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  1. Hello Everyone Just thought I'd give y'all an update on my wife health. She seen the surgeon yesterday, her recommendation was to have another drain tube installed to help the other two that she has now,(to help speed up the draining of the infection) although she said the drain lines are doing what they are supposed to do , its a slow slow process draining out the gangrene infection and its still has to much infection to do the surgery, it needs to drain out more. so she was placed on a low fat diet (she can eat real food now) unless it hurts her lower stomach /gallbladder area) the antibiotics are working but like the Dr said its a slow process due to the gangrene infection and its in her blood system ,so they rely on the antibiotics for that...and the drain tubes. she is talking now and recognizes people and still in her right mind thank God, So after yesterday seeing the surgeon the Dr said she was slowly showing improvement but she wants to keep her in the Hospital for the care she been getting and add that extra drain tube and will see how she is in 2 more weeks. (the Doctors and Nurses at the Hospital are wonderful we could not got any better people...so were forever thankful for them. they help her and bend over backwards and do things that is not really a part of their jobs. (God Intervention) The Dr said this might have to take another 4/5 weeks it maybe Mid September before they can do the surgery , but will try before that depends on how the infection is? Because..right now there's just to much infection to do the surgery and it has a high risk...vs taking the conserved approach which we elected to do, the Dr Agreed. I wanted to Thank Everyone each and everyone of you that sent prayers for my wife (Brenda) we both know they do work and I believe she had a miracle ...because there at one time the Dr mention to the family be prepared for the worse but now she is not having the pain she did have she still has some but she can tolerate it much better, she is able to talk and ask for things and they start rehab on her today, she has not got up out that bed now going on 4 weeks straight,,she to weak to walk but there going to work on that. I feel so much better now and need to take care of some business and pick up around the house , my son and daughter law has been bringing me over a plate of food in the evenings. So please keep those prayers coming she is not out of the woods just yet..... God Is Good Everyone. We both Thank all of you for your prayers and compassion, we won't never forget that. I will return to hadit as soon as I can,,,I need to work on a CUE for EED myself...after an audit letter was sent to me and they could not go back to the dates I requested back to 1998 to present) said they don't have the records that go back that far.(1998).which is a blatant lie I have them in my C-file back to 1998..in turn they said I was not due any retro and the retro that was paid to me was correct. its not correct and now have to file a CUE. I am not so sure we can appeal an audit of our claims? God Bless Everyone here on Hadit and your Family's. Stay Safe and Well Everyone. Buck & Brenda
  2. Hello Everyone I know this is not the forum to add this post and not take away from any other post, I just wanted to thank Everyone for the well wishes and compassion and prayers, they do work, My wife condition is finally improving, after tons of Morphine and other knock out drug's to help control her excruciating Pain for 10 days straight 24x7..due to a Ruptured Gallbladder infection (GAN-GRENE and Gan-Grene II set in it also had leaked outside her gallbladder into her bloodstream so they had to combat that with antibiotics also... and she had a hard time with it , they inserted two tubes into the bladder one on each side and are currently draining the infection out into bags ..its a slow process , she had the tubes in now for 8 days and could take up to another 8 days to drain ALL THE INFECTION OUT, She been in the Hospital Now 2 full weeks, the pain she had from her gallbladder caused her heart area to have pain, so they did a heart catheter and look around the heart , cardiologist said it looked like she had a ''light'' Heart Attack but no damage was done she does have one ariterie stopped up 99% but the other arteries are doing ok... So now they are needing to get that infection drained from her gallbladder to be able to remove her gallbladder..so were hopeful for a surgery date? but its risky surgery due to her already triple bypass heart surgery from 2005, and recent neck and back surgerys. but this is no choice the damaged gallbladder needs to be removed...and were awaiting a surgery date for that until then she will remain in the hospital ..she has not eat in like 3 weeks now they fed her Intravenously via IV's and 3 different Antibiotics, she had a rough time there for the last 2 weeks, due to other complications to many to mention here, but today she was sitting up and was able to speak and lift her arms up a little bit she can suck out of a straw and she is getting broth and jello, for now, and her pain is now under control....where before she was in excruciating Pain and was awful to witness and watch her......nothing anyone could do the D's did all they could... So Were hopeful she will pull through this sad time in our lives. We thank everyone here for your prayers and compassion, I will update in about a week and hopefully she is recovering from gallbladder surgery. Again Thanks Everyone here on Hadit...this is our second little family. Hope there were some claims won these last two weeks if so a Big Congratulation to these Men and Women Veterans and a Big Thank you to all you Hadit members. Buck
  3. Thanks Everyone you guys are Awesome. My wife name is Brenda Gail a country girl. She has to have gallbladder surgery due to her gallbladder has ruptured , she is in to MUCH with pain for them to just do surgery on her gallbladder and due to her heart attact although they said it was a light one the pain she had from her back surgery/Neck radiated to the front of her chest, they did a heart catheter and look inside around her heart and seen the by pass she had one artery fully blocked but the cardiologist said he can give her medicine for that the other two arteries that were by passed in 2005 look good and still holding up good, The problem is that we have to make a decision A MAJOR decision...my spouse needs to gain her strength back and get her pain back under control at least tolerate it. like it is now she is in chronic pain 24X7 and due to she already had the by TRIPLE HEART BY pass the surgeon that will do the surgery to remove her ruptured gallbladder mention she could have a Major Heart Attack and it most likely will be fatal... so we need to make this decision tomorrow 7/8/21 ...if we say take her gall bladder out then they will scheduled the date. but there going to try one more thing that will give her 6 weeks...to make the decision to take out her gall bladder. They put a tube into her side right side and it has a hollow hollow needle and a pump on the outside by her side it sucks up the infection in he gall bladder. she had this in tube in now 2 days and its not working to good or as good as it needs to, be she still in a lot of pain due to the gallbladder swollen ..there going to place another tube on her other side and make it reach at a different angle and hopefully will suck out the rest of the vile/infection... if this works she can be on these tubes 6 weeks and by then her body should be calm down enough to have her gallbladder removed and we have to worry rather or not she will have a Major Heart Attact...it will be in Gods Hands on this gallbladder surgery. They told us to prepare for the worst my 2 sons are beside themselves and totally worried..as well as I. Thank you all for the well wishes and most importantly thank you all for the prayers . God Hears these prayers for my wife..and all I can do is Pray and place this in Gods hands. We just celebrated (kinda ) our 48th wedding Anniversary back in April. I can say we never fought but we have shouted at each other but neither one of us has so much raised a finger at one another actually my wife has kept this marriage together all these years not that I am mean or abusive but she did almost everything in this family from working having my children taking them to the baby sitter while we worked and doing laundry putting the good meals on the table and never once complained she just run the house hold , I had a easy life with her...she is my best friend and she will always be no matter this out come of this. she knew me well Everyone that met her loved her, she has a great out going personality and loved to cut up with people and laughter is the best medicine to help a sad person she use to say. She never met a stranger..she is the one that got up at bingo to get us a Hamburger SHE WAS THE ONE THAT STOOD INLINE TO GET OUR BINGO CARDS she is the one that always has did things without gripping, maybe I should have did more than i did all these years. she was not shy like me..and she never once complained even when she never felt bad she kept on going all these 48 years.,never once complained or Nag.nerver was jealous ...like I was with her when we first got married I was 21 she was 18 just out of high school. she waited on me until I got back from Nam and out of the military. I love her more than anything. Sorry for the long post just somewhat upset confused and feel so unrest. Again Thank you all for the well wishes and your prayers they mean a lot to the both of us. Buck
  4. Thank You All for the well wishes and your compassion. It is greatly appreciated by me and my spouse. She is doing so-so still in hospital, she got over the her heart attact thank God, (said she had a light one...it was due to her intense chronic pain in her back it radiated around to her chest and like the cardiologist mention it interrupted her heart but no serious damage was done (Thank God) After a Heart catheter procedure was done. Now she has a ruptured GallBladder, Causing he rmore intense chronic execrating pain, & due to her heart complications they can't do surgery on her GallBladder or remove it , so there going to insert a tube through in her side into the gallbladder and remove (pump the the infection out hopefully) I came home finally got me some rest, fixing to go back up the the hospital, . Thank you all so much for the prayers and well wishes that certainly helps matters at hand Its was heartwarming reading all you guys post and I consider all you guys a part of my little family. After today we will know more about my wife well being and care hopefully this last procedure will work and let her come home. Thanks Again Everyone. God Bless You All Buck
  5. Thanks pacmanx1 Thats good to know, I been dealing with my R.O. here lately.
  7. I WOULD SAY 70% , DID HE CHECK THE BOX THAT SAYS Total occupational and social impairment, due to such symptoms as: gross impairment in thought processes or communication; persistent delusions or hallucinations; grossly inappropriate behavior; persistent danger of hurting self or others; intermittent inability to perform activities of daily living (including maintenance of minimal personal hygiene); disorientation to time or place; memory loss for names of close relatives, own occupation, or own name. IF THE EXAMINER CHECKED THIS ABOVE YOU SHOULD GET A 100% RATING
  8. Thanks Guys I appreciate your response and advise , I may file for it see what they say? can't hurt anything.
  9. sorry to keep asking these questions but my spouse needs a walk in tub and so do I, I am not service connected for anything that would require me to meet the criteria for a GRANT=SAH- HISA BUT WE BOTH SURE COULD USE ONE....IF WE HAD ONE I'D BE TAKING MORE BATHS THAN I DO..AND I KNOW AT TIMES I HAVE BODY ORDOR...WHICH SUCKS FROM THE LOOKS I GET AT THE GROCERY STORE. just getting older and more unsteady ect,,ect,, Even though I AM NOT SERVICE CONNECTED FOR THE CRITERIA, HOWEVER IT SAYS FOR Veterans with conditions not connected to military service and aging veterans too and it covers for home improvement and modifications that are seen important for a better quality of life Does the VA pay for Walk in tubs? For those situations, the US Department of Veterans Affairs offers some grants and aids for financial assistance, and that can be used for the purchase and installation of the walk-in tub. The Veteran Affairs offers three different house modification grants for disabled veterans: they are SAH-Specially Adapted Housing, SHA-Special Home Adaptation, and HISA-Home improvements and structural alterations. These grants provide assistance that can be used for the purchase and installation of a walk-in tub and the HISA grant it’s the one that probably will help with the purchase and installation because it helps veterans with disabilities not connected to military service. Veterans with conditions not connected to military service and aging veterans too and it covers for home improvement and modifications that are seen important for a better quality of life. Anyway we both could use the walk -in Tub especially my wife but I could benefit from it to I can't take baths can't get out of the tub and showers I have trouble getting out and almost fall every time I step out. this walk in tub we sure could use anyone know if I have a fairly good chance of getting the VA to help us again? my spouse was approved for the A&A Program its 160.89 extra a month and it helps out, but I have problems helping my spouse in- out of the bathtub.. We have handy-cap bars but we still have problems getting out of the tub slipping mostly. ONE FALL AND MY WIFE MOST LIKELY WON'T MAKE IT. DUE TO HER SPINENAL STENOSIS she has in the past fell out of the bathtub broke leg about 5 years ago also she fell about two years ago broke her hip. I'll be 70 my birthday and wife is 68 SO Anyone know if we have a chance the VA will help? Getting old is hell but it sure makes ya Appreciate Life.
  10. You will need a Dr to help you, what is going to hurt you get service connected for head trauma or TBI is this statement '' ( I fractured skull prior to military),They will more than likely use this against you in trying to service connect the TBI. HOPEFULLY I AM WRONG, However TBI can cause numerous of other disabling medical conditions to arise later on in life.
  11. Just to had Remember no two hearing loss test will be the same its always going to be different numbers and you may need to to take more than one hearing loss test. of course use the test that shows your hearing loss is greater as long as the Audiologist is state License and certified and use the VA Criteria guidelines. and use the words'' is likely as not'' your bilateral hearing loss is military related. you can also write out your lay statement describing the loud noise you were around while in the military....do a little reading about what causes or is related to noise induced hearing loss. but when you do always state although I am not a Dr but I did read in the AMJ (American Medical Home Journal ) ect,,,,ect,,,what causes are and is related to noise induced hearing loss....it can help but much better coming from a qualified Dr. prefer a specialist in this field of medicine ( ENT Pediatric &Adults Board Certified Otolaryngology. )
  12. I totally agree with GB Army, if you have hearing loss keep on trying to service connect it once its service connected and you file for increase using a private ENT &state certified Audiologist they need to go by the VA Guidelines for the hearing test and use the CNC Maryland word test , and make sure you get a Veteran friendly ENT...Ask if they help Veterans? let them know what you need. always mention your tinnitus to these Dr's..YOU MAY NEED TO JUST CALL AROUND FOR THESE TYPE VETERAN FRIENDLY ENT Dr.s there out there. Never give up on your hearing loss you will eventually get approved for it. It took me from 1998---to 2003 to finally win my hearing loss /tinnitus claim....I never gave up. It seems they always deny hearing loss the first and second time around maybe because its a subjective claim , but let your hearing loss test speak for you if you have bad profound hearing loss you will get a rating for it . just keep trying. Most of us that have hearing loss caused by noise exposure with in the military, have it service connected by asking the ENT to write there medical opinion that I have read this Veteran medical records and it is my medical opinion your hearing loss is likely as not caused by your military service his MOS WAS ******...once your hearing loss is service connected it gets some what easer to get a rating. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR MILITARY BENEFITS YOU EARNED THEM MY BROTHER.
  13. Question? What if a Veteran is 90% TDIU P&T say 10 years concurrent and files another claim separate and distinct and gets a 70% rating...this would meet the SMC S H.B. Criteria and is granted the SMC S AND A 100% FINAL RATING DEGREE is this Veteran still considered to be TDIU P&T?? IF NOT COULD HE GO BACK TO WORK? With a final 100%
  14. Yeah I can relate to the confusion/configuration. glad your boss was ok with it and you got it corrected. I think the people that do claims audit are different from the ones that do claims , this request for my claims audit I sent to my R.0. * Att: Finance Dept.
  15. broken your hadit PM Is not letting you recieve PM's unless you have it turned off? Anyway I wanted to ask you this. Do you happen to know if the VA Employees are working at the R.O. NOW? OR THEY DOING CLAIMS FROM HOME/COMPUTER/EMAILS ECT,,ECT,,, I WAS WONDERING IF MY AUDIT REQUEST WILL GET TO THEM IF THERE WORKING FROM HOME?
  16. AFWife AZ GB Army, I believe Veterans who served (1) boots on the ground in Vietnam, (2) in Vietnam’s inland waterways, or (3) in Vietnam’s territorial seas (Blue Water Navy veterans) between January 9, 1962 and May 7, 1975 are eligible to receive VA disability benefits for the above-mentioned cancers on a presumptive basis. Also Bladder cancer is listed as one of the presumptive conditions for veterans exposed to contaminants in the water supply at Camp Lejeune. Veterans who developed cancer of the bladder after living at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune or Marine Corps Air Station New River for at least 30 days (consecutively nor nonconsecutively) between August 1953 and December 1987 may be presumptively service-connected for their bladder cancer Has he been diagnose with hypertension/that is associated with Bladder Cancer /so it can be a residual to BLADDER C/ hypertension if he has been denied you guys may want to call this Attorney CCK Law https://cck-law.com/blog/how-does-the-va-rate-bla If your husband used the military dental while in the military it maybe possible his dental records might reveal a diseases that maybe related to his bladder cancer? X-Ray s -chemotherapy radiation ,is said to be the cause or in relation to bladder cancer and this maybe why he was scheduled for the C&P? MAYBE AND MAYBE NOT?
  17. Some others have said to me why file the Audit? if I don't have the evidence to show an audit may not change anything and your just taking up another Veterans time......Well my answer to that was Well I am a VETERAN too. And I want to know if I am owed any retro what so ever? if not then so be it at least I can put it to rest once and for all. I have wondered about this since 2014 when I got my complete C-FILE in on CD and was reading through it and found some discrepancies, and dates that have different dates on rating sheet and code sheets these dates all say my EED IS 1998...OPPOSED TO an award letter that says May 7th 2003back dated to Dec 10 2002 5 months of retro was paid back then and no retro on my 50% which was granted in lat 99 and AN EED is May 2000...no retro back then?...something just don't add up correctly? I first filed April 1998.and DENIED RIGH OFF THE BAT..Then got service connection established at 0% the following year 1999 and ask for increase and was granted 50% in May 2000 but they adjudicated it earlier back around april of 2000 and my payment start date was June 1st 2000 then ask for anothe rIncrease or they say i reopen this claim and this is when I was granted the TDIU P&T On may 7th 2003 with the EED GOING BACK TO dec 10 2002 it seems to me my Appeal timeline never run out and I may have reopen this claim I don't remember reopen it, if I did I just always have ask for increase or a reconsideration of my denials. Maybe after the second appeal and we ask for increase after that they might call that a Reopen claim?..due to they can make a Veteran get less retro and that changes his EED. These records/documents are all in my C-File and just have to put it all together and figure it all out my reason to request the Audit.
  18. Pacmanx1 .Yes we never know what will happen as broncovet had them to audit his claim and they found 50.000 worth of retro. I don't think I will have that much , his retro was based on the IU EED. Mine is more based on a 50% award back in 2000, and some of the IU back in 2003 back to 1999 but not sure what they will find? its going to take them awhile to read all these award letters with different EED...I AM WONDERING WHICH DATES THEY WILL USE.? It all depends on what my EED is that they might change? if they don't this is when I my request a reconsideration on the Audit because I am not so sure we can Appeal an Audit? EED we can Appeal those if we have the evidence to show it Merritt's a change...this will be the time to Lawyer up. They maybe typo errors??? but when you have more than two typo errors WHICH DATES ARE THE CORRECT DATES? its the dates in question? BUT FOR THE PEOPLE IN VA FINANCE Dept Audits that's all they do all day long 365 days a year minus weekends and holidays and vacation's ,what dates will they use? obviously I want them to use the DATES That give me a EED....THAT ALSO MEANS MORE RETRO if they will use the the original award letter I am not sure that will get me any retro ? but from the time I got service connection established at 0% to the time they rated me at 50% no retro was paid to me back then... I just want this mess all cleaned up so I can read it and see what they did if no retro for me that's fine, but at least I can put this to rest once and for all...a little retro will sure help us out right now though. Audit and EED are two separate Issues. We can't be confused with the two. However we can't file for both at the same time , file Audit first and then file for EED if the Audit warrants a EED? But this type claim will more likely be filed as a CUE. I just hope they don't call me and ask me what it is I am questioning? because I do not know what to tell them and besides I can't use the phone for communication, I text and that's about it unless I can plug in some good amplified head pones in my cell phone. But most of the time I text. but I don't even know what to say or how to say why I want this audit other than I don't think my retro was all paid to me back then. they will need to figure that all out.
  19. Thank you John &Thank you and Jerald for having those hadit exposed vet radio shows there a big help to a lot of Veterans. Yes it will help us out a lot were going to hire a house keeper 2 We found a lady that needs the work and she said 150 a day is good so we may only use her once a month or so. were going to let her come next week and see how she does she said she will need to see what all she has to do if its not to hard she will throw some of the extra stuff for for free...we'll see?
  20. Hey brokensolider244th Do you happen to know how the VA R.O. CONDUCTS A CLAIM AUDIT HISTORICLLY ? FOR ANY RETRO NOT PAID TO THE VETERAN? to the OP Yes I believe the VA will help pay for your daughter education you can call the 1-800 or and ask them what forms you will need to apply for this benefit. & you would send these forms to the Janesville claims intake center.
  21. GB Army I never knew this, I had read some where in the regulations a Veteran needed to be 100% and was in a conflict or served in a War zone of some type to be elidable for his spouse to qualify for the A&A Program but Hamslice had mention his spouse was getting the A&A as he was rated under the 100% but in special circumstances the VA can do whatever they want to I guess?
  22. i DON'T THINK WERE OBLIGATE TO GIVE OUT THIS TYPE INFORMATION OUR PERSONL MyhealthVet is our personal information for only us Veterans to see and our VSO if you grant them permission if they need to find a medical record or any help to help you win your claim These C&P CONTRACTORS GET THEIR INFORMATION FROM THE VA , AND ONLY USE WHAT THE VA SENDS THEM TO USE IN THEIR REPORT BACK TO THE VA. I WOULD NEVER GIVE OUT MY MYHEALTHVET PASS WORD TO SOMEONE ESPECAILLY A STRANGER. AND TO ME A C&P EXAMINER IS A STRANGER.
  23. Hamslice quoted ''I have already submitted the 3 regulations that state this to my claim, but they haven't been reviewed yet. Looks like I will be taking a ride to Milwaukee for a hearing.'' I hope you sent these off with return mail receipt or copies that you sent them in electronically ? things get lost and they can say they never recieved them ect,,ect,, you need back up proof that you sent them, we ALWAYS need this SENDING IN THINGS TO the VA.
  24. I am not 100% sure but they have a place on e benefits its a drop down box you need to click on military payment in e benefits....I remember I one time I needed to see how much compensation I been paid from 2003 to 2015 they have the monthly amounts including any SMC PAY OR SPECAIL PAY ITS ALL LOG DOWN...ALSO IF YOU HAVE DIRECT DEPOST SIT UP AT YOUR FINANCIAL INTTUTION THEY AN CHECK THE DEPOSTS FROM THE VA or any military payment made to you I believe they go back 12 years or so depending on your finical intuition. how far they go back historically.? ALSO YOU NEED TO FIND OUT IF THE DFAS IS SEPERATE FROM OUR COMPENSATION PAY/WHICH I THINK IT IS, BUT THERE IS SOMEONE YOU CAN CONTACT TO FIND AL THIS OUT(who I don't know unless you can contact the FINANCIAL DEPT at your R.O.?...THIS ALL SOUNDS LIKE SOMEONE CAN'T READ AND HAS HAD A PANIC ATTACT AND NEED TO COVER THEM SELF. I bet it can be worked out in your favor.
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