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  1. Here is just a few symptoms for PTSD Feeling upset by things that remind you of what happened Having nightmares, vivid memories, or flashbacks of the event that make you feel like it’s happening all over again Feeling emotionally cut off from others Feeling numb or losing interest in things you used to care about Feeling constantly on guard Feeling irritated or having angry outbursts Having difficulty sleeping Having trouble concentrating Being jumpy or easily startled Related Information They also can diagnose him with unspecific Anxiety Disorder /W Depression ect,,ect,, they are about 20 or more of those just depends on his behavior and the symptoms he has. While VA has different diagnostic codes for different mental illnesses (e.g. schizophrenia is diagnostic code 9201 and PTSD is diagnostic code 9411), all mental health conditions are evaluated under the same rating criteria according to 38 CFR § 4.130 General Rating Formula for Mental Disorders Rating Total occupational and social impairment, due to such symptoms as: gross impairment in thought processes or communication; persistent delusions or hallucinations; grossly inappropriate behavior; persistent danger of hurting self or others; intermittent inability to perform activities of daily living (including maintenance of minimal personal hygiene); disorientation to time or place; memory loss for names of close relatives, own occupation, or own name.100% Occupational and social impairment, with deficiencies in most areas, such as work, school, family relations, judgment, thinking, or mood, due to such symptoms as: suicidal ideation; obsessional rituals which interfere with routine activities; speech intermittently illogical, obscure, or irrelevant; near-continuous panic or depression affecting the ability to function independently, appropriately and effectively; impaired impulse control (such as unprovoked irritability with periods of violence); spatial disorientation; neglect of personal appearance and hygiene; difficulty in adapting to stressful circumstances (including work or a worklike setting); inability to establish and maintain effective relationships.70% Occupational and social impairment with reduced reliability and productivity due to such symptoms as: flattened affect; circumstantial, circumlocutory, or stereotyped speech; panic attacks more than once a week; difficulty in understanding complex commands; impairment of short- and long-term memory (e.g., retention of only highly learned material, forgetting to complete tasks); impaired judgment; impaired abstract thinking; disturbances of motivation and mood; difficulty in establishing and maintaining effective work and social relationships.50% Occupational and social impairment with occasional decrease in work efficiency and intermittent periods of inability to perform occupational tasks (although generally functioning satisfactorily, with routine behavior, self-care, and conversation normal), due to such symptoms as: depressed mood, anxiety, suspiciousness, panic attacks (weekly or less often), chronic sleep impairment, mild memory loss (such as forgetting names, directions, recent events).30% Occupational and social impairment due to mild or transient symptoms which decrease work efficiency and ability to perform occupational tasks only during periods of significant stress, or symptoms controlled by continuous medication.10% A mental condition has been formally diagnosed, but symptoms are not severe enough either to interfere with occupational and social functioning or to require continuous medication.0% iF YOUR BROTHER IS NOT IN TREATMENT PLEASE GET HIM TO SEE THE VA MH, he truly needs to see a therapist and VA is Excellent with this.
  2. I agree with Ms Berta, sound slike he may have been diagnose wrong if he don't say much and is withdrawn from society and has high anxiety when he is reminded of his stressors or Just Vietnam..ect,,,ect,,,,, in my opinion he has combat chronic PTSD that's what they diagnose me for..but none of us here are Qualified to say he has PTSD he needs to go to his VAMC and see his MH Clinic if he has already did this or was diagnose from a military hospital as the diagnoses in question then he or you needs to find these medical records...but try what I mention above.... if he has a diagnose for schizophrenia?& not PTSD? check the diagnostic codes for the diagnose. also if your brother has had a change in his behavior after taking his prescribe medications please get him to a Qualified Dr . Like Ms Berta mention he maybe taking the wrong meds. ?? and usually with CHRONIC PTSD it takes a while for the Dr's to figure out what med's he needs & the dosage, and what helps him, they changed my medications twice before they got it right. some veterans they change their med's a lot and it takes time for this to happen.
  3. WELL IF HIS MEDALS IS NOT ON HIS DD-214 ESPECIALLY HIS CIB AND BRONZE STAR MEDAL. I had some medals missing on my DD214 Also..and what I had to do to prove my stressors was give the date and time and the close location of the operation it was.....so I named my unit , my unit commander and my 1st Sgt and my NCO in charge...and the date and approx time of the location...they checked it out and found all to be true. this was back in 1969/70-71 Like if he can remember if it happen close to a holiday for me it was around Christmas Time , but it can be like Easter, Valentines day, Wedding Anniversary ect,,ect,,, he also can get Buddy statements if he kept in contact with some of his buddies. so he can do that if he can remember where he seen action combat name the location and dates close as he can I think they will give a 10 day limit either way on the dates And follow Ms Berta Advise!
  5. Well they can certainly pull her SS MEDICAL RECORDS SHE HAS A TON OF THEM, ALSO SHE HAS A TON OF VA MEDICAL RECORDS, if she was a veteran & service connected for all her medical problems she has she more than likely would be getting the top SMC's I can't hardly stand to see her this way.but I am all she got and I have my medical problems too so we both try to make do the best way we can.
  6. Yeah of course we would never ''write in'' the medical language Dr's Uses that's pure fraud. It would be easier if they did pull all her medical records its all in there about her medical problems and there is tons of records from SSA & VA.....if she had a C-FILE it would be dozens of boxes full and may take at least two CD's to put it all in.....seriously. I was reading a BVA Case and one of the reason they denied was because the Dr never mention the severity of the disability's and basically he did not state what the disability's were that kept the claimant from doing her daily activities. Dr 's I guess just don't have the time to write out things like this, his nurse is the one that ask us about all this she recommended we ask the Dr for a letter and this is what he sent us. They all know her at the Dr's office clinic she has to have special accommodations just to get in to see the Dr. If VA won't help that's fine were sure not going to beg them. but they have help her before they saved her life one time back in 2005 she had open heart triple heart by pass surgery. just months right after that they closed down the citi program for 100% veterans spouses. And now she is prone to get Pneumonia very easy/let alone this corona-virus...so we very seldom get out of the house..were moving now down sizing I guess you could say, so I am looking for us a smaller home.
  7. ROGER THAT brokensoldier244th I HAD NOTICE THAT IN THE LETTER ABOUT HER DISABILITY'S NEEDS TO BE DESCRIBE by her Dr's I'll ASK HER TO CALL HER Dr AND ASK HIM TO BE MORE SPECIFIC ABOUT HER DISABILITY'S AND WHY SHE IS DISABLED. SHE TOTALLY DISABLE BY THE SSA and is on Medicare' as '' for writing in her disability's and by pass the Dr..''no way we both don't know those medical terms as to what he has mention , that's to for out of our comprehension... spouse may know what a lot of it is but trying to explain it we leave that up to the Dr.
  8. I am trying to get A&A for my spouse or any help from the VA. my spouse got a letter from her Dr today but he never mention what her disability's are only that she is disabled here is what he mention in part. Texas Health Physicians Group Texas Health Family Care Address and phone # &fax # To whom it may Concern Mrs ***** Has been a patient of mine for many years. Unfortunately, Mrs***** is disabled and is unable to carry out her daily Activities . Her disability is life long and she will need assistance with her daily activities. Please Contact my office if you have any questions And her Dr signed it ********* * ************* D.O. Would this be good to include as our evidence.? .she has a Long List of Disability's to many to mention plus she has a letter from her Pain Dr for what he is treating her for but he don't expect her to improve and he said she don't never need to be left alone because of her disability''s she needs help getting dressed she needs help getting in and out of a chair transfering, she needs help walking she needs help bathing, she can sill use her hand to eat but thats not say much she only eats like 1 or 2 bites..she needs help with mother nature she is not totally blind but has to have glasses to read. Anybody know if these type letters is good evidence to submit for A&A Her Dr is just so busy he don't have time to write out all her disability's.
  9. brokensolider244th May I ask what your position is with the VA? Are you a Rookie Rater? I don't think you been with the VA that long have you? I mean I knew you talked about going to work in some of your past post here at hadit and was waiting to be hired on..I just didn't realize it was with the VA. But I wish you well with this job and we all certainly Thank you for all your information and advise , it is certainly appreciated by All us here at Hadit.
  10. The only thing is since the covid-19 the VA Healthcare as taken a back seat to the healthcare of many veterans. Example I need to see the urology Clinic I had an appointment made for like 7 months out and waited for this appointment well due to the corona-virus they have canceled this appointment. For July 17 2020 I called my VA PCP she informed me that the VA was not seeing any veterans during this corona-virus and if I had an emergency and pain and it could not wait or stand the pain for me to go to the E.R. But she caution me about the Bill if the E.R. SAYS IT WAS NOT AN EMERGENCY I WOULD BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE BILL I Been doing the VVC with my VA Dr's from Feb of this year and have only went physically to the VAMC to the lab to have blood work done and pee in a cup.....after that is when I had the VVC appointments and I have these VVC with my MH Dr's but something is wrong with my private parts and I need it check out but not in any pain..its a stand off I guess?
  11. Unfortunately what you posted has no bearing on the claims process and this is what Hadit.com is all about. If I was you I would talk to my supervisor and see if he can help you on your issues with the VA Employment Criteria Accommodation for Employee's or Check with the VA HR Dept. https://www.va.gov/employee/
  12. VIETNAMFAM Do you happen to know if that Hospital was a VAMC =( Veterans Administration Medical Center) Or an US Army Base Hospital? IF IT HAS NOT BEEN TO LONG? (OVER 10 YEARS?) THEN THAT WOULD BE THE PLACE TO CHECK ON HIS MEDICAL RECORDS, ALSO, IF YOU NEVER HAVE CHECK WITH N.R.P.C, In St Louis Mo you might want to sign a FOIA and request copies from them request of all his records and make sure they send the front pages as well as the back pages and request ALL COPIES. Or Every records they have in their possession..
  13. @ brokensoldier244th Are you sure about that? VAMC only keep medical records for ten years? I thought they sent them off to be stored some place.? and veteran can call that VAMC who sent his/her medical records off and get that Address? I used the Big Spring Tx VAMC for a few years and had surgery there and moed tpo Dallas & I needed some medical records where they diagnosed me for Depression Back in the 80's at the Big Spring Tx Vamc and I called that VAMC Medical Records Manager and she told me she didn't have my medical records that they shipped them off to be stored and she didn't know where that was? Its not St Louis Mo NRPC..SO Don't have any clue where these records can be.??
  14. Ain't that the truth GB. Basically only change I can see is they went up on the DEDUCTIBLE to 18.00 & Done Away with the Kiosks Machines which to me was a lot easier than filling out the travel pay form .10-3542 which is a pain for me , my travel pay office is all the way to the front of the hospital and MH Clinic is at the rear As BTSSS goes live, the use of kiosks will be discontinued however, in person claims and hard-copy submissions are still available. For more information on BTSSS and eligibility, visit the VA Travel Pay Reimbursemen
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