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  1. Good luck and be safe with the move T-Bird!
  2. I separated the end of Dec 1992, but filed my initial claim Nov 1992 before leaving service and was awarded 30% Feb 1993.
  3. My DRO review took 5 months with a partial grant that I'm happy with.
  4. saxman

    SSDI finalized

  5. Thanks Berta, this is great news for me because I have an appeal at the board that this could help.
  6. Glashuttle- you need a diagnosis of what is causing the pain in your back. Examples are- strain back muscle, arthritis, or injury to your back in service ext. plus the other two broncovet mention. remember pain is not a condition. you must know what's causing the pain.
  7. I would like to echo Broncovet in the way to file your form 9. I did my own with no VSO help. I went line by line with everything they denied and refuted it with either medical evidence or 38 cfr. After I finished with it I took it into my DAV rep for him look over it and fax it to the VA. He liked it so much that he asked me if he could make a copy to use as an example for others. It took a lot of research on my part.
  8. I'm 4 months into waiting on a copy of my c-file. I requested a cd copy of it. The first request took over 2 years.
  9. saxman

    Attn T-Bird, Ring That Bell For Me

  10. mrstephens 11, I agree with brocvet because I have the same situation. when I was discharged from active duty I applied for two conditions but was only award for one. The other one they never adjudicated until I applied again for the same condition 20 years later and was awarded for it. Now, the main thing is to get awarded for the unajudicated condition and awarded benefits. that's the first step, now you do a NOD for EED back to when you first applied ( 20 years ago for me ). of course the local regional office is going to deny because you're talking 10's of thousands of $$$ in my situation. My claim is at the BVA and has just been placed on their docket. Good luck!
  11. saxman

    100% P&T..... finally

    congrats on the win, and the p&t is important!
  12. saxman

    Member Of The 90's Club

    Welcome to the 90% club Prettypantha!
  13. saxman


    Congrats Prettypantha!
  14. saxman

    Won everything

    Congrats on the win!

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