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  1. Iam getting forgetful in my older age...I had a dispute with a fellow Vet today at my Vet Center...I said send it to The Janesville Claims Intake Center...he says send it to your R.O. I guess were both correct but since the enactment of the Claims Intake Center...Everything goes through them and they send or place the records /correspondence where they need to be. jmo Anyone?
  2. Roger That. Remember in a therapy session we can talk about anything we want to talk about . if you find things that help your PTSD/anxiety Share it with your therapist and be sure to let him know that if you don't do it or do the things that you have learned along the way to make you cope better your anxiety will go through the rough...my therapist says I tend to mask mine feelings of reality by going to my room to Isolate my self when I have panic attacks. He says I am judging people and know what their thinking...I said I don't know what their thinking its what I'm thinking eh!!! I do understand when he says I'm making things worse on my self to go to my room when I have panic attacks...maybe so but its what helps me.
  3. Ok Where do we send the 21-4140-1 Unemployment Questioner? 1. Your local R.O.??? Or 2. Dept of Veterans Affairs (Claims Intake Center) Janesville Wi.?? Or both to be sure? and with return receipt. Could send it via e benefits but it also could be lost.
  4. C P Rectal Exam?

    sarman you should have complied with the C&P Examiner (jmo) I can't say what your rating may end up ? but it don't make you look good as for as an examination to deny the examination.....unless this examiner was not qualified? if that is your reason to deny the rectal examination then report that to the C&P Cheif.
  5. Conflict yes or no

    I think with SSDI Depends on the disability. Example: a veteran with hearing impairment that is rated by the VA for S.C. at a higher rating ....> say 50% or higher with VA Criteria & that's almost deaf . With SSDI that rating may not meet the SSDI Guidelines for total disability. if you have a 50% loss of hearing According to the hearing charts/graphs, that means your darn near deaf, well I suppose with SSDI you need to be totally deaf by there criteria.
  6. kent A LCSW/ therapist is not qualified to Diagnose DEM-5 PTSD A LICENSE/CERTIFIED PSYCHIATRIST or Medical Dr trained and certified in this field of medicine & employed by the VA has that responsibility to make a Diagnose for DSM-5 PTSD
  7. jfrei Check the EOB on e-benefits they break it down on what you are rated for per each S.C. Disability # % & location they occurred/happen. I'd say if there's no mention about your IU Then consider that Moot.
  8. My 2 cents I think the Therapist get a BONUS for every veteran they say that has improved its a ...kind of a feather in there cap..so to speak OK, R.O. Reads these notes on occasion and sends the proposal to reduce.. If you tell the therapist nothing seems to help you get better '' other than the medications'' for help with sleep & NM's and night sweats ect,,ect,,, ( hell why not they knock us out) anyway just tell your therapist what he says to try...> don't work. The therapist should try other ways to help you cope & explain things better , this cognitive therapy don't seem to help me at all. Beings I don't like to be around others group therapy is not for me..I do better one on one. My therapist he ask me to try to forgive myself and when I do that I'll get better...what do I forgive my self for? I ask God Almighty to forgive my sins and that's about all and of course other love ones around me for making there life miserable. If a Veteran has any common sense at all he can cope and get by the best way he can..I Isolate my self and don't like to be around anyone or socialize or what ever but the Isolation seems to help me...well my therapist says not a good Ideal to do that it only makes things worse..I disagree with him. I just don't tell him that, those LCSW have spent a lot of hours in classes about making the mind better that they try to instill in veterans and I'd say 80% of us that have at least a 50/100% will not get any better but we can learn to cope. As long as I don't hurt anyone or myself I see nothing wrong with that...a veteran needs to do what helps him cope and get by in life. I don't think they will ever find a cure for PTSD once you are traumatized victimized your screwed up in the head for life. jmo
  9. Thanks Vync I read the MyhealthVet notes today and he never mentionI showed improvement that was what I was going to complain about but he never said that. he said something about that I need to forgive myself and open up I ask him what do I forgive my self for? Anyway way I'll see what happens this week when I go back...I try to do the things he says but there not working for me so I basically never get out in public..my anxiety come son fast ...and so I avoid the wonders. he says I should face them head on.
  10. Seems to me that MhealthVet is better now with the new change More faster and better to maneuver around in.
  11. VA Releases # suicide rate by state. https://www.va.gov/opa/pressrel/pressrelease.cfm?id=2951
  12. Roger That John 999 & Mr. A Is it true if they (LCSW's) reports improvement in the Vets PTSD they will file a report to R.O. and R.O.sends me a Proposal to Reduce my S.C. 70% PTSD? & the LCSW will get a feather in his hat and maybe a BONUS? If this is true then I feel thats all the LCSW is After. and I'll be uncomfortable going to him. I Might see if I can get Female Therapist,? not sure this will help me??? he is the only male therapist and the rest are female. At my VMC Veterans seem to be ok with the female Therapist LCSW.s I don't do good in group meetings...just one on one. This guy just don't seem to understand and all he wants is for me to say his therapy sessions are working I have have shown Improvement..which I still feel the same as the first day I started treatment with this LCSW - S-3 Over two years ago going once a week at 90 minutes per session. (never missing a session.) I am going to see what he put in the Progress Notes Off myHealthvet tomorrow they should be posted by then ...since I just seen him Thursday! Thanks guys
  13. Well I try my best to forget Vietnam and for the most part I do pretty good, I continue to have the N.M.'s & Sweats. He said I judge others and my way of thinking is just thoughts not facts...wtf? Anyway thank you all for your suggestions I'll keep on going the therapy and may ask for a different therapist.
  14. Next time you have a session with him/her ask them about what he said in the notes ...make some copies of the notes and take them with you and ask him to make an Andrum/Admendment and make it correct. Do this is a nice appropriate way. Remember once any thing is added into Record it will always be there they can't delete anything on record but they can make an amendment to it for corrections and the old notes will be moot. if he/she says no then go see your Patient Advocate .
  15. As any one of you that has PTSD w (Social Anxiety ) ever had problems with your VA LC.S.W Therapist? He mention to me that he has seen an improvement with me and I feel I have not improved as he says, (JUST ASK MY SPOUSE) I still have high anxiety and at times its through the roof, I did mention to him that I have to force myself to be sociable even around family,and that's very hard to do for the ones that know what I mean here. Well I told him yesterday I try to calm down & make my self calm when I feel the anxiety coming on and start to breath out as he has mention to me that does help some but it don't keep the anxiety from starting up...I've told him that time and time again. but since I told him I try to keep my anxiety from going to far he said that was an improvement...I think other wise....I still have panic Attacks that is very hard on me and I can't make him see this. I make my self miserable trying to keep my anxiety down and I should not have to do that...why am I in therapy? if I have to make my self flat out miserable trying to control the anxiety. He is so happy to tell me I have improved from me saying to him I try hard to stop the anxiety when I feel it coming on and some times I can't its to over whelming. Although he gives examples as for what I am suppose to try at home but none has worked for me and I can't get that through his thick skull I still take all the meds that the MH Phyistrist prescribes. Anyone ever had this type problem with your VA L.C.S.W.? if so what did you do?