50%rating . I had that rating a short time maybe 6 months before I got the TDIU P&T And its all flub up.
  13. I think another problem is I do not have an Award letter in my C-file for the 50% when I was first awarded for hearing loss...I never knew I got 50% until I got a letter in the mail this was not an AWARD letter it was just a letter telling me I went from 0% s.c. to 50% s.c....this was 2000 when I received the 50% letter letting me know I got increased to the 50% FROM a O% S.C. Rating & no retro from that either. see these problems just keep getting worse and I doubt even the best attorneys would want to help? can't say I don't blame them this is going to take a lot of reading and re reading and try to understand just what they did? Any body have any thought or Advise?
  14. Yes I agree we you don't understand VA Math how can we understand VA English??? I guess what the Attorneys do is copy some of this and later on use it in there Appeal??and say its in the VA Web site as your Rules and Regs. Member Geekysquid would know how an Attorney would word this, he has not been on Since around last part of Nov 2019??
  15. I really need to get VA to review my Award dates, after reading over my C-file All Night. I really don't know where to start writing all this it very confusing to say the least! The dates are wrong on my award dates there are about 4 different dates on all my award dates and there's only 2 awards...so how can this be a TYPO ERROR? lets say its a TYPEO ERROR, OK Now what date is it they should use? because I was not paid the retro owed to me the way they have these dates even using the least date for retro the retro is much greater than what I actually recieved. (back then) June/July 2003) These Awards are for loss of hearing and tinnitus...I won this award at a DRO Hearing 2002/or 2003 this is the dates the date I actually won these award were on 5/7-2003 They have them down 1998 the date I first filed and was denied.. Ok going back to my DRO HEARING DATE, I WAS 50% S.C. AT THIS TIME FOR HEARING LOSS AT 50%...i FILED FOR INCREASE BECAUSE I AM DAMN NEAR TOTALLY DEAF ...OK THE C&P Examiner tore me up to no end he said I should not been service connected in the first place because my Hearing was fine at separation(Feb 1972) I filed my first claim in 1998 for the hearing loss, he said I was lying and never cooperated with the audiologist that did the testing I was nothing but a Malingering < meaning I was flat out lying. Ok it took me 2 more private hearing test (specialist) to rebute this examiner and $$$ 500.00 bucks (which I sold aluminum cans I picked off the road and digging in trash, I sold coke bottles back then they were 2 cents apiece anyway I did what I could to rake up all this $$ and eating beans and bolona in between, it was rough on me back then and felt less a man because could not get anyone to hire me as I was wanting and was train to be a state police officer and a Game Warden(that dream never came true because I wa sdan near deaf)as my spouse worked in a beauty shop shampooing hair for 35 cents a head and worked 10/12 hours days and literally work her fingers to the bone. eh!!! At the DRO Hearing in May 7th 2003 @8:40 am is when I won ...but keep in mind this was not an Appeal ....it was to settle a dispute between me and that examiner so this was not an Appeal because I was never denied I wanted to keep my benefits the 50% I had won earlier in 1999 they were suppose to go back to the 1999 when i filed for increase I never received the retro from 2003 back to 1999 they paid me about 10.000.00 or so and I went from 50% to a 10& and 30% increase which was at 40 %increase from my 50% but the inferred the TDIU P&T no future exams This C&P examiner cause me to get a proposal to reduce my benefit's back to 0% so of course I got a letter in the mail and this is why I had the DRO Hearing.but I since I was never denied it was not an Appeal..I which I had I thought it was. Never the less the dates are all wrong and if this is a typo error the mistake goes with the VA but what are my chance getting more retro which I think the retro should have been paid from 2003 back to 1999 from a 50% increase to the 100% SINCE i GOT THE TDIU P&T at this time (May 7th 2003) or maybe the date started on June 1st 2003 ect,,,ect,,, My question should they have paid me from the 2003 May 7th date (because the DRO MENTION BENEFIT'S PAID UPON BENEFITS SOUGHT) THIS retro date should they have used to IU RATING and not the 40%increase? and the dates should go back to 1999 the dat I filed for the increase (from the 50%) I was rating the 50% early 1999) from a VA Audiologist that knew I was service connected at 0% he must have filed for this increase for me because in early 1999 I was 0% and just About gave up and was very disgusted..anyway after this late on in 1999 is when I filed for more increase on my 50% I filed on the advise of my VA Voc--Rehab counselor. How hard would it be to get this all straighten out even if I don't receive any retro which in turn knocks out any help from an Attorney or Claims Agent. It's all so very confusing on these dates someone would just need to read my C-file Anybody got any I deals?? would be much appreciated.
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