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  1. I am not that familiar with how they rate the TBI?? .AS I understand VA will only rate 1 MH Condition and if the TBI is in that same category then they will probably rate the TBI and take away the PTSD DEPENDING ON HOW BAD THE TBI IS? I am not sure on this? This is just my opinion others can chime in here.
  2. Have you been denied? or just want to know the difference between the two Dr's? A MD would carry more weight than a PA. And they should use the PCP DBQ's to Address your disability/Symptoms. This is what a DBQ is for. Check with the C&P Chief about this at your VMC or get with a Reputable VSO However you may want to wait and see what your decision is and then Disagree with it if they low-ball you, and look up the degree of symptoms that fit your disability's and request that rating be giving per each condition. or request the highest rating allowed by Law be given for each S.C. Condition. according with the CFR's jmo
  3. I agree with Gastone he has some good information. Best of all get into VA Voc-Rehab!
  4. I don't think they (congress) thinks about the bad impact this would have on millions of veterans. I don't see how this will ever be passed. They need to think about other more important things like getting our military built up so we will have a fighting chance with Russia and that is forthcoming in my opinion.
  5. Just my opinion here, but anytime they (congress) think about cutting (ANY BENEFITS) From Veterans is a grave mistake...why don't they ever think about cutting some of their own benefits which is 10 times more than us Vets. (Just look At Their Salaries!) We VETERANS WOULD NOT NEED ANY BENEFITS IF WE WAS PULLING IN AROUND 250.000.00 YEARLY. They should leave well enough alone its not enough what we get anyway and most of us are on a budget as it is. jmo
  6. Great News ...I am Happy for you. Congratulations and for a Job well done.
  7. I would think a 70% Chronic PTSD Rating is in store. jmo
  8. We never know what or how they will rate things their suppose to go by the RATING TABLES to what it is your claiming the severity of it and the symptoms this could be a good thing for you I would think?...just relax and wait and see what they say.
  9. yes they go back and look at it and then you need your medical evidence that your condition has worsen from a Qualified Dr for the Increase...the only thing to worry about is if they made a mistake when they gave you the rating and it was not as bad as they rated you? it could back fire on you and you get a decrease instead of a Increase. but yes they need to see what you were rated for and how you were rated...and then look at your medical evidence to see if your disability as in fact worsen for the increase.
  10. Also you can mention this I feel I should be rated the highest rating allowed by Law set forth in the 38 CFR's 38.4.5 (Combined rating table) you can look up what you should be rating here on hadit and request that rating be given recite the CFR 's back to them that pertains to what your claiming. Sometimes when we seem to know what were talking about and maybe a little ahead of the rater it helps. Obviously.
  11. Filing a NOD will not stop your rating and it should not prompt or lower your rating In anyway...this is what a NOD is it means you disagree with a decision. and to uphold that decision you need to prove why they were wrong , usually filing an NOD you should have new evidence to back up what you say in your NOD And its either accepted and things stay the same or you will actually get an increase (depending on your new evidence)& what you tell them. if you feel a DRO Review or Hearing will help you solve your case then Request the DRO Review/Hearing.& and present new and material evidence ,meaning usually you have went and got an IMO/IME (Indenpendent Medical Opinion) or Examination and the DR Has render his/her opinion in your favor. or found new medical records as to what your claiming to show in your favor. A DRO Decision Review Officer is there to listen to you and read any new & material evidence to help them decide &HOPEFULLY MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION ON YOUR PART and you can face him/her face to face verbally & tell them why you think the decision was wrong. They will send you a letter on the time and date of the DRO Review/Hearing...its anybody's guess when they will do that? depends on how booked up your R.O. is. but as your waiting for DRO Review your rating should stay the same. like elder member Gastone mention be sure and keep your appeal time limit. within 1 year that's how long you have to file the NOD after you recieved a denial or the decision you disagree with. jmo
  12. This link might help some! https://statesidelegal.org/how-file-well-prepared-mst-claim I agree with L ..I don't have PTSD Due to MST, but I do have chronic PTSD high anxiety and depressive disorders and been in treatment sessions for the last 2 years plus every week and the cognitive therapy seems to be helping. Cognitive Processing Therapy BUT they may use other methods of therapy for MST.
  13. Here is more information on MST '' THE TREATMENT PHASE'' I do believe they will use a VA LCSW (VA License Clinical Social Worker For Therapy treatment sessions. ask about a variety of unwanted sexual experiences. Treatment While the consequences of sexual harassment and assault can be severe and complex, there are treatments available that can significantly reduce psychological symptoms and improve a victim's quality of life. Although the literature examining the use of empirically-based treatments for the treatment of sexual harassment or the treatment of any sexual trauma associated with military service remains small, there is a wealth of information available on the treatment of sexual assault in civilian populations that can be used to inform treatment of Veteran populations. Interventions for sexual trauma often involve addressing immediate health and safety concerns (particularly in the case of an acute trauma), normalizing post-trauma reactions by providing education about trauma and psychological reactions to traumatic events, providing the victim with validation, supporting existing adaptive coping strategies and facilitating the development of new coping skills, like muscle relaxation or deep breathing. Treatment interventions may also include exploring affective and cognitive reactions including fear, self-blame, anger and disillusionment, some form of exposure therapy and/or some form of cognitive restructuring. Clinicians looking for more in depth information on the treatment of sexual trauma are referred to Foa and Rothbaum (2) and Resick and Schnicke. (3) References www.mentalhealth.va.gov/msthome.asp Foa, E. B., & Rothbaum, B. O. (1998). Treating the trauma of rape: Cognitive-behavioral therapy for PTSD. New York: Guilford. Resick, P. S., & Schnicke, M. K. (2002). Cognitive processing therapy for rape victims: A treatment manual. Newbury Park, CA: Sage.
  14. filing on e benefits is eazy and all veterans that have computers should file their claims electronically. easy to upload things and submit any evidence, they usually let you know they got it..sure is better than having to buy those return receipts at the P.O. I filed my last two claims on e benefits and it was so much better and faster.
  15. ok this brings him up to the 100% or even from 90%combined b/c of the IU ''I'm presently rated at 90% for Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia ( a rare form of Non-hodgkin's lymphoma), IGM monoclonal gammopathy with peripheral neuropathy. I'm also rated for TDIU or 100%'' Now he has these other disability's....> combined those'' Independently'' and that should make him eligible for SMC-S the 40% 40% would be a bilateral rating at 60% using VA Math Additional Ratings= are 40% left leg, 40% right leg, 30% right arm, 20% left arm and 0% transient ischemic attack . Normally to make it easier to understand a veteran would need a 100% scheduler Rating on Original Disability and another 60% ''separate'' rating to meet the SMC Rating eligibility but they also rate a veteran 90% with IU OR 100% That has been rated Independently with combined ratings that are 60%or higher such as this veteran. the 2- 40's % would be rounded off at 64% bringing him up to the qualified 60% so with his IU RATING he should qualify. I am not 100% sure because they also go by the severity of the condition or if they will rate the 2= 40% Independently? But just my opinion they should. but you should check with an accredited certified VA Rep.