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  1. If we can't inform the Dr how to write some things or word things like the VA likes the Dr won't know how to word it like >>is least likely as not or is likely as not housebound. ect,,,ect,, I just want to know if I am eligible to even file a claim for housebound back then? where or what CFR Regulations states ''Veteran that is considered TDIU P&T due to his service connected disability's that his s.c. disability is of nature and not expected to improve in Veteran life time and as no exams scheduled= >> meets the criteria for SMC S Housebound where is that
  2. dzydel, Welcome to Hadit...glad to have you brother, As for as your C&P, You been there before so Be on time, & Just be honest with the examiner if he/she ask you a question and you don't know simply say you don't know sir As for as the exam, if this examiner examines ask you to move your hand/ limbs..or he moves them for you you need to holler at the very first feel of your pain holler out loud with pain at the first start of your pain, don't let him move your limbs any further. don't be tough and take the pain the more pain and the severity of it =might
  3. J Basser & broncovet I had this in my c-file from a claim I filed back in 2015 I was granted the 70% Now Because I was already TDIU P&T Disability is of nature and not expeted to improve in my life time and no future exams scheduled I got the SMC S i Housebound. it has this in the EOBThis is what I copied from it from my c-file disk ''PERMANENT AND TOTAL (P&T) DISABILITY: The Veteran is considered by VA to be permanently and totally disabled because of his/her service-connected conditions. SPECIAL MONTHLY COMPENSATION: The Veteran is r
  4. chomperjones Good Question I would like to know this myself. You want to know if your eligible for the SMC -S 1( Special Monthly Compensation) due to your service connected disability's that you received in 2015 100% with P&T I would like to know if you are eligible from what you mention above & if you could go back to 2015 for a EED on the SMC S-1 I F Granted? Interesting question! Normally the Veteran would need his Original service connected disability or combined /disabilities to be service connected at 100% Then has another condition SEPARATE FROM HI
  5. Brokensolider244th makes some good point you ask? My questions are:1. Who's diagnosis will hold most weight? My Dentist who believes there's a link between my PTSD and Bruxism or my VA Psychiatrist who has acknowledged that theirs a link? both the Dentist and your Psychiatrist 2. Will I be ok with just their opinions on treatment notes or should I seek out formal letters with their rationale for linking the two conditions? Like GB Army mention above the more evidence the better but these two Dr's Should be ok as brokensolider 244th mention above 3. Would I be ok with
  6. Wanderer, Go to the top of the page and click on your screen name then go to settings then go to notification settings a scroll on down you will see this (Let this browser alert me when I receive a notification) ...click the little box and it will check it and you will received notifications. from post you want but its not an email. you can also follow a post if you want to know what's happening in that post ect,,,,ect,,,
  7. Roger that El I believe your correct. and that's what I was thinking.
  8. Oh That's Fine GB No problem, this is just my opinion, a lot of Veterans can't afford these type Dr.s They are other Dr's that are Veteran friendly and could use them if the VA Dr's are no help. Veterans or their spouse just need to call around local and get a Veteran friendly Dr' and if/when they do find a Veteran friendly Doc, the Dr will listen and what they need to do and say in their report after they have examine them and read their pertinent records to what he is claiming and just let the Dr know how to use the VA ENGLISH...WHEN I ASK THIS DR TO DO THAT HE SAID HEY i CAN D
  9. Well I am not sure what all they rated him for with the TBI ? BUT it was included in his PTSD Claim the reason he got the P&T He is filing for all his other conditions that was caused while he was in the military He filed his PTSD/TBI CLAIMS right after he got out. All his medical was reported I had told him to report any injury's he had while he was in and he did just that. I let him know about the VA Hamster Wheel. so he has all his STR s and they are well documented. he was a E -5 combat Medic SPECIALIST 5
  10. I was hoping pacmanx1 would comment on theses post, might save this Veteran a lot of $$$. If he uses Dr Bash he may need to bring his Bank with him and if he uses Dr Ellis maybe half his Bank..... Now don't get me wrong here these Dr.s mention are fine Dr.s and can write up a great IMO but they are expensive and if he don't need to use these Dr's and can work with the VA Dr's it all free is my point but if he can afford these Dr.s then go for it. I used them (VA Dr.s) on my PTSD Claim but had to get a IMO for my hearing loss and tinnitus Claims. you got to
  11. Well my grandson has 3 claims in now waiting ? one of those claims is the Sleep Apnea and the other claims are other issues from his Back he hurt his Back and shoulder by getting blown out by RSB, He has some medical problems cause by that I had him to file on them or anything else that may have caused him some medical problems, he can't do any heavy lifting work , he Graduated From Texas Tech in Lubbock Tx and may be able to do some type of office job but sitting long periods of time causes him to have cramps in his back and shoulder so that's why he applied these claims.
  12. Well they check Us Vietnam Veterans out on these types of physicals and they do look for ALL A.O. Conditions that is on the A.O. List in-country as well as Blue Water Navy , THIS IS WHY THEY HAVE THE VIETNAM VETERANS A.O. REGESTAR if the Dr.'s finds anything the Veteran has on the A.O. List it is recorded and makes the claims process a lot easier and hopefully Save the Veterans from having to get an expensive IMO/IME.
  13. My Grandson was granted 100% W/P&T FOR PTSD AND TBI . HE IS JUST 28 YEARS OLD BUT THEY NEVER GRANTED THE SMC S1 he is currently working on a sleep apnea claim secondary to his MH Diagnose service connected 100% PTSD But if he just gets a 50% for the sleep apnea he may fall short of the SMC-S1? We' will see?
  14. I agree with broncovet hadit has helped us ALL and some have even went on to be attorney's and VA Accredit VA Claims Agent's We All Owe this wonderful site a great deal of gratitude to Ms T Bird ( Theresa Aldridge) And long time elder hadit member (Ms Berta) Jan 2021 will be hadits 24th Anniversary and most likely over a Million Veterans have won their deserved benefits here. We all can't Thank Ms TBird enough for putting this site on the internet. Its a God Send to all of us Veterans and Veteran widows. Please pass the hadit cards around to your fellow Veterans
  15. Congratulation GB Army wow 5 claims approved hopefully this will put you up to the 100% scheduler and possibly P&T Great News to see buddy. WTG.
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