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  1. Buck52

    DBQ optional or not

    63S It's very unfortunate the VA Hire Dr's that are like this, but they do, I never had to change my VA PCP so for but some times I've thought about it, When I was working my own claims I did ask a phy Dr to help me and she was treating me with all the PTSD Meds and sleeping Meds the whole 9 yards and pleasant to talk with on my appointments with her but mention a claim to her and she automatically gets on the defensive side..One day I ask her if she would do me a favor and she said sure what do you need? , I ask her if she can write me a letter telling about my Chronic PTSD and the High anxiety I have being around lot of people , I need this letter to excuse me from jury duty, she said yes I can do that she did and all was ok... Few month went by and I started a secondary claim to my PTSD so one day I had an appointment with her to renew my meds and for her to see how I was doing ect,,ect,, we had a pleasant office visit and she ask me if threes anything else she can do for me. .I thought now is a good time to ask her to help me with this secondary claim, Well I said I have a claim in for secondary to my PTSD AND CAN FILL OUT THIS DBQ FOR ME? I HAD THE FORM WITH ME SHOWED IT TO HER.. .My goodness something snap inside her all of a sudden and she began raising her voice at me and said OH NO THATS NOT MY JOB YOU NEED TO GO DOWN STAIRS AND SEE THE DAV THEY ARE THE ONES TO HELP OUT WITH CLAIMS...THIS IS NOT MY JOB...I said ok ok I was just asking you don't need to get upset about it. ever since then the sessions with her are not so pleasant anymore just strictly business and she calls me SIR for some reason now? her attitude change toward me after I ask her to fill out the DBQ. This has been about 4 years ago, I did get a private IMO from a specialist and won my claim. so I will never ask a VA Doc to help me with any part of a claim if and when I file my next one. They think its not there job..but in reality they think they can lose their job if they help a veteran with a claim...working for the VA they feel they are going against the VA and the VA is what puts food on their table...so I can understand that part.
  2.  Buck, first thanks for your service , I salute you!

    I recall years back when u first came to the forum, now your a moderator!! freakin awesome. I have been absent, awol, but im back, and will try to help best I can. Ive been thru ALOT with the VA. I learned alot too, thru walking thru the fire .   if theres a shenanigan the VA hasnt pulled on me Id love to know of it, ha . The best thing we can do to help these veterans is educate them.   These younger guys are very resourceful,  if we point them in the right direction, they know how to harvest the info very quickly, many were born with a computer in the house.  The internet is the great equalizer of modern times.   

    right now we are fighting for my wifes claim, the  RO in waco has been wiping thier arse with it for 6 years. were giving them hell though.  got in the  Ramp program, they got to it in abt 90 days, but sound like they want to deny again, last time they denied, a year went by before they even certified it, and we werent even on the docket yet to go to the BVA.   C&P tommorow, wish us luck. God bless ya man.  thanks for doing what you do.

    keep on keepin on Sarge . 63 out.

  3. Buck52

    DBQ optional or not

    63 I don't think I ever ask this particular VA Dr to help me with anything ever again if the Head people get down on the Dr to write a DBQ Chances are it will not be favorable to your spouse. so you guys may think about what broncovet mention and request another Dr..the new Dr will just do some catching up read her medical records and meet with her on her next appointment..its really not starting over but what your spouse may accomplish is getting a good re pore with this new Doc and just go from there..once you complain at your VAMC your a numbered vet as a ''trouble maker'' and they can make things hard for ya then. .....>Its not Worth it my friend. jmo
  4. Thanks Ms berta the VA Docs don't know what it is about 7 or 8 Drs and residents has looked at it tested it sent off biopsy...and check with a specialist and they come up with no diagnose...they just flat say they don't know what it is and only know what its not.....''scratching head'''
  5. you will need a 100% sc condition and a separate s.c. condition at 60% for SMC.. the combined conditions will not get SMC.
  6. I think they would send most veterans to an exam and check the inflammation and swelling/irritation by X-Ray/ MRI's and by visually looking and feeling/ smashing ... or ROM And if they ask the Veteran for pain level from1-10 10 being the higher level of pain like they do now the X-RAY & MRI's would reveal a pretty good picture of the pain if theses are negative then look to be denied. JMO
  7. If some things are not on the list for A.O. & a Veteran was exposed to it 46/47 years ago and starts to get these skin warts or skabbs/liaison and just itchy round spots the VA can't give a diagnose for but in the process of treatment , experimental treatment at that. AND It's not Hereditary. Would this fall under the Nehmer Rule? for a A.O. Presumptive claim? If a VA Dr mention that that this unknown skin condition is least likely as not related to the A.O. or something Similar would it be in the Veterans Interest to file? B/C There's other things /conditions that A.O. can cause but if its not on the list , it makes it hard for the Veteran to win rather or not is compensated but for Service Connection.
  8. Buck52

    DBQ optional or not

    The form DBQ 21 -0960 -P Its in plain writing who can fill this form out even a L.C.S.W. can fill this form out if under close supervision of a board certified Phy Doc They say there not allowed to fill out this form is just flat false/or their just plain lying. https://www.vba.va.gov/pubs/forms/VBA-21-0960P-3-ARE.pdf
  9. John999 and other members Have you all tried the CBD Oil? for acute pain chronic pain? they say it works better than any pain meds on the market. I am not promoting this I've never used it. but my spouse is trying at present for her chronic constant pain, her friend is 57 and has full blown MS and tingling in her arms and legs constant with pain she tried the CBD OIL 750 in three days the tingling/pain went away, she ran out of samples of this oil and the tingling pain came back over night, she recieve new shipment of this CBD OIL and just two drops under the tongue is all it takes...take about 2 or 3 days to take effect. https://greenoilbenefits.com/?3dba6dc2224a8a781801bac2dbc1f8a0#
  10. I just wanted to point out for veterans that use pencil for lay statements or from Dr's medical notes make sure you use ink or type write all your correspondence from now on on your claims application and any paper you write on and submit to the VA THIS IS COPIED OVER AND THE MACHINE THEY USE WILL NOT COPY PENCIL LEAD..IT NEEDS TO BE DARK INK OR DARK TYPING. or it will not transfer over to where you can read it...all this stuff is placed in your C-FILE and when it don't copy its useless. the paper will be there but blurry as to where you can't read it or just a blank sheet of paper that did not copy over.
  11. I Agree with broncovet here, I've always went on the CUE philosophy that if it will change the outcome DECISION in the Veterans favor File CUE. if it don't...Don't file CUE. And broncovet gives some good examples.
  12. There is not a diagnose for tinnitus, its a subjective condition and there is no known medical reason why it happens it just happens and its not caused by hearing loss , its just that its in the head and they don't know what its cause is. so when you go for a hearing test and after the hearing test is completed you need to mention about it then how you hear a ringing sound in your head/ earsor buzzing sounds or a humm or crickets chirping ect,,ect,, what ever it sounds like in your head mention that to the Audiologist that performed your hearing test and tell them the sound is constant its always there and drives you batty especially at bed time The Audiologist should mention this in your medical records that you describe a sound in your head ringing /cherping sounds you hear in your head this is known to be tinnitus...that's about all you need for a tinnitus diagnose if there is one? Tinnitus you can get 10% only for both ears and you don't have to have a hearing loss usually you can be rated for tinnitus and nothing for hearing loss maybe service connected for it but usually a 0% with VA hearing loss criteria you can get hearing aids but to get compensation over 10% for it you need to show MILD LOSS of hearing loss, it will either be a mild loss or profound loss one or the other, if your 50% for hearing loss your dang near deaf. they rate both ears you can have a 50%loss in one ear and a 10%loss in the other they rate each ear separate. then they use a combined special rating table to figure the over haul percentage that would be consider a profound loss of hearing anything higher would be a severe profound loss of hearing bilateral and bad word discrimination slur speech at times. & usually warrants a higher percentage of hearing loss these testing # will reveal how much hearing loss you have. VA is very stubborn for hearing loss comp. ratings of the ear CFR 4.87 So you may want to go get a Private Hearing Test from a qualified Audiologist that uses the VA Guidelines for hearing loss&the Maryland CNC Word test which the Dr can get the CD from the VA.
  13. Buck52

    What the heck just happened??

    Its getting to where most of us or most of you guys filing claims now days need to stay on top of everything like these codes for rating purposes and what type Dr to use for opinions, what type claims being filed and that you have meet all the criteria for that claim or claims get favorable medical opinions from the specialist Dr's , Have all your evidence to be credible and they have merit , well grounded claims 90%of the time are approved the first time around. Organize your claim make it easy for the raters to read hi -lite the important points you want to make, number your pages and when talking about certain issue in your claim point that out by saying see page 3 Dr Smith professional opinion about that medical issue or see page 8 for my sleep apnea diagnose by VA Dr Ben Carson ect,,,ect,,,,this makes your claim more easy to decipher and for the raters to read it in a complete manner and usually they are more lenient opposed to a sloppy and un organized claims. Always remember to put your name & claim #and date at the top of every page. I use top left corner and number the page in the right hand corner at the top. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In reference to: page #1 John Smith claim #*********** July /19th /2018 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Sir or Mam I Would like to thank you in Advance for taking your valuable time to read over my claim, I have tried to prepare my claim in an easy and proper manner for you to read ect,,ect,, I will present my lay statement and present my evidence as submitted ,my pages will be properly numbered and organized to help find different parts or areas in my claim (for your convenience) and start in with your claim: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Before submitting your claim go over it with a fine tooth comb, check with a reputable VSO at your Vet center ask him to look at it and see if he thinks everything is in order...leave no stone upturned Note: be sure not to write a book use less pages as you can but make your points.
  14. Buck52

    DBQ optional or not

    I know what ya mean 63, I think its the Dr's digression or option to fill out a DBQ and most just don't have the time..they have a schedule to follow and when quiting time comes they hit that door. It says on the DBQ they can fill it out or who is qualified. Unfortunately Most VA Dr's think'' its not my job'' they may get fired or transferred if they fill one out. It don't hurt them one way or the other....there just paranoid. (I call them chicken shi*'*) Your spouse may ask her why not?'' Dr if you think you might get in trouble because of it all you need to do is write these 4 little words ;; in your opinion it is likely as not' due to or related to'' ect,,,ect,,, just go on to mention'I need it to get a claim approved and I need your help Dr....humm being I am your patient! You can also check with a patient advocate and ask them why? probably be fairly close as what I mention. Most of us have to get a private Dr to help But if its a PTSD Diagnose then the VA Dr have to do it Depression I think any clinical Dr can opine, she may even ask her PCP About what she needs. some times we can by pass those DBQ's when a Dr gives an opinion and the PCP can do that. I remember one time I had a C&P And I mention to the examiner I could not get a VA Dr to fill out a DBQ for me so I sk my PCP to and she did, the examiner said ok do you have it with you..I said yes Mam, and the examiner used it...also It was not mention in my claim that I have Sleep Apnea although I was not claiming it the examiner put that down too that I had been diagnose for Sleep Apnea...just so it would be on record a lot of it depends on the examiner in my opinion. there the ones that really help the rater to make a decision. However it does give more merit/or credibility when a specialist or qualified Dr helps us in the field of medicine were claiming., but most PCP's are MD's
  15. John999 maybe you should file a pain syndrome claim for all those conditions , if your S.C. that make it better. I think this Veteran I am helping they just ask him how bad was the pain he said a 9 plus and the award letter says we rated you 10% for your right knee pain they called it ('' Patellofemoral pain syndrome'') he has pain in both knees and they S.C. Both but only rated his right knee...were appealing this decision but he has other issues to claim also.

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