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  1. you can read CFR 38 3.340 Criteria About P&T and IU Also you can request you be given P&T if you meet the criteria and P&T has not been inferred to you?...especially if your disability is not expected to improve within your life time.
  2. I believe to be come 100% With a lesser rating of 94.5 but is inferred the P&T it depends on the veterans disability's, If that happens such as in this case he will be consider 100% a veteran can be P&T under the 100% but its a special circumstance rating again depending on his/her S.C. Disability's
  3. Actually My VA Audiologist filed a claim for increase he seen I was s.c. for hearing loss but at 0% so I guess he put in the increase for me? I never did . only I had Appeal the 0% so I guess the VA Audiologist the guy who tested my hearing and word discrimination test did it.....I was increase form 0% to 50% I had Appeal the 0% .....so yeah if you get a good friendly caring VA Doc they can put in for your increase if you meet the increase criteria.
  4. They mention you was P&T so that automatically makes you 100% IFthey figure all these combined rating at 93% but also made you P&T because all these disabilitys made you P&T then in my opinion you are 100% it should give your final degree rating on e benefits and it should say your 100% although your combined ratings are at 93% you might even check to see if you quailfy for the SMC S?? DEPENDS ON YOUR DISABILITY'S Usually when a veteran has a combined rating but does not reach the 100% they infer the TDIU P&T, but actually in your case they gave you the P& T and with P&T COMES A 100% RATING.
  5. Yes it is , they want to know where you been getting treatment private or VA? if VA you can check with Myhealthvet notes and copy any treatment notes that is beneficial to your claim hi-lite the parts you want them to read. Any VA Doc's from MH Clinic and L.C.S.W. Therapist is good evidence to submit if favorable on your part. Also add the medication they prescribe you for PTSD and any sleep disturbance the med's may have caused you and you were prescribe a C-PAP....If not then don't mention the latter
  6. You Need to get on this ASAP if the VA over pays you they certainly will ask for it all back. Put all your S.C. Ratings on here that they awarded you including any 0% Service connected ratings.
  7. Note: Although I want to welcome you to hadit,and please ask questions as many as you like or need. Please know that they are some other great members as well other than the ones bronocovet mention, this site has a boo-coo's of great members that volunteer their time/research help Veterans ,taking away time from their family's to help all Veterans with claims or VA Related Issues all our help advise /infor is free. just to mention a few members that I personally think does a great job Are Tbird, Vetquets, Vync, Hamslice, doc 25,, paulstrgn, Oceanbound, john999, Jbasser, retiredat44, ToddG, Jfrei jfrei (is a TBI Veteran also) so we have some great folks here to help out and were glad they devote their time here. You may find some information Ms T bird as posted on the side of the postings...you may find something there that you may need for your claim. use this site to help you and your family win your claim. Again Welcome to Hadit and don't be a stranger. Regards Buck52
  8. Favorable that a decision is on its way. As long as it take the VA to render a correct decision I would say that's emergency enough.
  9. As long as you were in country where the herbicide A.O. was sprayed Vietnam but I am not sure about The Gulf Wars? however as broncovet mention ''If VA failed to rate you for Lupus and you qualify with the requisite service (VN, gulf war, etc), then its clear error for VA to not consider your presumptive.''
  10. Just a Side Note I would sure call around for a IMO/IME and see what you can find. Nothing personal against Dr C Bash He is very good Dr and helps a lot of Veterans but in my opinion he is just to expensive . However its the Veterans Choice.
  11. ToddG Hopefully the BBE will have exactly what you want in it. Just have a Plan B ready in case it don't , but it sounds favorable to me.
  12. They denied you the SECONDARY S.A. (OSA)Based on PTSD ,they never said you had a Dr Opinion that a C-pap was not medically necessary? Although you were prescribe a C-pap. when your C&P Examiner said Quote'' ''He said a C-Pap is the correct prescription for OSA and it was medically necessary.'' you can CUE this because it will change the out come of the decision.
  13. check with the DAV /VSO Office at the VA Hospital(if there there) ? or check with your county Veteran service officer in your state. If you have no proof of in service connection..your claim will be denied. you need medical documentation from in service or maybe a medical procedure the VA OR THE MILITARY performed on you to make your infertility Sterile or something close to this.
  14. Well first thing is file the claim (21-526ez) how ever you may want to ask your VSO since the VA is Changing things up since Feb 19th 2019. THEY MAYBE A NEW FILING FORM? I am not sure if they have a new filing form or not? OR If so you need the correct filing form other wise VA will kick it back. You need 3 things for sure 1. Current Diagnose (no Dx no service connection) 2. In-service event or Aggravation. 3. Nuxus, Cause or Effect of the condition or a Qualified Dr statement that the Veteran current diagnose is least likely due to the event he/she suffered while in the military.
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