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  1. I would say its just a matter who the VA Believes? the VA Dr or the Private Dr? what helps in this case is if you use a certified specialist and he goes into more details about your disability your claiming and this Dr has the experience and credentials to prove what he says. I still think this will trigger another C&P but maybe not when a specialist gives his impression in full detail & has examined you read your pertinent medical records to compare to the worsening of the disability from dates to present.
  2. If you were denied on your claim or claims they should have included a NOD form? 21-0958 I would send the RO a nice letter short and sweet for the Hearing that you requested in your NOD on date **/*/****and its been 17 months and not heard back from them? Usually after you send your NOD & Request a DRO Hearing then they send you a letter within 30 days letting you know your request was approved and the date and time for your hearing and you have 30 days to respond. if you did not respond? the Hearing is canceled. you should have the right to a DRO Hearing at your R.O. for a decision on your claim or all 5 claims before you have to go to the BVA It's faster and better to get a Decision at the R.O. Level..if DRO Denies all your claims or approves a couple and denies the rest then this is when you file your 9 on the denied claims. This might have Changed ?? if it did I am not aware of it.
  3. Roger that Buddy Mine says 100% final degree and nothing about IU They included educations Allowances and post 911 GI Bill however it says on e benefits ''Disability's all listed and what the disabiluty is but still no mention of IU with P&T only the 90%combined rating and all my other ratings which only comes out to 190% in VA Math with two SMC's. I need to file another claim for Sleep Apnea Secondary to PTSD Medications but don't won't the headache fighting with them...I am ok with what I get. the MH Doc contacted the sleep clinic a couple years ago and they could not get me in so they choice me out to a private sleep study and diagnose me with mild Sleep Apnea and have me on the old C-PAP Machine. I can't get a VA Doc to fill out a DBQ for secondary /Related to my PTSD Meds And I can't afford an IMO as most Veterans can't.
  4. smc math

    John999 you should see a cardiologist at least once a year...next time you do see one ask him if you have CAD? I need to see one myself but usually they want me to do the treadmill or use the Nuclear Testing but last time my cardiologist don't like to use the Nuclear Test she said it was not that Accurate so she uses the old dreaded treadmill and I am overweight and can't do the Mill...so I am order to loose weight but so for not much luck with that. I did the VA M.O.V.E. program a couple years ago for 17 weeks ...lost maybe a couple pounds. I probably have CAD so I take a couple 73mg aspirin daily.
  5. These rates above do not include any special monthly compensation or special pay rates. it gets complicated with the adjustments if you have to figure years and years of retro? ..its best to check with a veteran service rep that has experience with retro payments...just ask them if they can help you and also make sure they have the experience to do so? so you won't get cheated out of the retro or get to much...if you get to much you will have to pay every penny back to the VA.
  6. You need to know what each of the disability's percentages are? and the dates awarded. Look on e benefits ''Disability's'' and it should show the percentages or check the Award letter and the dates. Also you need to go by the historic percentages at that time the rating was given that is called Historic Percentages. The percentage's change and also COLA is Added in but lately we have not had a COLA lately. check these historic rates from 1974 to 2004..if its after that I'll see if I can find the present rates. https://www.hadit.com/vaclaimslibrary/compensation/comprateshistorical.htm
  7. ''My is just a regular DRO review. I don't think you can even request a hearing any more.'' Rootbeer112 why do you think this? who told you that? or did you read it in the Regs some where? if if its in the Regulations please put them on here.
  8. Usually in most cases for increase a DBQ will trigger a C&P...You should be getting the letter any day now don't worry C&P Exams are good especially if you have a favorable DBQ ...> Beware the examiner may examine your ROM jfrei, how do you know that your at 100% scheduler? what % & did they assign for the Adjustment Disorder? As for as I know the only way to get the SMC Is have a 100% S.C. Rating and another separate & distinct S.C. rating at 60% or higher. Unless you got the SMC WITH THE 90% I.U. & they assign the SMC S because of the severity of one of your S.C. Disabilitys? With Exception of the SMC-K for E.D. that SMC is only service connected at 0% but paid an additional 103 month on top of your other ratings.
  9. DRO Reviews/Hearings are Good & Bad for some veterans, I suppose Gastone and I had good DRO Reviews/Hearings formal or non- formal. Mine was non-formal. The DRO had my VSO expedite everything that day. After the Hearing was over I was sitting in a small office (the VSO office) he was in another room making copies and running all over the place the door was open and the DRO Peek his head in and gave me a Thumbs up..what a Relief that feeling was. I think we just Lucked out because there some DRO's that are useless Not actually listen or read the evidence and just stamp that denial on...needless to say when this happens it puts the veteran on a long appeal list so if you get a DRO Review/Hearing try your damest to get your claim solve then.
  10. I agree with Gastone I even had a DRO tell me that if a vet don't know the proper form # of the NOD as long as the veteran writes his RO and request the DRO Hearing in writing its good and if need be can be used as proper evidence at the BVA if need be. ( get return mail receipt) on everything that you send the VA & that they sign for it. The R.O. needs every request in writing use of the correct forms are good but some times a vet that lives out in the boonies and has no internet its hard for them to get the proper forms # I once lived out in the middle of no where land and could not get internet but that's been 20 years ago.
  11. If your clear on the EED and know all the percentages of the disability's just look up the pay rate for all the different disability's and the Award date and figure them that way go from the Award Date to the present do each disability separate and you should be pretty close. Now what makes it hard is if any of these disability's have been paid monthly and an increase is involved then Adjustments must be figured in and subtracted from what has been paid and the new percentage figured in its complicated with Adjustments.
  12. TDIU granted, but also PERMANENT?

    the SMC is the one you mention here in your first post next to the last paragraph.....I don't know what the SMC Is you should know that!
  13. Well if I get hacked or hacked and they use my information to get my $$$ they be will be surprised because I don't have any. Your probably correct Johnn999
  14. TDIU granted, but also PERMANENT?

    ''I have a job, does that mean I cannot get TDIU? No. In fact, TDIU (or just “IU) benefits are available under certain situations even if you are working. However, income earned from employment must be at or below the poverty level, or from a job that is considered to be “sheltered”. These types of employment are not considered as substantially gainful employment (SGE), but rather “marginal employment”. Marginal employment is considered as “earned annual income that does not exceed the poverty threshold for one person as established by the US Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census.” For 2016, the poverty level for which a veteran must be working under was $11,880. A “sheltered” job could be something like a family business, sheltered workshop, or a position created or modified to your own needs and is considered to be marginal employment, even if that job earns an income over the current poverty amount. Sheltered employment means that you are given special treatment due to your service connected disabilities that would not normally be given to other employees. For example: a veteran with PTSD works for a family friend’s business. The family friend provides the veteran with an office and duties that only require limited interaction with other people. The veteran’s salary pays his bills, and is over the current poverty threshold. But, because the job has been created to his individual needs (limited interaction with other people), his job is considered to be sheltered, and therefore falls under “marginal employment.” The VA cannot consider this job as being SGE, and must not use it against him in determining IU status.'' Source: Jim Strickland (VA Watch Dog)
  15. TDIU granted, but also PERMANENT?

    SecurityForces03 As you posted above...not sure which SMC you have? ''You are in receipt of special monthly compensation due to the type and severity of your service-connected disabilities:Yes'' I understand the amount allowed to work and yes it matters when you have dependents added in. My point is you need to make sure your allowed to work being on TDIU P&T lOOK UP THE CFR REGS yourself & do the research. Never trust anyone at the VA to tell you the truth, simply b/c its no problem for them if they miss- inform you. (they don't pay your Bills) Ask them to send you a copy in writing that its ok for you to be working and getting TDIU P&T Phone calls will not work as evidence if you do ever get a letter of proposal to reduce.