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  1. USN308 here, late but yada yada...
  2. Hi Tbird, been a while since I was around. Where would I ask a question about the DVA regarding being reimbursed for the Medicare Part A & B monthly health care premiums I paid for years? The DVA was supposed to, they sent out the form for being reimbursed for medical expenses paid by the veteran.  BUT, they specify a time window and they always sent me the form AFTER the time window was passed. We're talking thousands of dollars & i'm tempted to sue....

  3. Usn308 present & allegedly accounted for. It's been a few years, been trying to get a place to stay through VASH but they drag their feet---3 years this time, 3 1/2 last time which was about 6-7 years ago. They keep dissing me, no communication, called one for four months straight, outgoing message says she'll "return all calls within 72 hrs." Must be that new math... Anyway, WHOOYA TO ALL!!!
  4. Getting off this planet ASAP.

  5. Usn308, aye. Figured I should let ya know I'm alive...for what it's worth.
  6. I've never gone to group therapy at the VA, but I am infrequently able to get an appointment to see a VA therapist psycologist who fills my prescriptions for ptsd meds and actually seems to be listening---why anyone would listen to me is beyond my comprehension, but that's my take on it. I was sort of pursuing a claim for a while, but I just don't seem to think it's any use. Haven't even ridden my bicycle for who knows how long, not really interested in much of anything except trying to avoid trigger scenarios and not go off on *$#@ civilians. pretty lame, but that's about all I've been able to muster for years now. Heck, I'm still amazed I actually got an apartment to stay in through the VASH program, but I still sleep on the floor. You'd think I was still living outside. I keep wondering when I'm going to have to move out of my place. Looks like a storage locker someone threw a tantrum in---or is in the process of either moving in, or moving out. When I'm not depressed I'm all aggravated about something---or really, nothing.
  7. USN308 Present, and totally unaccountable, Senior! After all these months I'm back, in an apartment instead of living rugged, on VASH program, taking my meds for PTSD, might even say I'm almost able to deal with my own seabag 'o s**t! Missed the heck outta all of you. Yeah, you heard me right, ALL of you! "I got my shit together once, Miller---couldn't pick up the bag." Chief Sampson "So who gave you tomorrow, Miller?" Chief Sampson----The best Chief I ever served with. Period.
  8. USN308 Reporting, Present and Accounted for. Better late than never, right? Right! I'm so glad all you people are here!
  9. usn308

    I Woke Up Alive

    Hi Pete! Good to see you're still around man. I'm going to try and post something in the Social Chat Forum and see if I can follow instructions; we'll see how it goes. It may be PTSD related but I don't know, so I'll just put it there. I'm still waiting and muddling around too, but hey, at least I finally got housing! Through VASH program.
  10. usn308

    I Woke Up Alive

    I woke up alive with most of my parts still attached today, and considering what a lot of you are going through that seems like a pretty good start. I'm glad to have all of you here. Because that means I'm in the company of the best people on the planet. Yup, pretty darn lucky guy.
  11. usn308 present and accounted for sort of; somewhere on the site I thought I'd posted in Roll Call is an Event Notice for today, Sunday, 2010 in Marin County, Ca. Somewhere.
  12. usn308 Present, with some time-sensitive info for San Francisco Bay area Veterans And Supporters I don't know where to put it so I'll just ask & give a sitrep right here, right now: FILM SCREENING, PANEL DISCUSSION &FUNDRAISER Iraq War Veteran and recent graduate for the Berkekey Digital Film School will be screening three (3) short films with themes related to coming home from the battlefield, PTSD,and suicide. 100% of all ticket sales and donations will go dirctly to the following organizations: J/P Haitian Relief Organization, Pakistani Flood Victims, UC Berkeley and College of Marin veterans organizations. WHAT Screening of student films about veterans returning from, war, panel discussion between veterans and audience. WHY To facilitate discussion between the veterans community and civilians and raise money for important organizations. WHEN Sunday December 5th Reception 5-6 PM Screening 6-7 PM Panel Discussion 7-8 PM WHERE Onley Hall and auditorium Theatre at the College of Marin, 835 College Ave, Kentfield,CA 94904 tickets at the door only Students $15.00 General Public $20.00 Veterans FREE For more information contact: robin.jackson@marin.edu Sponsored by the College of Marin Drama Club
  13. usn308 here, Anyone in?

  14. usn308

    August Roll Call

    USN 308 Present and totally unaccountable! THIS VETERAN IS NO LONGER "HOMELESS!" It took 3 long years, but I now have a great 1 bedroom apartment in Marin County, California---San Rafael, to be kinda sorta semi-accurate(ish) NOW HEAR THIS: YOU PEOPLE ROCK!!! ALL HANDS DESIRING TO DO SO REPORT TO THE DO SO LOCKER IMMEDIATELY. THAT IS ALL. (I think.)
  15. USN308 finally reporting in--- May is always a rough month for me, but I made it through. That road trip I said I was feeling coming on last year in May wound up with me in the San Francisco Bay area with the same stuff I think I was trying to run away from still with me. Spent all this time houseless--- I refuse to use the term homeless because this country is my home,damn it, and no one is gonna take that away from me. They may have ripped me off for everything I owned, I can't even remember what self esteem, or pride, or self respect or any number of things are anymore but evidently I'm just too stupid or stubborn to know or admit when I'm licked. SO BE IT. Looks like the last time I showed up at hadit was back in February. People probably replied to my post, and I didn't even have the wherewithall to even check, much less reply, so I feel I owe everyone here an apology for being a screw-up. Depression and ptsd really suck. Marin County doesn't even have a so-called homeless shelter, but that's OK, as long as I can stay dry I can stay warm, and since I don't cause any trouble the cops don't mess with me. But I've still got the same old feeling that I don't belong on this planet, I get pretty lonely, like what's the point? what's the use? What the hell am I still here for? just to make people roll their eyes and say to themselves "crap, he's back again. Says he's gonna do something and then doesn't even post for almost half a year." Why? Because other people might think more of me than I think of myself. BUT I'M STILL OUT HERE. I don't know what I'd do without all of you here on hadit, but I've got a pretty good idea. Thanks for reading this, I'll try to get online again as soon as I can; I'm gonna try to get a used Macintosh Apple laptop notebook thingie I see everyone using when I'm dosing myself with self-prescribed anti-depressant liquid at the coffee shops---that's coffee. Peets has the strongest I thinks. Time for me to go se if I can get some sleep, maybe my arms and legs won't try to beat me up twiching and jerking like they do most times---in other words I'm going offline now but I'll see if I can get myself to get back on later today. THANKS AGAIN PEOPLE.
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