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  1. Good afternoon Buck52

     So as you and most heard yesterday my 3-4 year nod higher level review DRO just got done and finally I am service connected for my ankles 10% each Bilaterally Great thing ?bad thing is still at 80% so no back pay but the DRO DID NOT approve my neck and left shoulder which i have a DBQ done by a chiropractor that shows these issues as secondaries and a cyst in shoulder dro said was positive in my favor but the chiro did not write a MO so what do I do now? Ive been sitting limbo waiting for this to get done still have denials on knees and hips aswell any advice?   

    1. Buck52


      If you have recieved the DRO SOC (statement of Case) You can NOD to the BVA on form 9

      I am not familiar with your case,  but if you been denied at the DRO Hearing or Review  and you have evidence to show your conditions have worsen  then Appeal to the BVA .

      You have a 60 day window to file after you receive the SOC from the DRO.

      Look on your Denial and read what the reason and bases they made their decision.?

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