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  1. Yes you can paul but you need a qualified Dr opinion that the meds you take is related to your S.A.. THATS THE BIG KICK BACK if veterans don't get a qualified Dr opinion on that usually the Veteran will be denied. for secondary claims.
  2. Yeah me to paul I think if I remember right I did have problems sleeping and not just on harassment nights either with VC doing their thing over in Nam,but just sleeping in the barracks at basic training I didn't sleep well...I never reported any sleep disturbance back then..never knew about Sleep Apnea Maybe because there were no such thing back then it was called something else. I have Sleep Apnea Diagnose by VA sleep study was done with an Outside provider paid for by the VA and I use a VA C-PAP Machine...its caused by my S.C. Chronic PTSD Meds but I never thought about filing a secondary claim for it I guess I could , but I am ok with what I am rated for I get 100% and 2 SMC Payments added in...so there won't be any extra pay if I get the Sleep Apnea Service Connected to my PTSD Meds..so to me its just not worth all the stress...although this maybe what gets me the spouse has said I stop breathing a lot of nights while I sleep she gets worried and turns on the light wakes me up.......another reason I decided not to file sleep apnea secondary to my PTSD Meds is other Veterans need this time they would work my SLEEP APNEA claim to work other Veterans claims. Shrekthe tank1 you sound like you got this one buddy..> cross fingers for ya.
  3. shrektank If you had your sleep problems documented while you were in military medical report's of such and you have had a VA Sleep study/or private study and they decided that you do have OSA (sleep apnea) there should be no doubt that you will be service connected and a proper rating give according to your apneas during your sleep study (the times to stop breathing) Now its a little more difficult if you never had a sleep disturbance reported while in the military , but you can have your sleep apnea claim as a secondary claim if you have a service connected condition that a qualified Dr says its related to or cause your osa Then you can file a secondary claim to your sleep apnea its a little more difficult but if you have the medical records to prove it , they have to service connect you but some raters won't do that and make is appeal but it can be done. after your C& P you should know more as to how this may plan out? but remember those examiners may tell you ''everything looks ok I'll get my report back the VA''. and you leave the exam feeling great about a favorable decision ..and when you get your decision you may be supprised rather or not you were denied or approved.
  4. Richard 1954 Of course we veterans should not have to plead and beg for anything from the VA, (I HATE IT ITS LIKE THAT) but now days that's become a reality if we want to get better care and specialty Items. or if we wait long enough we will just die off before we get the things we need. (that would be fine with the VA) We can't control what the Dr's put or write down into our medical records its up to each veteran to confront their Health care providers bout that face to face how the veteran handles that is his/her own business. And its certainly the Veterans option has to how he goes about getting the care and the things he/she needs at the VA to make his/her life a little more comfortable. rather or not we have to beg for it or show our emotions to them..as long as we get the things we need. As for as broncovet and I answering these post we just speak from our experiences in dealing with the VA. and give our opinion, you may not like it but hopefully other Veterans will and it may help them. I can't speak for broncovet but if you don't like what I post don't answer them or you can always hit the delete button and I won't never post to you again. plus if you are like this (rude post of yours) to the VA clerks I can see why you will be made and classed as a trouble maker within the VA Hadit members can do without veterans like you that love to add insults to this board or try and like to put other veterans down, that's not why were here..... period. Hotheads Ms Tbird has Ignore feature here on hadit I suggest you use it.
  5. Fearless Try not to let this worry you so much Most of us Veterans have been where your at and know how your feeling, the good news is this can be over come and a possible increase and not a reduce in your rating. Question? how long have you been rated for this 70% unspecific depressive disorder? is this your two year exam ? or 5 year exam? unless you been rated this rating over 10 years it will be hard for them to reduce you (jmo) Also in your letter they mention ''you will be scheduled an examination , if the reduction proposed in this decision is finalized the combined disability's evaluation for your disability's will be ruduced to 70% 38 CFR 3.103 4.25 So is your total combined ratings for 80%/90% /or 100%??? Remember your pay will continue until they finalized this reduction that may take a while. Did this letter than came in your mail un-announced? Anyway Relax There will be other elder members on here here to chime in elder members Berta and broncovet are the best in this business when it comes to helping veterans like you,and can help so use their expertice and experience and Advise......>you will be ok. try to relax and gather yourself and well get this thing rolling along for ya buddy
  6. yes but remember your time limit to address the proposal to reduce letter... . if you can submit new evidence that your MH has actually got worse an increase is a possibility if it meets the 100% criteria but at 70% if it keeps you from working definitely file for IU. and Remember you need to file for IU they won't just give it to you but in some cases if this disability keeps you from working at the 70% and your actually worse since this rating the rater is suppose to look at your current rating and if an increase is warranted then they know your not working then is a Mandatory rating you be given IU usually with P&T if the disability is not expected to improve during your life time. and is of chronic or shown to be worse but first go back and look at your MH NOTES in Myhealthevet to see what all they said during your course of treatment this will be having to look a alot of your MH Records so go slowly and read over all of them especially during this lat year. to see what your Dr and therapist have been saying about your disability... they are about the only known reason your R.O. gets a hold or see and reads this information they put into your health records as their reports of treatment either your about the same with treatment or your worse with treatment. or shown an improvement in this case their showing you have Improved. you need to prove other wise!!!
  7. The VA is saying over all evidentary records shows the criteria for your 50% is closely as what the correct rating and not the 70% they gave you under the 38CFR4.7 CFR 4.26 you need to have more symptoms like occupational social impairments like work school social behavior toward family and others this would be under the 70% rating criteria they are say you have the 50% rating criteria after viewing your medical records so this means your therapist has said your showing an improvement, if you don't feel like you have made an improvement over the course of your treatment you need to ask your therapist or let her know you don't feel like your better its either about the same or worse. I would sure try that and see if she will write you that letter that your condition has not changed..if she won't request the hearing review and gather up your evidence that says you meet the 70% criteria rating or higher... you might need to go get a IMO/IME to present as your new and meterial evidence if your therapist won't help you on this.
  8. If you have not signed up for travel pay you need to go do so go to the travel pay office at your VAMC take your Bank statment or a personal check that has your routing # and while your at the travel pay office signing up for travel pay sign up for the direct deposit too you can have them send a check but the direct deposit is the best way this is what I do. They probably won't re inverse your travel pay back .two years but next time you go to one of your appointments any appointment scheduled out for you at the VAM. Do this. After your appointment check back with the clerks and tell them you get travel pay and they will give you a travel pay voucher to sign and date then you give it back to them and they submit it at the end of the day or the next morning You can also use the koloski Machine to request travel pay some clinics like you to request the travel pay from them with the clerks, MY MH Clinic does this. BUT PCP DENTAL AND SPECIALTY CLINICS I USE THE KOLOSKI MACHINE. Travel pay is 43/1/2 cents a mile one way...I travel 49 miles although I live 52 miles they pay to my city but I live 2 miles on the other side of my city...but I take what they give me. if a veteran has 5 appointment's per month that will add up it would for me but your 15 miles not much pay there but hey its yours why not file for travel pay. At the beginning of the month is when travel pay starts for that month usually the first travel pay check for that month is when the deduct the co-pay then the rest of your travel pay should be full payment at 43 1/2 cents per mile. based on monthly travel pay only remember travel pay ends the last day of the month then you start a new month. if you want to try to get reinversed for the two years you need to go see your travel pay director ask him? if its allowed he can get that back for you I am not sure on it.
  9. Its rather hard to get anything from the VA. What veterans need is have a special time with your PCP Dr or specialty clinic Dr. if you need something to help you around the house..like a Motorized wheel chair , when you ask the Dr be sincere about it get emotional if feel like it just simple say Dr can I rely on you to help me get a motorized wheel chair that would sure help me and my pain and help me tremendously around the house,and very mush so at the grocery store &Church & when I get up to use the rest room I almost fall hanging on to the walls because the pain is so severe (get emotional about it) I just can't afford one Dr its all we can do to make ends meet and pay the bills, you got to let them see your serious and say ''Please Dr can I count on you in referring me a wheel chair that would be Awesome Dr. Thank you very much your awesome Dr Jones This will work better than anything I Know of the kicker here is get emotional with them let them see your begging them for things that would help you around your home. Some Dr just have no concern about our health ,there there just for a paycheck but most Dr do care.
  10. I have and my claims never got to the BVA or had to because they got my evidence. even with sign return reciept they can still lie to you it just proves you sent it in it don't prove the right person recieved it it could have been sign by a door greeter or traveling VSO at your RO and then put on a shelf and forgotten about.
  11. For purposes of diagnose PTSD from VA only I copied this off VA Web site Who is licensed to provide psychotherapy for PTSD? The mental health professionals below provide psychotherapy for PTSD, and in most states, are not licensed to prescribe medications. Psychologists Licensed clinical psychologists focus on mental health assessment and treatment. They have a doctoral degree (e.g., PhD, PsyD, EdD) from 4 or more years of graduate training in clinical or counseling psychology. To be licensed to practice, psychologists must have another 1 to 2 years of supervised clinical experience. Psychologists have the title of "doctor" because of their doctoral degree, but in most states they cannot prescribe medicine. Clinical Social Workers The purpose of social work is to enhance human well-being by helping people meet basic human needs. Licensed social workers also focus on diagnosis and treatment, and specialize in areas such as mental health, aging, of family and children. Most licensed social workers have a master's degree from 2 years of graduate training (e.g., MSW) or a doctoral degree in social work (e.g., DSW or PhD).
  12. you maybe correct on that above that the DBQ do not diagnose a PTSD Condition. However the DBQ does ask if the Veteran has been given a PTSD Diagnose. I am not sure my PTSD C&P Examiner ask this question during my C&P? I know I was diagnose by the from a VA MH Dr's actually 3 one was a V.A. MD with a PHD And the other was a VA MD psychiatrist and a L.C.S.W. SW-4 Working under the license care of the VA MD PSYCHIATRIST i JUST HAPPEN TO GET THESE OFF notes off myhealthvet but this has been a few years ago so things might have changed...but back then a Veteran had to have a Diagnose for PTSD come From a Qualified VA Doctor Only. if it was a private Doc the Veteran was automatically Denied his claim. ................
  13. Geekysquid You need to read this entire link it has a list of conditions veterans claim for Compensation purposes read on down to the DBQ's THAT Are not allowed to be filled out by Private Dr's It comes from the VA Web site https://www.benefits.va.gov/compensation/dbq_FAQs.asp I can't find the Correct CFR's just yet.
  14. Geekysquid On second thought I stand by what I mention about it has to be from a VA DR to diagnose a veteran for PTSD for compensation purposes . As matter fact there's just to many VA Dr that work for the VA that reluctantly fill out a DBQ Form or refused to fill one out.(Its not their job) is the lame excuse they use as for as my experience anyway. I agree with you about who can fill one out because the Dr can fill it out but its their decision rather or not they fill it out. most VA Dr's Will not fill out a DBQ...Some will but the odds that they do is stacked against the Veteran. if you had a VA Dr fill out your PTSD DBQ then consider your self very lucky because most Veterans can't get their VA M.H. Doc or even a MD/or VA M.H. psychiatrist to fill one out. Most say its not their job, go see the DAV or Hire a VSO to help you.
  15. Oh I am not saying they don't lose your records , but just seems odd they lose them on some veterans more than others. I don't think they lost mine I just couldn't get them or couldn't get them as they said they search and search for them and even they could not find some of them that I needed to prove my claim with. luckly for me I had sent them my recollection of the dates and locations /operations I was in and they checked this all out with a fine tooth comb and finally made a decision in my favor.
  16. I think its just a matter of judgment or the decision makers are have a bad day. Because I am a Vietnam combat veteran and have CIB on my DD 214 Plus other awards and ribbons from my Unit in Vietnam...I had to prove my stressor's in my claim for PTSD , most of us that was awarded the PH gave it away to the family's of the combat veterans that lost their life (enough said about that.) Anyway I had to send them all my records of evidence dates and locations of the conflict zone and the names of the operations I was choose to be in from my company commander, some of these records I had and some I didn't but after they checked the dates locations and my unit commander I was Approved, They Just wanted to make it hard for me but I am an old Vietnam Grunt and it maybe different now about the Gulf Wars Proving your combat duty? .but my point is I had to prove to them my stressors which caused me a lot of stress and anxiety doing so. SO BACK TO THERAPY.
  17. Well to us Veterans if we are luckly enough to get a referral to a sleep study by the VA Dr's and we go to the sleep study and they conclude we do have some form of OSA mild or servere Sleep Apnea is Sleep Apnea no matter how you look at it ,AND it is Dangerous to have this. so we are prescribe a C-Pap to use or maybe some other type sleep devise and we file a claim and this is not good enough for the decision makers so they want another Dr's Opinion and they get that from a C&P Exam by asking the Veteran some questions, they can order another sleep study if they feel your answers need to be addressed grrrr in other words they have doubts that you have Sleep Apnea hence the C&P.
  18. broncovet Quote: '' I disputed the doctors expertise, but VA had the MF factor and lost my dispute..as usual.'' The VA sure loses your evidence quite a lot, you ever think about sending them a double whammy , I mean send your evidence to them more than twice and to two or three different claims locations. if you send it to enough VA established claims center maybe one place won't lose your records of evidence IF THEY ARE STUPID ENOUGH TO TREAT EACH ONE AS A CLAIM IF YOU GET APPROVE ,THEN ACCEPT THAT ONE AND HAVE THESE OTHER ADDED ON CLAIMS CANCELED OUT. You need to teach them to not loses your paper work LoL......
  19. The VA just wants to make it hard on all us veterans seeking our benefits...we do as they say or else be denied for no show.
  20. J YOU NEED TO CONFRONT THIS THERAPIST ABOUT THINGS NOT MENTION IN YOUR SESSIONS...if something was not said then next time you see her ask her/him about it and ask for a /Amendment/Clarification that you do not want things in your medical records that was not said to you or to you in person put into your medical records. They can't take out was was mention in your records but they can clarify it.
  21. This is News to me because VA use to would not accept a private Dr Diagnose for PTSD, that was the No. one denial reason . so if this is all true I guess I accept crow on this one. One other thing is that combat veterans don't need to tell about their stressor's if they have proof they were actually in combat by morning reports MOS special orders ect,,ect,,and documented combat records. unless this has changed ? The VA can & will find out if your an actual combat veteran....
  22. Geekysquid As member broncovet always mentions what veterans need first thing when filing a claim rather or not that claim is for PTSD or for his bad Hearing or any other condition that he thinks was because of his military service The Veteran needs 3 things this is called the Calza Triangle 1.Current Diagnosis. (No diagnosis, no Service Connection.) 2.In Service Event or Aggravation. 3.Nexus (link- cause and effect- connection) or Doctor’s Statement close to: “The Veteran’s (current diagnosis) is at least as likely due to x Event in military service”
  23. Geekysquid Not sure where your getting this information? but you are wrong not me. or I beg to disagree with you on this. THE VA Has to be the one to make a diagnose for PTSD before service connection can be establish ,also if the veteran is a combat veteran & he/she has has enough concrete probative evidence from the VA MH D'rs &STR'S And other official documents as evidence he may not be sent to a C&P and is rated his S.C. and a rating given to this veteran from the symptoms reported...by the VA MH professionals.
  24. I think any information we can supply to them the better chance of winning , via NOD IF your in the supplemental lane ? but after your claim gets this far &no decision its usually deferred to BVA or Back to your R.O, however be careful of to much ''speculation'' let that come from the Dr's them self's I agree with broncovet but most of our information /evidence needs to come from the Dr's or shown through medical records
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