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  1. My VA PCP mention to me in Instant message we will be notified by letter when the availability of the vaccine becomes available. The reason some VAMC are giving the covid injection is because some VAMC's is less populated with Veterans, vs the Larger VAMC's more populated. My VAMC is Dallas Tx which is a fairly large VAMC They see thousands of Veterans on a daily basis. All I know to do is just take precautionary measures and wear my mask keep hands washed good and try to avoid getting out as much as I can, I feel my depression is getting worse staying in the house
  2. Way to go 63 Charlie That SMC -S1 Definitely Helps Out.
  3. you might ask to reduce your sessions not that you improved but its just to much to go through with this pandemic going on, so if your seeing your therapist every week or every 2 weeks you might ask if you can just see her like every 3 months and if things get bad then you can ask to go back to every 2 weeks or once a month...but remember the PTSD Session appointments are getting hard to make and lot of younger veterans are coming in for help and the scheduling is getting harder and harder to get in to see the therapist. Normally after 5 years & P&T OVER 55 your pretty sa
  4. I am serious about you need to ask the surgeon some important questions, this is rather NEW DEVISE its been out about 10/12 years maybe Longer ect,,,ect,,,? not sure exactly how long this one has been out it has logic behind it and it sounds like a good thing for Pain Serious pain , my wife has a bad back she had serveral Back surgeries epidural injections and tried everything under the sun from way back & the Tens Unit never did anything for her pain charge up turned up all the way...she has to get the pain steroid injections the kind they have to put you to sleep to be able to
  5. YOU Need to ask the surgeon that is going to implant this devise as to the stimulations on the pain areas if the leads are going to be long enough to reach your pain area? because I don't think the leads will reach from upper back to lower back, this is a good device if you just have pain in one or the other parts of your Back either upper back or lower back not good...if its in-between this might help but as for as any pain in the upper as well in the lower parts of your Back you will only receive the stimulation where the leads will be long enough to stimulate the nerves ,this
  6. Ms Berta your post came through just fine.
  7. As I understand it only if he filed a claim for these condition within one year from exit of military service.. or filed a claim during military service and was denied. here are some regulation on EED This is why its crucial you guys find his medical records and comb through them for any dates of a diagnoses or facts found that will link him to the herbicide A.O. (2) Covered herbicide disease means a disease for which the Secretary of Veterans Affairs has established a presumption of service connection pursuant to the Agent Orange Act of 1991, Public Law 102-4, other than chloracne,
  8. I highly recommend for Veterans and their family to stay in doors and not go out only go out when you absolutely have to need to, always wash hands good when you return home and keep the 99.9 hand sanitizer read at all times... taking precaution measures may save your life this covid is a Bad Bad Thing and the germs you might pick up from it can be on anything from door entrances to just grabing a gas pump handle to fill your car... until we all get vaccinated for both injections we need to be very cautious and even after that.
  9. I stand corrected Ms Berta. you are spot on here on the EED. https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/38/3.816
  10. GB Army and Ms Berta has some great info for your Father. check the Nehmer footnotes Ms Berta has on hadit. As FOR A GETTING HIS C-File as GB MENTION you guys comb through it and look to see if they were any mention of the codes OR non-codes Ms berta mention . They maybe something in his exit exam from the military , these will be on most rating sheets but some time these rating sheets will not be in the C-FILE, but old medical reports/medical notes will while in Vietnam or closely after look at the dates he was medically treated for any condition. look closely for any diagno
  11. Note** If I was your Dad I would file on everything he thinks could be related to the A.O. There is no limit on the number of A.O. Claims we can file although he may not have had these conditions when he got Out, it can take years and years for this A.O. chemical to take effect on us there is no limit on that. The patchy weps of circles your Dad has sounds like to me the tick lyme disease and its covered on the A.. List I have 3 of them on my lower back but the VA Docs are reluctant to give me a diagnose of what it truly is they are calling it an eczema skin condition (
  12. Vync your Dad should Hire an experienced Attorney CCK LAW IS great.. and ask this go back to the date of his Vietnam service....he stands to get a VERY LARGE RETRO. Your father should file on everyone of these claims,,,he was boots on the ground Vietnam and if he comes down with any Presumption disease thats on the List then he is eligible to file on them due to the A.O....He may need an IMO and let the Dr. read some of his medical records Vietnam Medical records if he has them..but thay may not be necessary, DD214 Will Prove Boots on the ground (in-country), he needs a Quali
  13. I believe they can differentiate the difference but most likely convert it or mix it in with a PTSD Dx depending on the severity of the OCD IF they do then it should increase your PTSD rating...but unlikely enough to boost you up to the 100% but again it depends on the severity of the OCD. You must have an official diagnosis of your condition, you must be able to point to an event in your service record that caused your condition, and you must have a medical opinion connecting the two. Your diagnosis for OCD and/or PTSD must come from a VA-approved physician, though in most cases,
  14. Also a Qualified C&P Examiner can make the MH Diagnosis but be careful because some won't and state that this Veteran does not have a MH Dx. But if you do have a MH Diagnose that is not a Guarantee you will be rated for it or even service connected. if this is not filed as a secondary claim you will need the 3 Caluza Elements Caluza Triangle defines what is necessary for service connection. »
  15. As for as our spouse getting the vaccine if she has ChampVA I believe she can get the vaccine if your VAMC is doing the citi Program for veterans spouses. Also Veteran spouse that have the ChampVA Insurance can call ChampVA in Denver office talk to Glenn Johnson (ChampVA director of services) I don't think my VA PCP is up on the regulations..I will call my VAMC and ask about the covid vaccine injection and when will they call us Veterans in. as I believe they have a priority for that like Veterans with serious Illness and in a hospital or nursing care and veterans 75
  16. I thought this was Interesting, ''Welcome to the New Year.'' ''It’s apparent we have a new metric afoot in the Veterans Service Centers across our fruited plains. Right. VAROs are now called VSCs and have been for a while. The boss of the “service” center is called the VSCM (manager). The Assistant manager is- you guessed it- the AVSCM. They run the Ratings show. There’s still a Director in the Senior Executive Service (SES) sector for each VSC except for North and South Dakota. He handles the PR. Used to be, and maybe still be, that if you called the Montana RO, they picked up in Sa
  17. No I do not have any information on when or where to get the vaccine injection. as my Dr mention above ''('''' we do not have any information regarding the vaccine availability '' As for as traveling to another VA center or even a smaller one in smaller town there is no guarantee they will give the vaccine . and being my VAMC will turn you away if you don't have a scheduled appointment...I decided to just wait it out and keep my distance wear my mask and gloves keep my hands washed & wait for the letter... and just hope for the best. They guard the entrance doors at al
  18. Well my VA Doc got back with me this Morning in VA instant messages ..here is what she said (notice she never sign her name? ''Good Morning,''''We do not have any information regarding the vaccine availability. The VA will be mailing letters directly to veterans, once they are able to administer the vaccine. Please check the VA website for updates. Your spouse would not be eligible for the vaccine if she is not a Veteran.''
  19. Ii REALLY THINK THEY NEED TO VACCINATE THE VETERANS SPOUSE ALSO...Especially vets with small children. what good would it do to just vaccinate the Veteran and not his spouse?
  20. Problem with my VA they won't let you in unless you have a scheduled appointment. grrrr we just can't walk in like we use to , they have about 5 to 6 people at the entrance's they stop you ask to see your VA ID-Card and why your there? if you don't have an appointment they turn you away. AND VA SECURITY POLICE IS STANDING AROUND.
  21. sixthscents It's good that you comment on these post but they are over a year old and I am fairly sure Richard1954 has left hadit due to Prostate Cancer to spend more time with is family. Not sure about JaeT.21 ..Not sure how his claimed turn out. I doubt you will get a reply from either one. Hopefully there both doing ok and I wish them both the best.
  22. That's great broncovet, were still awaiting for the shot so for nothing about it here in Dallas at my VAMC.....I Instant message my VA PCP about it or if she knew when it might be I am 68 almost 69 and my Immune system is weak due to my pernicious Anemia. People are dropping like fly's here (died) they were 45 deaths just yesterday alone Ft Worth (Tarrant County) (in one day) from the covid. I've come down with a little fever and sore throte ( horse voice) been taking Extra Strength Tylenol and gargle with warm salt water that seems to help but I still have a good apatit
  23. Shrek I don't think anybody knows not even the VA.. .I Instant message my VA PCP about when did she think They will call us veterans for the covid vaccine? to include our spose) I'm still awaiting her reply....but yesterday was a Holiday ( MLK Day) so maybe I might hear from her tonight she answers her email at the end of the day...I'll let ya know what she said. but each VAMC is different and probably if they have the supply of it? I know my VAMC has give the shots to all the Dr;s and health workers and clerks so now Its just a matter of time when we get our turn.? As
  24. Just read this yesterday. Did you know the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) officials will have to provide basic legal advice to veterans who file medical malpractice claims? Also, VA officials are mandated to provide information on local staffing issues as part of new legislation signed into law. SOURCE : VAntage point
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