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  1. Again we are told by Tbird  to put members on our Ignore list-

    That means members  can give inaccurate advice here that we are supposed to ignore.

    Much -but not all, of my evidence for my OGC complaint on Alex, is from hadit, and I have hard copy and direct links to it here. I am preparing  the complaint as a legal brief.

    No rush because VA Central Office is still dealing with the Covid issue-and unavailable per OGC to accept snail mail, which I prefer over email  to them with pdfs.

    And I included the post here whereby Alex threatened to take legal action against me... what a laugh- I LOVE Litigation! But it shows how he tries to bully people ,when his advice is wrong.

    It has occurred to me that the OGC might be alarmed at the way we are treated, here,  when we correct bad advice, not substantiated by established VA case law.

    To ignore bad info---- means hadit condones the erroneous info.

    To correct bad information -----means we are chastised.

    I wonder what the OGC will think of this web site,after reading the way I and Broncovet had been treated, not to mention the two very good members we lost due to Alex Graham.

    My future at hadit will depend on the results of my OGC complaint.

    I am hoping for a public apology here from Asknod  to this site

    -and a promise from him to try to understand the difference between BVA CUE and RO CUE,and  the fact that one can file a CUE on a recent decision, from the VARO,

    and possibly a donation to the site ( I have church business and can possibly access Pacer today, to confirm the 8 thousand dollar donation he made to WWP, when they sued him.If have statements from him on that and from others but I want to find more proof, as I have only part of the consent order from USDC.

    If not today, no rush, as I understand he himself accused others of giving bad advice here recently and I have to find that thread.

    Also the OGC will not take kindly the fact that he called a DRO from Mississippi VARO a "Bitch" but that is from his web site site, linked to hadit.

    Alex should be very concerned about this complaint - but I think hadit should be concerned as well.

    I have said here before that we get bad advice as it is from those lousy vet reps, and even from RO's who manipulate the regulations that control them and us, as claimants.Even vet lawyers sometimes give poor advice.And None of us know it all.

    We can control the VA with their own regulations.

    But allowing erroneous information to be published here without being allowed to correct it, or if we do correct it- we get a lot of crap when we try-(I had some serious incidents like that here, over the past 20 plus years )

    falls Very  negatively on the purpose of hadit....to give claimants the Best advice we can give them.











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