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  1. Been going to the VA FOR THE PAST 30 YEARS & For the past 15 years I just been getting what the VA will give me I've waited many many times over 30 days for appointments no matter how severe I am...don't matter to the VA, The only appointments I get weekly is MH to see the the LCSW Therapist for an hour. I went to private E.R. a few months ago because I could not hardley breath from the flu it was pretty bad anyway fighting with the VA For them to pay the E.R. Bill for a FLU Swab & Diagnoses/Chest X-RAY and no treatment seen Bout 20 minutes and sent me home but we called the VA before we left to the E.R. And VA Triage Nurse told us to go to the Private E.R. so thats what we did its on records in myhealthvet notes. but they ain't paid the darn bill yet. makes me just sick of the VA We are damned if we do and damned if we don't what a choice. eh!
  2. bump bump Was this the right thing to do? Where or who else should I report this to? I never had insurance since I was working ...20 years ago. Now I am 50 lbs fatter (FAT BELLY)and no teeth and white silver hair more silver and yellow than the presidents eh! I'm UGLY yep....>I'm U.G.L.Y.
  3. Well the POTUS Sign this today...at least its a good start shows he cares about veterans ( in my opinion) http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/06/23/trump-signs-va-reform-bill-following-through-on-campaign-promise.html
  4. I don't think it will pass and I'm sure others here will agree, we just need to wait until Aug 6th when they take it to the POTUS to sign in a new provision & take the IU Proposal off the table once and for all. Here is a link M berta put up in the above post https://www.stripes.com/news/va-backs-off-budget-proposal-to-cut-benefits-for-disabled-unemployable-vets-1.473551#.WU1re2jyvIV
  5. Me too Ms T I doubt it will make it. After the President is filled in why he should not even consider this IU budget cut...but like you I need to see this in public viewing. so we all can stop stressing out about it once and for All Hell I may need to file a claim for this it has my Anxiety level through the roof.eh!
  6. Have a Question about reporting my MEDICARE PLAN I sign up with,....> to the VA I have the Plan G with Part (A) &Part (B) Medicare Card and also the Supplement card from United World Life from Mutual of Omaha. USA(Senior Care Network) OK I was at the VA MH Clinic yesterday for an appointment with my therapist ,After I went to check out and presented these cards to the Clerk..he seems not to know what to do I mention to him I am reporting that I have insurance now via Medicare due to me turning 65 on July 5th He put the card's into this small machine device on the counter and was typing...he handed me back my cards and said ok your in the system now. Does this mean I will be paying co-pays to the VA? And also does this effect my travel pay? or effect my VA Care in anyway?
  7. Hamslice '' Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while'' That's a good one buddy never heard that one before I'll have to remember that LOL
  8. These are only my opinions And yes I understand Ms berta and I agree that you posted this press release. I read it, I've read a lot of these press release statements. I get them too) and the president Agenda/Iteniary for everyday from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington DC From a news media team. I can't remember off the top of my head exactly who or what media but today when I get it I'll let you know who? and send you the link. We truly can't be Assuming what the VA Secretary/or POTUS is going to do in regards to a Withdraw or Expunge to this proposal until it actually happens. These were just statements of fact nothing in writing about the proposal to be with drawn, only speculation in respect to the VA Secretary comments...''.things like he said he would not do any thing to hurt veterans'' ect,,ect,, until he says /or POTUS mentions will with drawn this IU Proposal/Pevision is what I want to hear and read about. but I did get a confirmation this AM about the decision to with draw this provision and another prevision's put into place to help meet the presidents proposed budget Cuts and to be presented to the POTUS on Aug 6TH 2017 for him to sign into law. So we all will know by Aug of this year what is actually going to happen with this IU Budget Cut. I just hope and pray the President listens to this new budget reform from the legislation committee people that have study this budget to get what the president expects out of all these previsions to meet his proposals.
  9. Congraulation. Read this BVA Decision. it may help you in the future...be sure and write down the CFR's mention in this decision & the Reason & Bases https://www.va.gov/vetapp14/Files1/1410209.txt
  10. I agree with you Lotz, its just the VA's BS for Denials.
  11. I will say I am re leaved to know from a Reliable Source this proposal will be withdrawn and a new prevision Added to help settle this IU proposal budget Cut to IU P&T Veterans around August of this year. My Reliable Source will remain In Confidentially In Respect to this Person.
  12. not sure this link will be of any help but I'll put it up https://iris.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3033/kw/3033/index.htm
  13. https://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/retrieveECFR?n=se38.1.3_1310 Also read this BVA Appeal for secondary conditions due to OR related to MST to give you some Ideal of the many secondary conditions DUE from MST. https://www.va.gov/vetapp14/Files5/1436070.txt
  14. The autonomic nervous system has two principal efferent pathways, sympathetic and parasympathetic, that innervate and influence every organ in the body. Autonomic actions are predominantly involuntary and automatic, as indicated by the term ‘autonomic’ first proposed by Langley in 1898. The structure of the autonomic system, with numerous synapses centrally and peripherally, as well as multiple neurotransmitters, provides flexible control of organ function locally and in an integrated manner—as in the maintenance of systemic blood pressure and body temperature. Disease of the autonomic nervous system may cause local or systemic effects. you will need to check with a specialist and ask about this condition , If your mental state could be related to some of the symptoms. Like maybe being dizzy or feeling tired fatigue all the time or maybe you might have Fibro ect,,,ect,,
  15. Michigander Not Exactly your PCP but maybe a referral from your PCP! The specialty clinics Specialist Or Dr'S will need to opine this ..Like a Nurologist and other specialist in the field of medicine of your condition. google MST /PTSD and read what conditions that may arrive years later after a trauma event. or google your condition and ask if it could be Related to MST...Keep in mind the VA don't like to use 'caused by'' but related to would be a better wording...caused by is mere speculations and usually results in a denial because the Dr was only speculating so I guess they like opinions better. eh! Example ..PTSD can be Related to OSA (sleep Apnea) from the medications taken for PTSD , Medications can be related to or caused by other conditions (Now I am referring to men here for something like E.D.) but women may also have other conditions that can arise years later not only from medications but in a mental state or as you mention above (neurologic) so you would need to see a Neurologist or Phyistrist ...but the thing is read up on any other condition that you have or been treated for and see if your mental condition or medications you take cold factor in with your MST,? thing is if the Dr's can give his/her Impression of your condition to be related to..(MST) if it can be.?.... then you can file a claim for it when you get a MST/PTSD Diagnoses because the MST happen to you while in the military so the other conditions can be Service Connected Also. I know what I am trying to say in my mind but I have a hard time writing it out so you can understand it.....this will get complicated but as you go along its really not that complicated after you understand how the claims process works and how the VA likes things worded...things like a Dr or better a specialist say ''It is my professional opinion ''that it is least likely as not Ms Michigander Neurology conditions could be related to her S.C. MST PTSD and the medications she takes. .& the Dr needs to list his professional credentials/of occupation and list any special degrees he has earned ect,,,ect,,, This all needs to come from a Dr's opinion that has examined you and read your medical records that pertain to these secondary condition/or conditions. I had a hard time asking my psychiatrist to opine for my conditions usually the VA Dr's won't help or fill out a DBQ,. So I went to a private Dr and took my VA Medical records and sit down with him and explain what I needed from him...if you get a Veteran Friendly Dr they will help you and you just need to let them know what to say....this we here at hadit can help you with.