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  1. I am thinking the way this NEW AMA Claims System is going is anybody's guess I mean look at the United States of America the state its in Today & where this Great Country is headed is anybody's guess Veterans Are slowly looked at in Congress, we are the ones that helped keep this country free ,but yet the congress people get all the glory and the $$$ Have you ever look at the Salaries these Idiots in congress Gets....its a whopping amount. yet they look down on us Veterans for trying to get our benefit's. (jmo)
  2. Roger That Believe me the Extra$$$ will definitely help out. I bet your Approved this time...think positive...
  3. Roger that. This was my first time Filing for PTSD Also, 6 years ago... but the QTC, C&P Exam was not bad at all Matter of fact she didn't know why they sent me to her ,when everything was there to read & all evidence ect,,,ect,,........I think some times they just want to send us Veterans to a C&P for a second look...if you have everything (evidence ) mostly... that's all you need its just hoping they read it or everything that they need to read. some times they don't do that and We need to Appeal like what happen to you, IF your at the BVA I'd say you have a goo
  4. Are you asking for increase for your MH? (PTSD?) My opinion is yes they will set you up for the C&P...But as broncovet mention if you have concrete evidence and they find it all has merit it just depends on the decision maker. I remember my PTSD Claim, I had all my evidence & Caluza Elments and it was all merit & sign records from VA M.H. Dr's but they sent me to a C&P Examiner Anyway. so it just depends on the decision maker in My humble opinion. As for as them sitting up the C&P after they get your claim and read all your evidence they will decide
  5. I agree...if the Attorney's And VA Claims Agent's can view the VBMS.? Why not the VETERAN. After all its the Veterans Information. We have our C-File But a lot of Records/Documents & Notes are ''unfortunately'' Missing.
  6. No Not yet Anyway... I found this if you can make heads or tails out of it. https://efiling.uscourts.cavc.gov/cmecf/servlet/TransportRoom?servlet=ShowDoc/01207157767
  7. I agree with broken solider ...if your TDIU P&T Paid at the 100% rate then your considered a 100% veteran rather or not you have a rating under the 100%, when they make you IU your paid at the 100% rate and get the same benefits as the 100%schedule Veteran...if they add the P&T then you get the extra benefits and ChampVA for spouse and educational allowances for spouse and kids. under 23. a 70% VETERAN THAT WAS GRANTED THE IU IS CONCIDERED TO BE 100% If you ever file for another condition separate from your original condition and is service connected. And a rating gi
  8. I am sure what jbasser recommends to Contact Valor 4Vet. This is is a Well Respected Dr for Veterans but they also maybe a charge ?, not sure what that charge is ? you just have to ask this Dr? but Valor 4 Vet Helps a lot of Veterans. Also You may want to check with your VA MH Dr.s. Ask them their medical opinion if your PTSD And the Medications you take for PTSD can cause or be related to OSA? ...Do not mention anything about a claim to these Dr's or you can ask you VA PCP for his medical opinion about this. They are suppose to write it down in thei
  9. It's hard to help a Veteran if he won't cooperate and give us some information believe me I have had a few Vets like that. if they won't help me help them. I ask them in a nice way to find a VSO and ask for there winning record and experience. and you decide then if you want his help.
  10. It's DIC Ms Berta She is choosing the Bank of her own choice which she said she wants to change to her Granddaughter Bank ...> My Daughter-in-Law She said being they use that Bank would make it better for her. (she is in her right mind) She lives with her (my son wife)...All her other family from Puerto Rico moved back to the USA after that bad Hurricane a couple years ago or so. This 96 year old Lady is not disabled or have any medical problems (she is physical /mentally fit) she just takes care of her self and believe it or not my son said she still does exercise
  11. If you don't know the Answer or in doubt? PM me...I'll give you the Answer to which you maybe supprised!
  12. Quick Quiz about Vet Centers Select the correct statements (you may choose more than one). (1) Vet Centers are located separately from VA medical clinics and VA outpatient clinics—they have their own buildings on different property from other VA facilities. (2) Vet Center records are kept separately from all other VA medical records. Vet Center treatment records are not in the VA's electronic medical record system. (3) Vet Centers work especially hard to recruit and retain counselors and other staff who are veterans themselves. (4) Although all Vet Center counselors ar
  13. Yeah I know they don't, but it makes it a lot easier to call his R.O. thats where most of his financial stuff is and C-file on something like this. The 1-800 guys can get his Claim# or SS# and go to the VBMS and look up any Information for them..but we all know how Intelligent these people are at the 1-800# If I need any Information I still call my R.O. but since Cocvid things have change.
  14. broncovet & pacmanx1 Well they don't have a VA.gov Account. Can they just go to the new Bank and have a new routing # From the New Bank and call the 1-800# This Lady don't know who her late Hubby V.A. R.O. is? I ask my daughter-n-law to call his R.O. And this is when she told me she don't know his R.O. Or maybe they can take her to the New Bank she chooses which I think is her Granddaughter Bank her Granddaughter is my Daughter-n-Law..so she came over to our house and ask this? but this 96 years old lady don't speak a lick of English She is in fair health and
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