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  1. Will do GB tHANKS Ms Berta Thank you for all the prayers at your church , Jesus must new some things we didn't like how she would have to live if she made it off the Ventilator she most likely would not had a good quality of life and I know she would not want that...so in my mind and my heart I think Jesus made a good decision and I am ok with that. ...sometime things like this we don't understand so I ask Jesus to heal her and let her come home but day after day she just kept staying the same and I had thought we need patients and wait Jesus will heal her, but she never got any better her lungs just would not inflate like they needed to after the double pneumonia the fluids did havc on he lungs and it turn into GRSD which there is no cure for...the lungs either would improve after a week to 4 weeks or they won't hers would not improve and there were no hope it was sad seeing her all sedated up and paralyzed. for 16 straight days I never got to talk with her or anything the whole time she was in ICU..... I spent 48 years of nothing but great happy years with her she made me happy all those years and never once complained about anything how she felt or whatever if she got sick she was sick sick, she never meet a stranger and she had a wonderful personality ...everyone that met her liked her she had a outgoing personality and love to laugh a lot ..we had a wonderful marriage and I was happy all those years. she waited for me to get back from Nam and her mother said oh honey he will forget all about you and find someone else when he gets home she said no mama he is the one I am going to marry him and only him...and she did....she was 18 years old and I just turn 20... we never had a nice big wedding and she never wanted a big white wedding dress like most girls back then she just said we can get married at the JP at the downtown court house and that's what we did her Dad And her Step Mom were present. she loved her jeans and very seen in a dress ...she was the love of my life. it was a marriage that would endure in a wonderful life for both of us until her health started failing her the last 10 /15years or so although she had heart by pass surgery in 2005. She never complained about that either she was one of a kind and I am glad she was my wife all those years. no complaints for me either. so until we meet again in the external life with Jesus I wait my turn and keep Jesus at my side the rest of my life...UNTIL I MAKE CROSS OVER TO THE EXTERNAL SIDE Thanks everyone I feel alone after everyone goes home not sure what my future holds for me now.
  2. I will detail the Highlander and put it up for sale about 34.000 and go from there I can't take less than what I own on it my daughter0in-law is good on social media and can put up for sale. Highlanders do have a good resell value especially if its low mileagethis one has 11 893 miles on it right now and been kept in the Garage,,,it still liker brand new as the new car smell. Oh well If I have to pay on it another year or so guess I have no choice. Anyone know about SS DISABILITY INCOME? My wife was getting about 1100.00 month from her SS disability , she turn 67 days before she passed and that made the car payment....but if it stops that will hurt me some , My VA Comp paid all the other bills and mortgage payments and credit cards...not much left after that. Anyone know if I can check with SSA and see if they have anything to offer the other spouse after death? Some one said they think I may can get half of what she was getting on SS Disability? If this is true it sure could help me out.
  3. Well today I sent my VA Regional Office a letter with my wife SS # AND HER CLAIM # She had just got the A&A as most of you knew about it paid 160.00 monthly and was current. Also her dependent status was about 175.00 monthly or close. Anyway I sent the letter to my R.O. and request they take her off my compensation as a dependent and told them what happen and date and her SS # AND Name address. I did get the certified sign receipt at the P.O.. Now Her SS Maybe different I may call them and see...to cancel her SS. IT WAS ABOUT 1100.00 MONTHLY which may hurt me now we just perched a new Toyota Highlander 2019 back in Dec 2019 We very seldom drove the car due to her Dr's appoinments... and hospital stays these last two years..it has about 11, 893 miles on it still has the 36.000.00 factory warranty but anyhow her SS Check paid the payments and insurance and a few other Bills...this will hurt me. I will try to sell the car to private party and see??..but we/ I still own about 30.000.00 on the dang thing. IT HAS LEATHER SEATS AND MID Trim its the middle of the line...its a very nice and comfortable car with 8 speed transmission V-6 , at 75 mph the RPM Gauge sits about on 15000 rpm as opposed to my Toyota Tundra 75 MPH The RPM Gauge sits at 21000. RPM Meaning the 8 speed transmission saves gas as the engine is not running high RPM'S AT Higher Speeds. new tires as we perched this car Brand new off the show room floor about 10 miles on it when we got it, its a dark burgundy Color Ohh La La Rouge..look like dark burgundy to me.
  4. Thanks everyone I do need to call my R.O. in Waco Tx and let them know,,,about this so they won't keep sending me over payment as my dependent and the 160.000 month she was getting for A&A. I'm not sure what her dependent pay is? its not very much `75...maybe 200.00 monthly it should nt be over 460.00 monthly. plus I need to call SSA. THIS IS ALL INEED TO LET SOMETHING LIKE THIS SLIP BY and they send me a big bill of over payment. anybody know if I can just call my R.O. or send in a form #?
  5. My wife passed away peacefully on 10/06/21 @ 3:40 pm services are pending. I will try my best to get back on hadit but right now I have a lot on my plate, her mom is staying with us and is not in her right mind and she is prone to falls it's hard for me to go anywhere I can't take her with me and I am afraid she will fall she 83 and feable. Thanks to everyone that sent prayers and for your support during this rough time in my life. Blessings to All.
  6. Thanks everyone for your prayers special thanks to Ms Tbird &Ms Berta and broncovet for their encouraging words and information &support. my wife has had it bad these last couple of weeks , unfortunately her lungs is not getting better they are no improvement what so ever, they put the trach tube in to basically buy more time for her lungs to heal but doing so they have to keep her heavly sedated and keep her vitals stable and her organs working...this morning they called and said her blood pressure was falling fast and the medications they were giving her were not working, so the only other possible thing to do was put another line in her artery to get more accrete information that could help then determine what medications work and what don't ect,,ect,,, They said after this there's nothing left they can do her body is just stopping. so I now have to prepare for the worst. & start making arrangements. 48 years of a wonderful marriage is what we had together she is my best friend she did everything for me cooked clean went to the grocery store on her own helped me when I was sick paid bills even helped me deal with the VA at times and she never once complained, I use to say to her Babe you don't need to cook or whatever it was she was doing at the time that took a lot of work but she would just say I don't mine I Love you and always will, she hardly ever got mad, we had arguments sometimes but they were always solved in a kind and caring way and we would make up. This is all is upsetting, but I must Place my trust in God Hand's and accept what happens. were all going to be there sooner or later. I wanted to thank each and everyone of you guys for your support during this dark time in my life y'all are like family to me and your friendship means everything to me ,MY TWO SONS HELP ME TREMENDOUSLY without them I'd be lost... I have no close friends here at home, I go to church and that helps me, but coping with this is very hard, but with all y 'all's help support and prayers it makes it somewhat easier to cope with but its never ease ....I am numb and afraid. Afraid living by myself. I don't know when I will get back on hadit but I certainly will it just maybe a while. I need to grieve in my own way and just keep on living out my life. Thank you all from the bottom of my Heart God Bless Everyone
  7. pacmanx1 I may find me a VA Claims Agent (experinced more than 10 years Accredieth & Certified to the courts . AND SMART!!! theres a guy right up the road from me bout 12/14 miles works out of his home, I Was relooking in my C-file today and theres not one rating sheet with the form # 's matter fact theres not any VA WORK SHEETS WITH FORM #s. They have the rating sheets and work sheet but there not any form numbers on them OTHER THAN THEY HAVE THEM PAGE NUMBER like page 1 pagr 2 page 3 page 4 ect,,,ect,, no VA Form numbers ...just the applications when I filed and NOD AND REOPEN for reconcideration. AND FILED FOR INCREASE THOSE VA FORMS ARE CORRECT. I PROBABLY HAVE ABOUT 10/15 BLANK PAGES IN MY C-FILE. WITH DATES STAMP ON SOME OF THEM CLEAR AS THE SKY...NOTHING ELSE...? There has to be some forms missing out of my C-file? OR SOME NEVER COPPIED OVER..TO THE DISK? THE ONES THAT DIDN'T COPY OVER TO THE DISK GET DESTROYED OR AS BRONCOVET SAYS ''SHREEDED'' The latest claim I filed was for PTSD back in Oct 2014 Approved in March 2015 all of the adjucation for that claim is correct SMC S House Bound PLUS RETRO WAS CORRECT TOO. thats all correct ,NO BEEF WITH THAT. It's the first date I applied April 22 1998 for my very first claim not including the forms I filled out back in 1974 when I went to school on the G-I bill for 4 years... that seems to be all correct .. educational allowances. . APRIL 22 1998 to 2003 dates that I question especially when I got 50% I found where I first applied for increase and it was in April 1999, 2000 is when they approve my hearing loss for 50% although they service connected it back to April 1998.at 0%... .moving on up to 2002/2003 I had a DRO HEARING IN 2003 AND THE DRO AWARDED ME THE TINNITUS AND 30% INCRASE ON MY ALREADY 50% HEARING LOSS FOR A COMBINED RATING OF 90% SINCE i HAD NOT WORKED FROM 1999 99 IS WHEN I GAVE UP TRYING TO WORK OR FINDING ANY JOB I COULD DO...ALTHOUGH I HAD NO DR RENERING ME I can't work due to my bad hearing...we never knew we needed that back then...but appling for an increae is also applying for the TDIU and theVA Failed to look at that. so something is very wrong in my C-file and the way they adjuicated my claim... at the time I was just so glad to get approved for the TDIU P&T. Back then I never persued my claim any further only a few years ago until broncovet got his EED moved back a few years with over 100.000 $$ owed to him plus another 30.000.00 or so when they never added his dependents.... this got me curious and I started reading my C-file...so I need a VSO that has approval to have the VBMS ..SO he can look deeper in my claims from 1998. VA CLAIMS AGENTS most of them have access to that. so Iwill certainly check with this GUY. I let another claims agent look at my files and he could not see anything in it and it was not worth his time . B.S. Anyway if I just get a 1 years retro or maybe 2 years thats a pretty good hunk of change and a better EED....and I am hopeing this new guy will help me...WE'LL SEE? I JUST NOTICE TONIGHT THAT THEY ARE NO FORM #'S ON MOST ALL MY RATING SHEETS./WORK SHEETS. just page numbers is all.
  8. I am not so sure they did a audit on my claim they said they did but didn't have records that go back that far. I will copy the denail letter and post it. They actually didn't use the word '' denied'' Date of letter=July 15, 2021 it says nothhing about Appealing it. ''We recived your statememnt in suppor of Claim requesting an aduit of your claim file back to 1998,on June 21 ,2021Unfortuately we do not have access to actual payment records that go that far back,We did review you're file and could not find any errors in payment or awards issues, though.'' ''Also retro active pay only pays you the diffrance between the new award and what you actually already recieved for that time period , from that time period on there is no retro paymets due.'' ''VA pays in arrears whch means your award payment for october is not actually paid until November.''
  9. No it did not. I am gathering up my records and putting things inline to file a CUE. May wait until next year after I get my 20 year protection in. but right now I am gather all the information I can get so they can't deny me. brocovet is helping me or were communicating by email. According to the DAV Letter I recieved they say if I am unsatisfied with the decsion I 3 options to disagree 1.Summplemental claim..//New and Relevant evidence=file wihin 1 year 2.Higher -Level Review, if no new evidence file the 20-0996 Can have a telephone confrance to point out certain errors in the case. 3 Board of Veterans Appeals use the va form 10182 chooes one of three options Dierct Option 2.Evidence option with a 90 days to reconcider their decision file within 90 days. Basicly just like a Normal Appeal but It will be a CUE Claim and they are not Normal...LOL
  10. I Was Looking through my C-FILE ..OVER 5.000.00 PAGES not to bad now that its on CD. Anyway I first filed for hearing loss April 1998, was denied right off the bat, Appeal that first denial and summited more evidence using a Private IMO...that claim was denied, MOVEING ON TO 1999 SILL UNDER APPEAL TIME LINE. OK IN 1999 they SHOW THAT I Reopen this claim and was given service connection but 0% rating.. I filed for increase in 2000 and was given 50% rating on the private IMO, but here is the kicker the IMO I summitted was the earlier one from the second denial the reason for the denial was they said this Dr did not go by the VA Guidelines and could not be used for rating purposes, now in 2000 with the 50% increase claim they used this same test to make there decision for the 50%. Which I should have got back in 1999 or 1998 but since the private Dr IMO did not use the VA Guidlines I was denied but later on I think they caught this error and gave me the 50%...in 2000 the error was they used private test to give me the 50% that was not supposed to be used for rating puroposes. I had a DRO HEARING IN 2003 and was awarded a 90% combined rating for tinnitus and severe profound hearing loss which the DRO did GO BACK TO 2002 FOR THE EED,from a specialist I used this time that did use the VA Guidelines and used the Maryland CNC word test..everything on this test was legit and according to CFR/38 Rules. BUT THE 50% IS IN QUESTION HERE. WHAT HAPPENS IF THEY USED A HEARING TEST THAT WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE USED FOR RATING PURPOSES and they used this same test to approve me for the 50% in 2000. something seems awfully fishy here. I know not to look a gift horse in the mouth but if They used this test and gave me the 50% then why not go back to when I first filed in 1998.??? anybody have a clue?
  11. After reaching 100% scheduler or TDIU P&T Should a Veteran continue to pressure his benefit's? ( Absolutely ) We all earned the rights to our benefits and if your 10% or 100% and you have other conditions that are disabling to you caused by or related to your military service or perhaps a secondary condition from your rated service connected disability...Why not file for it ...rather or not you get more compensation or Join the SMC Veterans. you earned that right. America is paying their debt owed to all us US Veterans.
  12. Mr Cue I applaud you for staying on top of this , Everyone says its up to us Veterans to proceed with our claims and never give up , I wish you the best in your fight for your benefits its just a darn shame this happens to veterans or certain veterans I wish you the best outcome and you get what your fighting for Again I applaud you my brother. About all I know to tell you is if you haven't yet called the white house Hotline and let that person know what all you been having to deal with as for a the court remands. ect,,,ect,, waiting and waiting and fighting with this call them and give them a piece of your mind..it may help or it won't hurt. White House Hotline# 855-948-2311
  13. Roger that broncovet, I happen to have a VVC APPOINTMENT with my VA PCP Tuesday 9/7/.21,,,I need to go to my VAMC TOMORROW and do labs but there not operating Monday? at the lab? so I will call them and see if I can go ahead and come in and do labs tomorrow (Monday 9/6/21) I will ask my VA PCP Tuesday on my vedio appointment at 11:30am I am prone to falling a lot.
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