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  1. GB. I would think the 15% are claims won first timers or appeal/.but 15% is not what they promised when they went over to the RAMP. So yeah its better than it was in the past but 15% better? not very good in my opinion. But then again we never will know for sure?
  2. deedub75 quoted ''The way I read it is that they will accept an evidence including outside DBQs but they will be given little to no weight.'' Actually this could be beneficial to the Veteran if they accept the DBQ AND DON'T USE THE EVIDENCE IN IT Veteran can CUE this. RULE 1403 (3)
  3. GB Army Thank you for your donation it is greatly appreciated.
  4. Note* If a veteran gets a call for a C&P Exam done over the phone be sure to ask the examiner if they got all your evidence, if he/she says yes its in the computer ask if they have what you have? in other words make darn sure they read or have all your evidence you submitted.
  5. I got a call yesterday from my MH Phyistrist because my appointment was yesterday she had called last week and mention to my spouse for me not to show up at the VAMC she will call me on the 7th at my appointment time...so she called yesterday...Ask me a few questions and that was it. she made another appointment for Aug4th hopefully this pandemic will be over by then? Some of my other speciality clinics like urology have canceled my appointments which is Urology I need bad...but this is the VAFor ya. If I get any worse with my urology problems I will seek outside care, my VA PCP informed me that (ccp) community care program has closed down due to the cocvid-19 so if any of you veteran out there get a appointment canceled and you can't wait for the healthcare go to a walk in clinic or E,R, to be seen but call the VA first and let them know they should tell you to go ahead and when you get to this private clinic or E.R. Have them to call the VA, THEY NORMALLY WOULD TO SEE IF VA PAYS. i DID THIS LAST WEEK VA SAID GO ON AHEAD AND I DID BUT MAKE SURE THE VA HAS CANCELED YOUR APPOINTMENT...NOT ALL VAMC WILL CANCEL YOUR APPOINTMENT.
  6. That's Great & Good For Him Encouraging for us younger folks.
  7. That's Great News GB,Army Congratulation. I hope this will boost you up to the 100% rating....Hotdog I moved your post over to success stories so fellow Vietnam vets will read it. Most Vietnam veterans need to see this. Way to go Buddy
  8. As a part of the opt in a veteran can go for higher level review “HLR”. The disadvantage is that no new evidence will be accepted after the opt form is submitted. If you wish to submit new evidence then you have to switch to the supplemental claim lane instead of HLR. The veteran can request an informal telephonic conference. If the veteran is unsatisfied with the HLR then they can either file a supplemental claim with new and relevant evidence or file an appeal to BVA. On the supplemental claim if a veteran wants to appeal that then they can file a HLR, file another supplemental claim with new and relevant evidence, or file appeal with BVA. WITH THIS CORVID -19 GOING AROUND ITS DIFFICULT TO GET IN TO SEE THESE PEOPLE LIKE A DRO HEARING, MAYBE THE TELEPHONIC CONFERENCE OR A VISUAL CONFERENCE
  9. broncovit has some great advice and info. As for as requesting the IU , If I was you I'd wait to see what they rated me because you may get a 100% rating on what all you have filed. especially sleep apnea secondary to your PTSD if you can get a qualified Dr to state his opinion that your sleep apnea " is at least as likely as not" was due to your (service connected) PTSD. or the medications you take for PTSD including sleep meds. another thing for sleep apnea dr would need to say your c-pap machine is medically needed for you to use. the use of a c-pap machine is automatic 50% However if your 30% currently your going to need some big percentage increases to reach the 100% so If I was you I would file on everything you can because with your ptsd rated at 30% another combined increases to even 90% would only put you up to the combined 90% so file on each and every condition you can get service connected. 30%plus 90% in va math is 94% rounded back down to the 90% also some of these meds will cause ED that is not a direct service condition but it can be filed secondary to your PTSD also they will service connect it at 0% and it pays another 138.00 month in addition to what your being paid even if you get the 100% and you may not need the TDIU ..I am only mentioning this because with TDIU you can't work, if your 100% you can work Remember both of these pay the same 100% so if your rated 100% then you can work and make extra income as with the TDIU you can't As for as an increase on your PTSD you will need a C&P Forensic exam, even if your records show you have been rated for PTSD. at 30% DO NOT MISS THIS EXAM.
  10. Does VA accept telemental1 exams conducted by private (non-VA) psychologists and psychiatrists? Many veterans, attorneys, and mental health clinicians have assumed that videoconference interviews with veterans were acceptable, provided the psychologist followed applicable state laws2 and specific requirements outlined in VBA's M21-1 Adjudication Procedures Manual.3 However, a recent VA Office of Inspector General (VAOIG) report indicated that "[t]he use of private provider telehealth examinations for rating purposes is prohibited."4 This conclusion by the VAOIG probably came as a surprise to many stakeholders because public VA guidance on this topic has been—and still is—ambiguous5 and confusing.
  11. brokensoldier244th Do you work for the VA? R.O.? if you do have you heard rumors going around that OIG- VA is prohibiting PTSD Exams done by private Dr's & via telehealth?
  12. Broncovet do you use a Res -Med? you can adjust those c pap machines but be very careful when you do we are not Dr's and if you set it at the wrong setting you may not wake up the next morning or letting a lay person set yours...its best to just take your machine in and let the Dr's set it Remember you're using the C-pap to help you sleep and stay alive..I would not make adjustments for the above reason. Most of the VA C-Pap are travel ready machines they come with a case & strap and places to put the attachments . Mine is a VA issue Res-Med And it works great at home as well if I travel to family or stay in a Motel.It also came with the case and strap..with the attachments. This Veteran should call his VAMC Director and get this worked out.
  13. pete992 I never had any luck getting a C&P Report from Myhealthvet notes. I also been thinking about sharing my records with the private Dr's makes it easier for them to read your medical records when we get to use outside care. we can do that on Myhealthevet.
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