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  1. Hi Buck52.

    wondering if you can advise? I’m presently at 100% metastatic prostrate cancer, still going through treatment, which my last another 5 months. This was awarded as blue water agent orange. In the last week I have been diagnosed with kidney cancer and my kidney must be removed ASAP. This I’ve noticed is on the presumptive condition for water contamination while stationed at camp Lejeune. How do I do this in filing a claim, with one already being paid. American Legions here are closed most of the time so getting help from them is difficult. Thanks

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    2. broncovet


      I agree with Buck.  File because prostate cancer is notoriously reduced after a year or so.  

    3. Aviationtech


      Thanks everyone for the advise. I will be filing. But looks like  from the cat scans it has not metastasized. So should I still file for expedited claim?

    4. GBArmy


      In that case, probably just make a statement that because of his ongoing health issues from the contaminated water at Camp LeJeune etc, his health is not good. They don't have to react to it, but they are human and it may make a difference in moving it along.

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