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  1. Yes my spouse can't drive she can barley walk 3 ft and is unstable, Dr said she can't be left alone and needs assistance from another person and the necessities of everyday living, she is very prone to fall and not be able to get up that's happen before , she can't drive due to seizures and her back is bent into a S SHAPE she fell a couple of times broke her hip /arms legs, ect,,,ect,,, , she fell another time bashed the back of her head open and had to call Ambulance , she has stenosis /kyphosis...its when she has no more bones in her spine ..just enough is all matter fact Tuesday she g
  2. John999 Ain't that the truth This is why were trying to get the A&A for my non veteran totally disabled spouse. I recently did a VA..GOV IRIS inquiry on her eligibility ?For the A&A as I understand if vet is 100% and his spouse his disable and needs the as stance of another person to help with the everyday daily living neckties of of life like help getting up/out of bed help getting dressed help bathing. help feeding herself, help transferring to a chair or wheel chair or help if she is blind...if she meets any of these conditions she is suppose to be eligible ac
  3. I don't think this lady has much time, if I was her I'd get an attorney, that may not give her the time she needs but its better than going alone especially if she don't have experience fighting with the VA. (jmo)
  4. Thanks Alex, I 'm sure others will read up on this too.
  5. I agree with broncovet click on the link the cck attorneys explain how to get TDIU and extra scheduler. https://cck-law.com/veterans-law/i-dont-meet-vas-tdiu-eligibility-requirements-should-i-give-up-on-qualifying-for-tdiu/ You may want to give them a call !!!
  6. pawmbi That is a good nexus but only one thing wrong with it, it needs to get to the point and just give a direct connection between the OSA/PTSD. Very Thorough Also the new thing now with rating sleep apnea a medical sleep professional needs to mention it is medically necessary to use. Lets all hope the rater Reads most of it. This Dr Conclusions:'' should render an approval, I notice He never put his phone # on this report/opinion just incase the RATING SPECIALIST NEEDS TO ASK A QUESTION OR HAVE SOMETHING ANSWERED? but with that said is is an excellent letter.
  7. Try this Dr https://blueoceanhealthservices.com/va-nexus-letters/?gclid=CjwKCAjw-e2EBhAhEiwAJI5jg_gkDPOTt8VrJgB_ld-U1VhnEP4eE0gyI7TD2dwQYiaN6fTexX_D_hoCATEQAvD_BwE
  8. Nah Not really my wife had it hung in there to many shoe boxes filled with different paper work as it is ,so she had it hung it up on the wall. At least my grandson notice it and went got him one.
  9. Roger That John I think why I put my Discharge up on the wall was cause it looks like something special to be proud of and I can go in there and pretend I am a CEO of some huge company....does good for the soul. And gives me the Big Head.
  10. John999 That's good you got it upgraded back then. Seems I remember I never got my ''Official Honorably Discharge'' when I got out, they sent me a letter saying i was placed in the US ARMY RESERVES. and would be there for three years....I never went to Drills or reserve classes or anything but 3 years later I got a big BBE in the mail It was my ''Official Honorable Discharge Certification'' I got it in-cased on my office wall's in one of our bedrooms ...for some reason or another? had to put it some where.
  11. And yes if you win your IU claim they will be back pay its Called retro payment depending on how long it was that you filed the claim and when they make a decision the date of the decision will or should go back to your filing date for the IU. or from the facts first found. Normally they go back to the date you first filed the I.U. claim. The difference in your 70% to the 100% ALREADY PAID TO YOU but still be a sizeable amount. But you can fight them on this if your S.C. Disability kept you from working and you have the medical evidence to prove it when a Dr mention you could not
  12. snow1wave I Wish you had come to hadit before you sent your claim off to the VA the members here can help as in all the above post some great information, IF You had a VSO that is experienced then you may have a good chance, but if you sent your claim off with just the medical evidence that got you the 70% I doubt very much they will approve you for the IU IU is given to the Veteran with a lesser rating of 100% but can't work due to his sc disability, and they have strict guidelines for the IU & If you read them and followed them then you might be ok?? Since you al
  13. I have Chronic PTSD, I SEE A VA Therapist once week now its via TeleHealth I like that better don't need to come to the VA, Once a Veteran has been diagnose by by the VA for PTSD and prescribe medications he needs to see a therapist on a regular basis. And a Phyistrist every 3 months depends on how severe your symptoms are and if your a threat to yourself or others . I AM FAIRLY SURE IF YOUR DIAGNOSED WITH A MENTAL PROBLEM FROM THE VA YOUR MEDS ARE FREE. I been seeing my VA Therapist now almost 7 years. MY FIRST THERAPIST PASSED AWAY from his service connected disab
  14. I would think our records should be accounted for from the date we enter Basic Training , they have been veterans come to hadit for claims that was hurt during Basic and they must have got there records or it showing up on their DD 214. I went from Basic Ft Bliss Tx to Aberdeen Proving Grounds Maryland, then about a week or so leave and then to Germany 11 months about 30 day leave and headed to Vietnam . I was Honorably Discharged. I may just say forget it...
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