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  1. Mr A it may or maynot be that important, but just depends a lot on what type of rater you get, some raters will find anything they can to deny. Just thought I'd mention it your over all disagreement sounds great.
  2. r(1) CUE with prejudice

    Right on Alex Great job my friend.
  3. I agree with Ms Tbird The first claim of the first disability should go back to the first date filed (June 1-2015. At a C&P on date 3-17-2017 the Examiner diagnosed the discogenic disease goes for this date 3 -17-2017. ....>(if ratable & s.c.? which I 'm not sure of?
  4. It sounds good to me Mr A but you should take the'' I'' out as your opinion because your not a Dr so word that differently as what the Dr's have written in their report about all your s.c. disability's. use ''according to'' regulations CFR # (CITE THAT REGULATION BACK TO THEM) as broncovet suggested. when we say or give our opinion to a medical fact its just considered as medical opinion/speculation. You can say what you did but following that up with'' and according to'' CFR Regulation & (cite that regulation.) other than that Your appeal disagreement sounds ok to me.
  5. Not intended to hi-jack this original posters thread : Note to Ms Tbird When you started seeing a civilian therapist did you do it with private insurance or VA Help Pay? I am stuck with VA Therapist and it seems its not working all that well for me, I know I can change VA Therapist but from other veterans mention at my VAMC there all about the same. I do have medicare now so I need to check into that if they pay for therapy ? and I'm over 65 Just been thinking about seeing a private therapist , if medicare insurance will pay for it ? and I sign over the FOIA to the VA where they can access my medical R. ect,,,,ect,,, Maybe it depends on your medicare plan? IDK-Just a thought. Anyone can chime in here Thanks
  6. Hadit helped me with my claims, and I will be forever grateful. although some of the people that help me are no longer with us or on hadit anymore, but the people that are still on hadit can help you with your claims. My advised to veterans out there getting ready to file claims for the first time if you use a VSO check the back ground ask him/her questions, ask if they ever had any claims such as yours ,keep in close contact with your VSO, If in doubt about what your VSO is doing with your claim (revoke his POA asap) come back here to hadit. most of our claims are basically all the same, its how you present your claim the first time with the correct medical evidence & service records alike and statement in support of claim. Ask here on hadit about any thing VA Related that you don't understand, there are folks on here that should be VA Case Attorneys Yes they are that good with VA Law. Just to mention a few members Ms T BIRD the founder and owner of Hadit. Ms Berta Simmons ,(probably the best we have here at hadit. Hadit podcast radio show with jbasser and jerrel cook usually the shows are on Thursday's at 6:00pm eastern time (with some very knowledgeable guest)You can call into the show and ask VA Related Questions...this is a great way to get any information you need help with. Asknod (Alex), a long time member and VA Certified Claims Agent (very intelligent with VA Law & the CFR's Broncovet, As he puts a story behind his way of helping out & his explanations to make it eazer to understand & the three main things a veteran should have before filing his/her claim's Gastone , Is very good helping Vets and has a way to let veterans understand about the time needed and how the VA can take a lot of extra time in adjudicated claims. Vync, is great source helping out. Please listen to these wonderful folks. They are so many others to help on here and remember these good folks are are great helping out and devote their time and effort to help all us Veterans you won't find a better group of people to help you and its all free of charge. right here on Hadit .com Thank you all for your Service and get those benefits you all so well deserve. God Bless you all
  7. Grumpbox its more likely that they are in maintenance, or just a glitch. recheck tomorrow the 19th after 6:00pm...or sooner.
  8. Get your hearing aids, VA has top name brands and they are expensive, I like the BTE , they have many to choose from after they make impressions of the inside of your ears. they order them then call you to come in to be fitted. show you how to use them take care of them some are bluetooth and makes watching tv more decent. don't wait until your rated for hearing loss ...> get those aids buddy.
  9. I would call your local R.O. Voc-Rehab /VRE Ask for education Assistance Counselor. Let him/her know what you want to do. you can file for these benefits on e benefits but its better to have a plan and your Voc-Rehab counselor should be able to help. As I understand it they have some new programs as new as 2017 and also the Forever GI Bill.
  10. Mike go for it, if your IU If you was awarded at 70% or 90% Using the extra scheduler rating system and you were awarded TDIU /P&T ..and later filed for other S.C. Conditions and were given a S.C. 70% rating on one of the conditions alone (say PTSD) even if you have other smaller conditions at 10% 20% 30% ect,,ect,, they look at the separate higher rating the % of that rating. (if a rating is fairly high say 70% or higher common sense will tell you that that is a pretty severe condition) As Gastone mention they should inferred the SMS S H.B because of the 70% S.C. PTSD Award alone, some will say it depends on the severity of the disability but after a 70% award with an already 100% then the raters are suppose to invite the SMS S H.B. its a mandatory rating but not all raters will catch that. Here is a better example I was 90& TDIU/P&T For years & then was diagnose with PTSD I filed a claim for it and was Awarded a 70% S.C. Rating what the rating specialist did was give me a 100% final degree and with the SMC S H.B.. As Gastone mention ..there's no mention of the TDIU anymore it does give all your ratings on e benefits (EOB) what they are and where they occurred and what % each rating condition is.and also has the SMC And what they are (letters) So now when I log on to e benefits & check my EOB there's a little blue Ball that has 100% in the middle and when you hoover the mouse cursor over it it gets larger. So this has me thinking I am rated at the 100% scheduler rating & not actually TDIU. This is just my opinion, its hard to figure out the VA the way they do things this is just its opinion. (so please check with all the VA Criteria first) My point is if a veteran is IU& P&T no matter how he got it as long as he got it, he is actually consider 100% but they (VA) won't say that, So they say your 90% rating but being paid at the 100% rate but if the veteran gets another 70% or higher award then that automatically qualify's him for the mandatory SMC S And considered a 100% final degree rating. I am not sure why your VSO don't see this ? If there's other Veterans here on Hadit that has been rated TDIU w/P&T & Filed for another S.C. Condition and was Awarded a 70% rating for that one separate condition? : Question,How does the VA have you rated? did you get the SMC S H.B??
  11. If I was you file an appeal for the other two condition they S.C. on 2017 for the EED and request they S.C. them back to the 2006 date like they did the tinnitus and show your records of prof....> spoon feed them in other words. Never say why didn't they S.C. these other two. just prove it to them that the S.C.of these conditions in 2017 is fine but the correct Original filing date is 2006 and here is my explanation, According to my evidence I submitted on date._______and I would like this be corrected and go back to the original filing date of 2006 show copy's of record. I need this corrected for my personal VA records. Thank you in Advance evidence of record is what wins claims and also the EED.
  12. HorizontalMike Just my 2 cents what they might do if you get another 2 -50% ratings beings they are separate ratings they will combined the 2 and keep you at the 100% final degree rating, you need to watch this very close if those 2 -50% ratings become a 70% rating then with what you already have (IU)they should inferred the SMC S DEPENDING ON THE SEVERITY OF THE DISABILITY'S COMBINED. Remember you can't have the same rated S.C. disability twice. You can't have 2 =100% ratings at the same time......Its just a higher degree of ratings ,after the 100% then its all combined in to the SMC Special rating table. although most of us veterans do see it has were rated more higher than 100% and just add what our total ratings would be. my ratings add up to 190% just counting the # rated S.C. disability's but the VA says I have a final degree rating of 100% with 2 SMC After 100% this is when the SMC Kicks in so-to-speak but the way the rating system is set up they make it hard for veterans to reach the SMC IF they don't have the separate 60% or higher % separate S.C. Disability....but they do combined the other separate S.C. Rated disability's its just hard reaching the SMC. I know this is hard to understand but we won't never understand the VA. (If that makes any sense to you) They call it like'' YOU HAVE A FINAL DEGREE RATING OF 100% with SMC
  13. lotz Unfortunately I think it does, but if they go ahead an adjuicate the claim then it should give the veteran the date of the claim (jmo) I believe we use the 21-526ez Now for all claims on the 21-526ez it will let us know what forms we need to fill out under the special circumstance criteria on the first page of the 21-526ez example if veteran is filing a PTSD Claim then under special circumstances it says what # form to use 21-0781 OR if filing for IU it says what # form there 2 for IU 21-8940 &21- 4192 And for filing or added dependents & all the rest is just filing the 21526ez
  14. armorer Keep in good contact with your attorney and make sure he/she does covers your time line appeals. don't let your appeals time limit run out.