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  1. Certainly if you have a VBM for 1980, for example, the Law/Reg book has 1980 data for an alleged 1980 CUE - I mean - if you are going to allege CUE for a particular year you need to know what the law/regs/DC's were for that year, so a 1996 VBA is useless, although it might refer to an earlier reg or law in some footnote, but it's doubtful that would help a specific issue. I have located a service called HeinOnline that (for a fee) allows one to access old law and regs, State and Federal and appears to be the answer to going back to the fifties if need be.
  2. Got all that, but useless for historical law/regs.
  3. I'd rather have the research material available for my own purposes, I'll check the NOVA site to see if I can dig up a reference to old law/regs. If you hear of anything please advise. Thanx.
  4. I don't have anything going back to the 60's, but I've read CAVC CUE cases that cite DC's and regs, some back to the 50's - so is there a publication or service that complies all this for handy reference ? The old, paper, law library is probably a sure answer, but it seems that considering the litigation explosion in VA since the late 80's someone would have put together a handy reference ?
  5. If a veteran was alleging CUE in a rating decision in, say 1967 I don't see how a 2015 DC description would be applicable ?
  6. Is anyone aware of a publication that contains VA laws/regs going back to the, say, 1960's forward ?
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