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  1. I got this in today! https://www.va.gov/opa/pressrel/pressrelease.cfm?id=5314
  2. I agree with Geeky on this...especially for those that don't follow the blog I guess a trial would hopefully help but will probably have a lot of veterans go some where else to ask their claims questions if this'' create your own blog'' only confuses them. Its a good concept if everyone understands just how it works?
  3. Yes they can cause it but as I got older no problems there until I started taking medications for PTSD. This is what a VA Urologist mention about what related to and the cause of my E.D. A Male can have other problems other than not finishing or finishes to soon or can't get erection this is why he needs to see a Urologist Specialist. However not not finishing is a much more difficult problem than finishing to soon and an underlying problem could be the cause as well and should be seen about.
  4. It may work and may not? I find that most ''newbies'' come here don't read other post that may be beneficial to their questions , they just post and ask ''their'' questions I don't mind repeating my self to a new member if this is what it takes to help other veterans with their claims so be it.
  5. I have been fighting with the Army Review Records Board Dept for a few years about getting my military service dates corrected. mostly from Germany and Vietnam second Tour of duty. on my DD 214 My Vietnam service is on it but the dates are not correct..they show I was in Vietnam 12 months but I was there 18 months and with the same unit but my company commander said he could not guarantee I stay with this same unit they can ship me anywhere they need me I took the chance and I did stay with my old unit the rest of the time I was in Nam but the dated don't refect that. I have sent them some of the forms from my special orders and what my C.O. had mention to me if I extend my stay in Nam. I have sent them records of my past units and Dr's notes when I went to sick call for the flu /bad coughs/colds ect,,,ect,,while in German a dated account of my unit and battalion And locations I was stationed at...they come back and said they received my records I sent in as evidence I was there on the times I mention and they denied all these records how can they deny me when I sent them my prof of evidence? there crazy as hell. I can Appeal but this will be my 3rd Appeal but I am just so freaking tired of going though my records and sending them copies of all I got to prove my case and get my DD 214 Straighten out. I might Add too this is not for a claim purpose its just to get my DD 214 corrected.
  6. If your rated 100%scheduler yes you can work. If your rated 100% for MH Say PTSD here is the 100%PTSD Criteria Total occupational and social impairment, due to 100 such symptoms as: gross impairment in thought processes or communication; persistent delusions or hallucinations; grossly inappropriate behavior; persistent danger of hurting self or others; intermittent inability to perform activities of daily living (including maintenance of minimal personal hygiene); disorientation to time or place; memory loss for names of close relatives, own occupation, or own name...................... You can try to work but what employer would want you around with being diagnose for 100% mental Health condition? Also when the VA finds out about you working this usually will prompt a C&P Exam to reduce your benefits and if your working with a 100% PTSD Rating they will likely take that benefit down to 0% and if that's your only rating then you will get nothing. * (jmo) TDIU is the only rating condition that were not suppose to work. However this is debatable, but in my opinion if your IU you need to be carefull about working if you report your income and pay income tax.
  7. Sorry I have not been following this but I can give you a quick answer You need to wait...but what probably happen if you submitted these twice they will treat it as 2 different claims until they catch what you did...every time we submit through e benefits electronically they treat it as a new claim , it will more than likely show up as two different claims, and be on ebenfts as double submitted or will show ''claims pending''..you can call the 1-800 # ask they fix this for you and take away what you tell them too. Before you click submit on e benefits make sure & double check this is what you want to do.
  8. 0Well I am not sure what it is exactly your asking here? if your already service connected for PTSD /Depression we can only have one MH Condition they don't rate us on more MH CONDITIONS, ONLY one condition with MH.. IF You have been rated for PTSD then that's all you can claim for this type of condition..However there are other secondary conditions that may arouse or come up after you start taking PTSD Meds. ect,,,ect,,, AS FOR AS YOUR SLEEP APNEA you can file a secondary claim to your PTSD STATING THAT THE MEDICATIONS YOU TAKE HAVE CAUSED/RELATED TO YOUR SLEEP APNEA AND A Dr needs read your medical records and examine you to nexus all this together and also state it is medically necessary for you to use your VA Prescribe C-Pap Machine (use of C-PAP IS USUALLY 50% RATING You can use the DBQ's THAT ARE FAVORABLE to the conditions that you claim but it would pay you to get a IMO (Independent Medical Opinion) from a qualified Dr...> BECAUSE they won't take our word for it , they need it to come from a qualified Dr File as many claims as you like ,if you have a disease or Injury that was caused while you were in the military and the condition is bothering you today..find your medical records to show where , when & what happen to you , as this is No,1 Evidence to prove what your claiming . Basically what these claims come down to is We need medical records from the past while we were active that shows you were treated for a disease/injury while in the military the medical records can be private also..as long as you have these MEDICAL records this is the 75% Hurdle it takes to prove our claims . although they are other ways to be successful buddy letter and Notarized statements from family and friends to attest to your condition that your claiming Usually our C-file is how we find these records and what the Dr's have mention in their medical reports over the past years. Without prove of medical documentation our claims will be denied 95% of the time. However if you/or your spouse can write out a meaningful truthful lay statement they do take those into consideration.
  9. https://www.navysite.de/crewlist/commandlist.php?commandid=237
  10. ''The ship got underway at midnight on 18 April 1975 for a holding area off Vung Tau, South Vietnam. On the way plans were made and facilities set up for the possibility of holding many thousands of refugees. On 22 April DENVER moved to an area within sight of Vung Tau and assumed her position amongst some 48 other ships of the US Seventh Fleet.'' ''On 29 April DENVER became one of the first ships to receive South Vietnamese refugees as "Huey" helicopters began arriving onboard. In order to make room for more helicopters, seven had to be jettisoned over the stern. During all this confusion the ship’s special organization for handling refugees was called into action and the orderly progression began as our new charges were directed to use the well deck for temporary shelter and assistance.''
  11. do you know the year you were on USS Denver? This might help? April 1972 DENVER's crew received the Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal. In May DENVER's crew received the Combat Action Ribbon and in June received the Navy Unit Commendation from the Secretary of the Navy for making aeronautical history as the first ship to launch U.S. Marine attack helicopter on missions in North Vietnamese waters.
  12. viationtech quoted '' I know this, land was within site (Vung Tau). Could anyone offer any advice.'' Thank you for any help. Roy'' if you have evidence your ship was within 12 miles of VungTau thats all you should need for presumption claims filing under the blue water criteria for exposure to A.O. Ms berta can chime in here she knows the bluewater regs she helped get them passed by congress so we all owe her a great deal of gratitude . and all her hard work in this process.
  13. Roger That Paul I think I have a better understanding of all that now...its not as bad as I had figured.but zip on the bottom line and then may have some out of pocket at closing if we don't meet the funding fees and commission fees added in at closing but that should be fairly Minimal Maybe 500/1500 more at closing. so we expect to bring more $$ to the table at closing. Oh btw the Home only appraised at 268.000 2 years ago.
  14. Thanks for the link paul and a better understanding on the funding fee for the seller. your right about if another realtor sells the home and not my realtor, they will definitely want their take of the commission, so if my realtor is NOT the one that ends up selling the house she gets her 1 % or whatever she gets and the other realtor that actually shows the home and ends up selling to this new buyer then that's why all these (in part) funding fees. eh! So actually it cost the seller to sale and the buyer gets a better deal especially if they use a VA Loan. I read some where where the Veteran is not charge certain funding fees if he is active duty or a disable vet getting monthly compensation from the VA BUT obviously this may be just when a Veteran is the Buyer and not the Seller? And maybe my realtor may have said what she said about only charging us a small % because she probably knows she won't be the one that sells it... so for its been other realtors that bring people out to look at the house my realtor as yet to show our house. Oh well if we have to pay out of pocket I guess its worth it in the long being were going to down size get a smaller home with no H.O.A...And our payments will be considerably less, so that means we can save and save back the $$ we took to sell the home. We probably could sell this house tomorrow if we paid the closing cost for the buyer We think that's what the hold up is its hard to pay 20%down on 275.000 so were hoping a Veteran buys it and use the VA loan then we can pay what ever we need to pay. Only thing is with all these funding fees we have to pay and then pay the buyers closing cost we would have to Rob Ft Knox eh!!!! So maybe this realtor is correct about these funding fees at closing? she just didn't tell us about another realtor who actually sells the house who gets the other 4-6%commission and then add her 1% commission in. Oh well I have a better understanding of it now we will just have to pay these funding fees , and I will get a list of everything were going to have to pay before we close and if there is some fees on this list I have in question then I ask my realtor about them and ask if they can be withdrawn/eliminated. Thanks Paul and broncovet I appreciate your time here.
  15. Thanks Paul and broncovet It's just to complicated for me /my better half. I guess whatever they come up with at closing we will have to pay and out of pocket because the closing funding fees will be more than we get the difference in the pay off of the house. Maybe we should think about going up on the price of the house? so for no buyers ...> just lookers.. I was thinking of coming down on the price but we really can't. Realtor said we need to just keep it at 275.000
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