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    Helping other Veterans and watching my grand-monsters grow up! Vietnam Veteran old Dog

    To care for him who shall
    have borne the battle
    and for his widow
    and his orphan."
    ~Abraham Lincoln

    If you smoke STOP NOW its not easy and its never to late please don't let open heart by pass surgery be a good motivator to Quit.

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  1.  Buck, first thanks for your service , I salute you!

    I recall years back when u first came to the forum, now your a moderator!! freakin awesome. I have been absent, awol, but im back, and will try to help best I can. Ive been thru ALOT with the VA. I learned alot too, thru walking thru the fire .   if theres a shenanigan the VA hasnt pulled on me Id love to know of it, ha . The best thing we can do to help these veterans is educate them.   These younger guys are very resourceful,  if we point them in the right direction, they know how to harvest the info very quickly, many were born with a computer in the house.  The internet is the great equalizer of modern times.   

    right now we are fighting for my wifes claim, the  RO in waco has been wiping thier arse with it for 6 years. were giving them hell though.  got in the  Ramp program, they got to it in abt 90 days, but sound like they want to deny again, last time they denied, a year went by before they even certified it, and we werent even on the docket yet to go to the BVA.   C&P tommorow, wish us luck. God bless ya man.  thanks for doing what you do.

    keep on keepin on Sarge . 63 out.

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