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  1. hBuck, just wanted to say thanks again for the great advice! I ended up going to VA urgent care last night, I DID have a uti as well as a staph infection? Not sure how I got the staph, as my house is very clean and i hardly go anywhere, so theres no telling how long I had that, they gave me antibiotics through an IV and I'm feeling much, much better! 

    1. Buck52


      That's great flores97  I'm glad you went back to the Doc  give it a few days and hopefully things will clear up...as for as the staph infections  you probably got the Germs from the VA Hospital  -Restrooms door knobs  ect,,ect,,I always use a paper towel or something to open it, I am very cautious at my VAMC.

      but you could have very well caught the infection anywhere grocery store baskets ect,,ect,,

      Main thing is get to feeling better before your Oklahoma Trip.

      I'm glad your feeling better.....  Now for me gotta get off here and head to my VAMC MH Therapist. eh!


    2. flores97


      Thanks Buck, take care and your the best!

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