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    Helping other Veterans and watching my grand-monsters grow up! Vietnam Veteran old Dog

    To care for him who shall
    have borne the battle
    and for his widow
    and his orphan."
    ~Abraham Lincoln

    If you smoke STOP NOW its not easy and its never to late please don't let open heart by pass surgery be a good motivator to Quit.

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  1. Buck, that is outstanding news!!! Congratulations, I feel as though you and a few other members here on had it are my family members, I couldn't be happier for you. Its well deserved and earned, Buck!! Thank you so much for updating me, I was thinking about your claim yesterday. I don't know how much I actually helped, but you and the other members have taught me a lot and I am certain I wouldn't be rated without ya'lls help. I hope to continue talking to you on had it and if you ever need help of any kind, Buck, you can pm me or call, my given name is Chenoa(pronounced shanoah), and my number is 910-978-1294. My email is floreschenoa@yahoo.com. I will help as much as i can!! Again, a big CONGRATS!!! Go, Buck!!

    1. Buck52


      Thank You flores97

       & Right back at cha,I appreciate ya...

      I'll stay on Hadit  it's basically my Hobby or Therapy...keeps me out of trouble and I learn a lot from other members, I don't think we veterans can ever learn it all  but we can learn enough  to not let the VA walk all over us:smile:

         Thanks Again


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