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  1. Just my opinion because I'm not sure about what other VAMC do across the country? BUT if VA legalize marijuana in my state Texas I DOUBT VERY SERIOUSLY THE VA WILL. but if the majority of the US Legalizes it the VA May accept then? I know marijuana helps relieve pain for just about everything... now I'm not sure it sends something to the brain like in brain waves to make the brain think there's no pain in the body or disrupts your brain in a way you could not feel pain either way if it don't cause the veteran to go bonkers or something that he he would harm himself or others I see nothing wrong with it. but having the brain altered then it alters the mind too so the verdict is still out??
  2. I was thinking when a veteran has to go to the BVA for a decision which is usually a 85% chance will be a favorable...but as the BVA judges approves his claim and then remand it back to the R.O. WHY don't the BVA just set up an office at the R.O. SINCE they are the ones to make the final decision stop all this back and forth crap. with these claims.
  3. These New veterans coming to Hadit with their questions can also read some of these post already posted that may relate to or answer his/her questions, 90% OF These claims just repeat them self in a lot of ways although each veterans case is different , but he /she may can get their question answered faster by just reading some of the post that pertain to their claim,/question. use the hadit search'' window with the magnifying emblem at the top of the page it is instrumental in asking a question or finding a post. I don't like to read a long drawn out post and then the question is ask. get right to the point and make it as simple as you can. by the post title as clear as you can and to the point. A Lot of veterans come here and read these post that pertain to his/her question and use that as the information they needed with their claim/questions. but in no way does this all mean your not welcome here at Hadit
  4. I doubt if the VA will legalize marijuana in my life time , but the way this country is being run there's no telling what may happen.
  5. GB Army I believe the veteran can take his evidence that pertains to his C&P Exam. It needs to be evidence the veteran has already submitted but in case the examiner don't have this evidence (if the VA never sent it to the examiner) the Veteran can produce it at his C&P Exam. This is why its a good Ideal for a veteran to be sure and bring his probative evidence to the C&P Exam with him or evidence that pertains to his claim, in case the examiner don't have it but this evidence needs to be documented (on file with the VA) * If a veteran feels the examiner is not using his evidence during the exam and the exam seems to be going south, this is the time the Veteran needs to speak up for him self and let the examiner Know he has this evidence with him and would like to present it to him at this time. and have the evidence in a folder organized and ready to flip out in case. with the main parts of the evidence high-lighted in color that is crucial to his claim.
  6. How is the VA claim exam or C&P exam scheduled? A VA medical center or a VA partner is responsible for contacting you about scheduling a claim exam. They may either mail you a letter with the date and time of your appointment(s) and/or call you to find a time that fits with your schedule. If you are receiving treatment at a VA medical center, make sure they have your current address, phone number and email information. The wrong information could cause your appointment letter to be delayed and not reach you in time. It is a good idea to call and confirm the exam time(s) and locations to make sure you and VA or the VA partner have the correct appointment information. Use the phone number on your appointment letter or if you were called, use the phone number left by VA or the VA partner. If you don’t show up to your exam, you may have a longer wait to get your exam rescheduled; it could delay your claim; and/or your claim could be rated “as-is” (using only the information in your file). Q: The date and/or time of my C&P exam doesn’t work for me. Can I reschedule my exam? If your scheduled exam date or time does not work with some other life event, immediately call the number provided and try to reschedule. Unless it is an emergency situation, try not to reschedule the exam the day before or on the day of the exam. Not responding to a phone or letter request for scheduling an exam or missing the exam could cause VA to delay its decision on your claim. Not showing up to your exam takes up an appointment time another Veteran could have used, and also could cause your claim to be rated “as-is” based only on the information in your application. Most facilities try to meet your requests (if possible) if you have a good reason for rescheduling your time and you give enough notice. Question 1. VA is releasing my file to VES under HIPAA, Tracking ? But why is VES releasing that same information to someone who's not under HIPAA. I am in Germany, every C&P I have been to has been by a German national citizen with a German tax number, GERMAN !!!. They are sending that information unencrypted, that is a NOGO. When you agreed to the C&P THIS IS AUTOMATIC for the VA to send your c-file to the CONTRACTED OUT CONTRACTOR who they select to perform the C&P Exam, in this case it's VES, They read your c-file or what records the VA sends them in order to make an evaluation on what your claiming its called evidence without it you will be 100% denied. I once had a C&P Exam at my VAMC ENT Clinic the VA Dr (EXAMINER)went up to the C&P OFFICE and got my complete C-File he even took it home to read and study it, he did break the rules when he took it out the VAMC Doors, it was not suppose to leave this building what so ever, but anyway he had it the next day at the clinic . REASON I KNOW THIS VA EXAMINER TOOK MY COMPLETE C-FILE HOME? HE TOLD ME HE DID TO MY FACE...BUT BACK THEN OUR C-FILE WAS NOT ON CD . so this DR had the records the VA sent from the R.O. So it actually was not my complete C-File if it was he would have had about 6 or 7 12''x12;; boxes full of papers on his desk,,,so he had the records needed to make an evaluation on my claim which was the pertains records the VA Sent to the C&P Office at my VAMC but anyway he had these records the next day at the clinic . This C&P Exam was inadequate and I requested a hearing at my R.O. by a DRO Officer and a hearing rating specialist. which ended up favorable for me. Because this exam caused my R.O. TO send a reduction PROPOSAL to my benefits caused from what this examiner mention in his report, I never NOD this because a decision was not made just yet. on the report this examiner made they (VA RO) gave me a choice sent by letter to inform me as to what this examiner mention in his report and the proposal to reduce,,so I choose the DRO Hearing at my R.O. This was a hearing to solve the INADEQUACY EXAM with this C&P Examiner & The proposed reduction by the VA, so I was not denied on this C&P The reason what prompt me to request the DRO Hearing . I WAS INCREASED TO TDIU P&T NO REDUCTION TOOK PLACE I WAS 50% AT THE TIME. AFTER PRESENTING MY EVIDENCE AND FROM WHAT THE DRO AND RATING SPECIALIST PRESENT MY HEARING THEY GAVE ME 10% FOR THE TINNITUS I BEEN TELLING THE VA AUDIOLOGIST ABOUT FOR YEARS AND A 30 %INCREASE ON MY PROFOUND HEARING LOSS. This made me 90% combined because I had a hard time finding a job and could not do the work I was trained to do even though I had been in Voc=Rehab I had a letter from the Voc=Rehab counselor stating as such and along with all my other concrete evidence they based their decision on all my evidence. Some will say they never had good results at a DRO Hearing but if you have the evidence you will have good results this is what its all about (EVIDENCE)
  7. Yeah GB I am taking that Robert Blackledge (Certified Accredited VA Claims Agent (2011) with 30 plus years claims experience my files after the dust settles see what he thinks?
  8. Well my opinion would be if you can get a specialist to give his/her medical opinion would be more likely they use a specialist than N.P. if the N.P. is certified in a specialty make sure they use their correct medical credentials. Sometimes this NP is all we got to use but until your denied for this reason then next time go with a MD or specialist
  9. GB Army not sure you seen this above post.....and it still maybe unclear to you and its not clear to me either. broncovet is helping me but kinda put a hold on all this due to us moving changing address.
  10. Broccovet has figured things like this out before, if he sees your post I imagine he will calculate this out. as I understand there's a special calculator they use for retro and different % you need to remember Rerto is figured at the year it was paid and what the retro was at that time, historic retro is complicated to figure out and it increases as the years go by.
  11. I totally agree with what pacmamx1 stated about the three elements necessary to process your claim. This would be a traumatized event and if your diagnose for PTSD from the trauma this would have caused you later on to be traumatized you need a diagnose from the VA FOR PTSD (ONLY THE VA CAN DIAGNOSE PTSD) ,Also you can use buddy statements about visioning the dead body's that you seen, (body parts) names of your buddy's that were with you at the time , your unit and commander if you remember who he was? and also the date and location of when this event took place, it seems we need to prove a thing like this happen you should have in service records for this too, BUT UNFORTUNATELY something like this . will probably not be on your DD 214, SO you may need to prove it happen with buddy letters that would would be good evidence because every thing we did unfortunately was not recorded or log down and was just forgot about. if your within in 10 days of the said event (gathering up dead body's and human body parts) they will certainly take this into concederation I certainly understand what you mean especially about being traumatized. it also helps if your in VA PTSD Therapy YOU will need a diagnose that this event has traumatized you usually something like this is the cause and reason it brings on the PTSD Later on in life.
  12. Fibromyalgia Sucks I may have it but can't get my PCP to say I do..but I understand this is a condition mostly for the Gulf War Veterans, so if you have a Dr tell you you more than likely got while you served over in the Gulf or while in the military file for it. I am Vietnam Vet.
  13. Roger that, sounds like a good plan. just don't get to frustrated and quit that's exactly the VA INTENTIONS.
  14. I agree with broncovet check out the NOVA web site that is more likely your best bet. due to the above attorney's being to busy to take your case.
  15. Narose please listen to these guys (broncovet & pacmanx1, the information they are providing for you will certainly help you. the va could care less about the stress these claims put on a veteran but its the veterans part to prove what he is claiming, the information pac & broc put up will save you a lot of research time...do as they say and you will see a big difference in what the VA says usually its favorable but we all can't never underestimate the VA.
  16. Great information from GB Army...I never knew this about the va making up their own codes if a current disability don't have a code ...learn something everyday makes sense I suppose.
  17. I am thinking no you don't have to pay it back if your an injured combat veteran during a war/conflict operation or injured during a combat training exercise. check this link out : Source Strategic Veteran https://strategicveteran.org/blog/do-you-owe-your-severance-pay-back-to-the-va/
  18. I Could be wrong here but I don't think a Veteran can get SMC -L a lone for PTSD? ....It more likely has to be a secondary condition related to or caused by the PTSD AND Medications like loss of use of A Body Organ or sense of smell eye sight ect,,,ect,,,or in need of another person for everyday living necessity's like> getting dress, transfers, feeding , bathing , nature calls and bedridden. and other.
  19. Just be sure you read your medical notes after all these visit especially the last 6 months or so maybe a year that's about how far they read back, but you need to know what the group therapist has said about you or the psychiatrist ? so you don't say something and its not in your medical records, just be your self and always answer the questions honestly and don't over talk about your symptoms , just answer the questions and what GB Army mention above. these examiners are trained to watch out for all this..if you don't know the answer to one of his/her questions just simply say you don't know mam/.sir be yourself and you will do ok. if your anxiety lever goes through the roof be sure and let the examiner know. Not sure how this will be if your having a tele-health virtual conferences ? or maybe an in person exam? just always be honest and read part of your medical notes before the exam. Myhealthvet notes on the blue button.
  20. They are times when were trained for a job but unfortunately we can't do those jobs years later or just a few years later due to our service connected disability's...I went to school to become a state police trooper later in the detective division under forensic specialty's lot of class room work I even went to summer school and got my criminal degree in criminal justice. .....well that was all for not I could not pass the required state physical to become a state employee. or not anything else I could do due to my S.C. Disabilitys......so my alternative was to try to get on SSDI AND VA.....And that's how it turn out for me I could make at least twice as much as I get with 100% &SMC and my little SS Check.. .but it is what it is and if that happens to you you need to just accept it and do the best you can.. .We lived in a shoe box for a few years trying to send our children to collage and we did it, but it was a big sacrifice..I am not complaining I think God EVERYDAY the way things work out. so I stopped thinking about what could have been and just live our lives out the best way we can I get satisfaction helping other veterans in need and if I can help just one tiny bit then I feel I have did my part. I stopped living in a dream world and started living in the real world and we do ok now.
  21. Roger that Pacmanx1 and ShrektheTank1 and GB Army..all good advice.
  22. Roger that pacmanx1 VA grants IU ratings when a veteran cannot work due to his service-connected disabilities. When the VA gives an Unemployability rating for PTSD it means a veteran cannot work due to his PTSD. As a result, a veteran receives a 100% rating for PTSD due to unemployability
  23. yes well let us know how it goes.??
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