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  1. Thank you all for the input, I have a few more questions now. When I go to track my disabilities, that are under pending claim, it now shows (dx) behnd a few. I will copy and paste to show: Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome(dx) 04/27/2020 NEW View Pending Claim Metabolic Disorder- Lactic Acidosis 04/27/2020 NEW View Pending Claim Hemorrhoids(dx) 04/27/2020 NEW View Pending Claim Hypokalemia(dx) 04/27/2020 NEW View Pending Claim Long Qtc Syndrome Caused By Medication 04/27/2020 NEW View Pending Claim Gerd(dx) any clue as to what the (dx) means? I was honest and filed for all of my issues that aren't rated. Also, is it required for your DR to fill out the form for A&A? My DR insists that we are better suited for the caregiver program instead and had my spouse send in the application for it. I also received a paper in the mail saying I needed to submit an appeal based off of my IBS claim because they had denied it in the past, but it is a diagnosis now? I am so confused.
  2. I am 100% P&T with a 100% PTSD rating alone, from December 2017. I also have had to have shoulder surgery and hold a 10% rating for that, 10% for tinnitus, 20% for lumbar(back), 20% for right knee. The 100% PTSD made me paid at a 100% rate since. Here is where things get bad, typically I know we are told not to add disabilities when we reach 100%. However, I am quite literally slowly deteriorating now. For the last year and a 1/2, I hospitalized at least once a month from cyclic vomiting syndrome. It had made me lose weight,my health and any hope I had in life. My Wife has quit college to be able to take care of me. My kids are scared. I have so many notes because I am constantly admitted to my local VA hospital. This last episode, I got so dehydrated my hands/feet and face were going numb and I had an abnormal EKG. So after much debate I applied for TBI, Neurological Signs or Symptoms, Hernia condition (just had surgery and the mesh/clips hurt so bad when vomiting), Gulf War Unexplained Illness & Esopagheal condition. I currently have no disability rating attached to me in regards to anything having to do with my GI/Neuro issues, other than my PTSD, although I am hospitalized constantly for it. This is my notes from my last episode: 32 year old male with IBS-D, PTSD, and cyclical vomiting syndrome presenting with acute onset nausea and vomiting, as well as PO intolerance. Patient's nausea/vomiting was refractory to multiple medications initially, including rectal promethazine, and options for medical management were limited as patient had a prologed QTc to ~560s initially. Work up of the patient's nausea/vomiting was negative, with a negative CT A/P. The patient initially had an AKI on admission which corrected back to baseline after IV fluids. The patient described episodes of chest pain/shortness of breath with nausea/vomiting, however troponin/EKG were negative for ischemic changes. Once the patinet's QTc normalized to ~420s, IV zofran was utilized to manage nausea/vomiting, as well as rectal promethazine, sucralafate, hydroxyzine, and ativan (IV 2 mg x1). The patient's amitriptyline was continued. He was also started on sertraline for anxiety during this hospitalization. The patient's symptoms eventually improved, and he began to tolerate PO. On the day of discharge, the patient was tolerating a regular diet, denied chest pain, nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, or abdominal pain, and had stable vital signs. The patient will need to follow up with his PCP, and would benefit from Mental Health follow up as well. This is listed as my active diagnosis/issues: === Active Problems === Irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea (SCT 197125005) (ICD-10-CM R69.) Traumatic brain injury (SCT 127295002) (ICD-10-CM Z87.820) Depression (SCT 35489007) (ICD-10-CM F33.8) Low back pain (SCT 279039007) (ICD-10-CM R69.) Impingement syndrome of right shoulder region (SCT 310401000119102) (ICD-10-CM R69.) Pain in right knee (SCT 316931000119104) (ICD-10-CM R69.) Obstructive sleep apnea (SCT 78275009) (ICD-10-CM G47.33) Gastroesophageal reflux disease (SCT 235595009) (ICD-10-CM R69.) Cyclical vomiting syndrome (SCT 18773000) (ICD-10-CM R11.15) Migraine (SCT 37796009) (ICD-10-CM G43.909) Healthcare maintenance (ICD-10-CM R69.) So what can I expect now? Am I in the wrong? I am scared I am going to die from stuff that isn't even recognized as being wrong with me through VA disability. My Dr suggested my Wife apply for the caretaker program. I am scared and don't know what to expect.
  3. No one responded but I will share what happened. My full retro is available in my bank currently and ebenefits does not show the payment made as of yet.
  4. No BBE yet, woke up to full retro payment available in my bank.
  5. I am curious as to when the payment history updates. I was recently awarded 90 percent and should get my first monthly check on the first. I was curious as to how soon before the check is authorized for direct deposit before it will show on there? Also, will I catch my retro pay there or in my bank first you think? I am mainly wondering about the update for monthly compensation but also if my retro will show on there as well.Thank you for taking the time to respond.
  6. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond yet again. I will update when I receive either the BBE or retro.
  7. That is great to know! Thank you. Any clue why the deposits are supposed to be broken up?
  8. Here is another huge issue! Can the Treasury Offset Program take my retro pay for a debt to Aafes? Now I am in a panic.
  9. Okay, I finally got a call back from the VA number. The results are- payments being processed right now, I was told to keep an eye on my bank account. However, I was told that I will get two deposits of $10,286.04, and separate deposit of $1,743.48 made of retro payments by the 30th. Is that normal for the payments to be broken up like that? I was also told that I will be getting my monthly payments beginning on the 1st. Thank you everyone for your help!
  10. Thank you all. I was hoping that I would be able to contact the VA through the 1800 number to get info on my retro amount and when the deposit will take place, as a few bills are behind but I am having no luck other than being told to call back at a later time. Also, do you think I will receive my first monthly compensation on the first? Thank you all so much. You all are seriously so knowledgeable and a beneficial part of any lost vet's life.
  11. Thank you for taking the time to respond!
  12. Thank you all! What is the average time it takes to receive the BBE? Where is it sent from? My regional office or headquarters? What about the retro, what does it show on my bank as a deposit? The Treasury or the VA? I am so lost and with today being a holiday, I can't find out any information.
  13. Wow, so this should be sooner rather than later. I can only hope so. Thank you for your time!
  14. Okay thank you. How long will it take to receive the forms in the decision packet usually?
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