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  1. Your IU so theres the one single condition or combined conditions that you have service connected for the IU. EVEN IF AT A COMBINED RATING THAT DON'T MEET THE 100% RATE BECAUSE THEY GAVE YOU THE IU,obviously because you can't work but you didn't meet the 100% scheduler rating THAT IS BASICALLY A 100% RATING the hearing loss claim WOULD BE SEPERATE RATING if you get a 50% rating for that and also 10% for tinnitus there's the other 60% you may want to check your other conditions to see if they have got worse and file increase on those too. if they send you to a VA C&P for your hearing claim go do it...then go see a Private ENT with his own Augdologist and compare these test if you use a Private Dr Board Certified then he has clout over the VA Dr's The other members are right on Richard 1954 has good advise and also GB Army. Hearing loss is a tough claim and you need to be darn near deaf to get any type of rating above 10% this all boils down to your hearing test numbers. how bad your hearing loss is?
  2. Yes please do and pass them out to other veterans, I pass them out at my VA Vet center and also at the VBA waiting room to the veterans waiting I ask them if they want to get their claims approved? yes.. well here get on hadit.
  3. I never had much luck with the MH VA Dr's as for as filing out a PTSD DBQ good luck with them.
  4. Normally the VA uses a L.C.S.W. to do the first evaluation and then you see the Shrinks they use the DSM 5 Psychiatric material. ask you 10 or more questions and you give your best answer to these questions, then the LCSW sees that you do need to see the MH people the Phyistrist ect,,ect,, and they will make Diagnoses.
  5. Ms Berta mention The US CAVC does not accept new evidence,they review the established record. I thought you were given 30 days to reply to something else- I will read over the downloads again. '' This was my thinking too so if your at the CAVC and no new evidence is not permissible they will review the established records and your right back where you started from unless the CAVC Remands it back to the BVA ...However we can't underestimate the VA will read over all this again something is missing here?
  6. Well submit this hearing test as evidence your hearing loss has indeed got worse over the years since 1990 the year you first filed for your hearing loss, the Dr needs to opein that your hearing loss was/ is likely as not occured during your military time and has worsen over the years the Dr needs to opien How Noise Induced hearing loss occurs as it damages the Hair particles in the ear drum less vibration as the vibration is how we hear but this needs to come from a hearing loss specialist such as a Certified Audiologist or Board certified ENT Dr THE New hearing test and the Audiologist or ENT opinion should help service connect or and give you a proper rating... Now the way the VA is they can send you to a C&P using the VA Audiologist or ENT Clinic TO GIVE YOU ANOTHER HEARING TEST but unlikely if you just had a recent test with the VA within a year If you use a specialist HE/SHE would be more credible than just a VA Audiologist the VA will believe your Specialist over the VA Also get about 5 or 6 notarized statements from family and friends someone that has known you for years and testify to the fact that they notice they have witness your hearing getting worse over the years. ect,,,ect,,, Your main Evidence in my opinion that would help you the most is a Hearing test did correct by the VA Guidelines and the Dr's opinion that your hearing loss is caused by the Noise you was around without ear protection during your military duty and the numbers on your hearing test will surface as credible evidence within your claim. The only thing that I am not so sure about is your Maryland CNC SPEECH TEST if it was excellent don't seem correct with severe loss of hearing. but this is something your Dr could comment on.
  7. you should be able to prove it if you have what is on the list of conditions that A.O. has been found to cause ... They have been two known cases that a veterans have been around the A.O. Back in 1982 in Okinawa here is one. Disability awarded In October 2015, an unnamed veteran was awarded disability benefits related to Agent Orange exposure on Okinawa. An unnamed aircraft crew chief who served at Air Force bases on Okinawa and Moses Lake, Wash., in the mid- to late-1950s was granted disability after alleging a service connection to his prostate cancer, which is associated with herbicides like Agent Orange. The veteran said he was exposed to 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T — later known as Agent Orange — JP-4 jet fuel, benzene and other chemicals while working on the flight lines for hours at a time with no protection. The veteran said the chemicals were used to control vegetation on flight lines, runways and around “structures” on Okinawa. “The Veteran explained that, approximately 15 to 16 times a day for 18 months, he regularly inhaled and ingested 2,4-D; and 2,4,5-T, and dioxin-treated dirt that covered his skin. He was exposed, inhaled, ingested, and absorbed 2,4-D; and 2,4,5-T, and dioxin-treated dirt about 5,850 to 6,000 times while at Naha Air Force Base in Okinawa,” according to the Oct. 8, 2015, decision by Veterans Law Judge Mark Hindin after an appeal from a regional office in Oakland, Calif. The veteran provided newspaper articles, testimony and family research to back his claim. “Given this evidence, the Board accepts that the Veteran was exposed to 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T and other chemicals during his active service while in Okinawa,” Hindin’s decision said. But the ruling included a caveat: “While the Veteran was not exposed to Agent Orange per se, the evidence is in equipoise as to whether he was exposed to its chemical components that VA determined cause prostate cancer.” Sourse: The Stars & Stripes
  8. Flyfishingnut well we hope we can help you guys out! Any questions you have please ask.
  9. BRONCOVET BROCOVET BRONCOVET Now a positive thinking is better than negative thinking. it just don't pay the Bills eh!
  10. Well my compensation is thought of or recognized as INCOME its how we live...its just tax free. Any banker should realize that and its study income we get it the rest of our lives , now I am bases my opinion on what I get and being 100% with P&T
  11. broncovet , I personally think his hearing loss will be at least 50% or even greater. but he can pursue the SMC S H.B. if he is IU or 90% combined rating. and have another disability separate that is rated at least 60% or higher. or of combined conditions that reaches the 60% If he is already IU For some other condition other than hearing loss , the hearing loss claim will help him if he can reach the 50% plus the 10%tinnitus or any condition that helps reach the 60% some will agure it needs to be a seperate 60% condition but They do use combined ratings. Note*were mainly wanting him to get his loss of hearing service connected and a rating given to him. and what they rate him we don't know? I Realize I am only guessing it will be 50% and I hope I am right. but we can't underestimate the VA This is just my opinion.
  12. Also if your still in your Appeal time line? if they service connect and give you a rating . then ask they use the first filing date for your hearing loss claim.....if this has been awhile they more than likely will go by your New claim date for hearing loss but it is possibly to get this back when you first filed = for Retro but the VA will fight you on this. the retro that is.
  13. Flyfishingnut If you have not did this yet? Go to a private ENT Specialist with his own Audiologist State License and Board Certified. (Veteran Friendly) Office ( yes there out there just got to call around until you find one.) Let this ENT Dr know what you need, take your medical records that pertains to your hearing loss and all the test that you have, and your DD 214 To show him what your MOS was. Let this Dr read these test also let the Dr know that your trying to get your VA Benefits for hearing loss and you need to be tested using the VA guidelines for compensation purposes also the Maryland CNC speech test...ask the Dr to compare his testing with the VA testing. Also let this Dr know what your MOS was during the military and ask if it's possible that your hearing loss could have occured during your military time being around loud and sudden noise? And is now worse, this is known as Bilaterally noise induced hearing loss and hearing loss is possible through out the years and it is my opinion this veterans hearing loss occurred while he was serving in the military being around loud sudden noise caused by his MOS . ''Veteran states he does not hunt or been around loud sudden noise since his military time''.the Dr can elaborate some on what the cause of noise induced hearing loss. If he will do all this above this will be added ammunition or boost your claim for hearing loss if the Dr goes by the VA Guidelines and uses the Maryland CNC speech discrimination test and the numbers show you do have a hearing loss mild moderate or severe profound hearing loss you should be able to get it service connected and a rating giving.
  14. allansc2005 My opinion on your hearing test this should render you a 50% rating however the word test being excellent may mess that up for you having 50% hearing loss and a excellent word discrimination test its highly unlikely the rater will give the 50% but if they go by the numbers which they are suppose to its 50% but the word discrimination test may hinder that? The Audiologist/or the ENT Dr put this on his report so its a matter of record ''Mild to Moderately Severe Mixed Hearing loss with Excellent Speech Discrimination Bilaterally'' I've never seen a hearing test as bad as your hearing test with excellent word discrimination? so there's no telling what they might do?? if the rater don't catch it..this should be a 50% rating for your hearing loss.
  15. i THINK IF YOU WERE NOT BEING PAID FOR THE 0%HEARINGLOSS FROM 1990 AND YOU GET A 50% RATING FOR HEARING LOSS AND 10% FOR THE TINNITUS..THIS IS WHAT THEY SHOULD RATE YOU AND INFER THE SMC- S -H.B. iF YOU HAD THE IU for a different condition SINCE 1990 and now if they give you the 50% for hearing loss they may not be much retro but you should get the SMC S. ABOUT 350.00 EXTRA MONTHLY IN ADDITION TO WHAT YOU GET AT PRESENT. depending on your dependents.(JMO)
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