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  1. You should go to your Dr and ask him to fill out FMLA for your disabilities. This will protect you from your employer.
  2. RETRO

    Congratulation Prettypantha! I will echo broncovet by saying persistence pays off, because those who stay the course receive the reward at the end. I just want to add that I was told in 2013 when I was only at 30% that I would never get a 100% rating because it's to hard to reach that rating. Well, 4 years later I'm 100% P&T! In their face!
  3. I just gave the number to a fellow vet I served with and he told me he couldn't get through, now I know why!
  4. Finally 100% P&T

    Congratulations, and remember to never give up!
  5. congrats broncovet! I hope the outcome is what you're expecting. I know the waiting is what I hate, especially if it's not favorable. I have an appeal at the board now an I'm expecting just over 40k if I win. If i have to go to the CAVAC then I will hire an attorney.
  6. Just got word Veteran was Approved

    Congrats Buck, and to the Vet and his family. Great work! I know what you mean about over looking information in your C-file.
  7. Atlcocky- I agree with Broncovet. The order in which you need to attack this is crucial. You must get service connection first, then correct percentage, and lastly EED. I'm trying to get my EED back to a claim from 1993. I submitted a claim back in 1993 with two issues on it but they only addressed one. Fast forward to 2013. I resubmitted a claim for the same issue that was ignored and it was grated. Now I'm fighting trying to get that EED back to 1993. This is a 5 figure back pay! It's currently at the board.
  8. Decision made but back to gathering of evidence?

    Look for the notification in the mail, because that is the official document you need. Ebenefit is not reliable.
  9. Ten years and one month.

    Congrats, way to go!
  10. I am so blessed !

    Congrats, that's wonderful news!
  11. Hello all, as I write this I think of the many veterans who have given their lives for this great country of ours. My prayers go out to their families. I come from a military family. My father was in the Navy back in WWII, and three of my brothers were in the Navy during Vietnam, but I went in the Air Force. I am now part of the 100% P&T as of Aug 2016 when I filed my last claim. It was a long road, but I am at that 100%. I took almost 24 years! I wish you all a safe Memorial Day!
  12. My road to 100% P&T

    Hi All, I must first give thanks to God for without his blessing I wouldn't be here. I was first rated at 30% from Jan 1993 until July 2013 right after I got out of the Air Force. File a claim July 2013. Rated 50% July 2013 until October 2014 then another claim was awarded to put me at 60%. Rated 80% on November 2015 from a NOD I did from the 2013 award. File a few other claims August 2016 and won those claims which put me at 100% P&T. I just got the award letter yesterday! I would like to thank the many members of Hadit for all the great information I have received here. I still have a NOD pending and an appeal at the board. As I have read here don't stop after you are awarded 100% P&T because if you have other issues from the military and don't claim them and die from them the VA will not award your dependents. The fight will be that much harder for your dependents to file a claim after your death. Never give up the fight!
  13. 80% How I did it

    ShuMan I have been making some noise. I have called several times, wrote IRIS, and called the office of case management, but still it's stuck at gathering of evidence.