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  1. Hi All, I must first give thanks to God for without his blessing I wouldn't be here. I was first rated at 30% from Jan 1993 until July 2013 right after I got out of the Air Force. File a claim July 2013. Rated 50% July 2013 until October 2014 then another claim was awarded to put me at 60%. Rated 80% on November 2015 from a NOD I did from the 2013 award. File a few other claims August 2016 and won those claims which put me at 100% P&T. I just got the award letter yesterday! I would like to thank the many members of Hadit for all the great information I have received here. I still have a NOD pending and an appeal at the board. As I have read here don't stop after you are awarded 100% P&T because if you have other issues from the military and don't claim them and die from them the VA will not award your dependents. The fight will be that much harder for your dependents to file a claim after your death. Never give of the fight!
  2. ShuMan I have been making some noise. I have called several times, wrote IRIS, and called the office of case management, but still it's stuck at gathering of evidence.
  3. Wow! 90 days, congratulations on your bump in %. I'm on 6 months with my claim and it's still in gathering evidence phase... ugh! Again, congrats!
  4. Thanks Buck52, and broncovet! I will send it in ASAP! I'm just so skeptical of the VA....
  5. Hi all, about a month ago I received VA form 21-0538 requesting the status of my dependents. Nothing has changed with my dependents. I have seen post that some people have experience problem with the VA treating this form as a claim. Well, the problem with that is I have a current claim that is getting close to closing and I don't want them to treat this form as a claim and combine it with my current claim. So my question is should I just sit on the form until my claim is finish? Thanks in advance!
  6. RHM 1966, I have basically the same thing that's on my ebenefit page. I was told that those are just some of the evidence that has already been looked at and completed. Mine also included a RVSR review, and initial medical evidence review.
  7. Congrats Navy4Life! Never give up, but enjoy this victory for now!
  8. I too had a DRO review success, but I pointed out a low ball rating with the correct cfr 38 reg. All other review was continued denied.
  9. tdiu

    Wonderful new! Make sure you check your state benefits for 100%
  10. Gastone, The review I believe is in part due to the pending claim I have. All of my other conditions are "static" and one condition has been rated at the same rate for over 20 years. In addition to that I'm over 55.
  11. I agree with Broncovet that you have to keep the pressure on the VA, because they will forget about those who are silent and not complaining . I send an inquiry to IRIS every month as well as calling peggy every week about my current claim. I also call the Office Of Case Management every one in while. I always print out every response that IRIS send me just in case I need to use it in the future. I once email the VA secretary because my claim for a copy of my c-file was over the 2 1/2 year mark. 2 weeks later I get a call asking how I want my c-file on a cd or paper. keep on them!
  12. Congratulation!
  13. Thanks Jfrei, I have called that number before, and the woman was helpful. I will give them a try with this issue.
  14. Jfrei, thanks for replying. My claim still has not been decided yet. After all the claims I put in for and awarded this is the first time I have seen this type of review. I just hoping it's may because my current claim will put me over the 100% mark if awarded.
  15. Thanks everybody for the input on my question. I will put in the request for my c-file as my claim goes through it's process because I would like to have it to prep for a NOD if I need to and also find out what else is in there because I filed several claims since getting a copy of my last c-file.