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  1. thanks. I wonder what triggered the re-exam? Can I expect this to happen all the time? All I want is to be left alone and enjoy my life. I EARNED what I have. Damn :(
  2. How often does the VA perform a re-exam on disability awards? mine was approved in may and I have already received one, with a CUE and proposed reduction. Do they do this all the time? Once every year to everyone? Can I expect them to continually come after me forever? Thanks.
  3. The evidence is from a colonoscopy performed in 2014 where the dr. noted no sign of anal fissures, or external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids noted. This must be where they got the info for them to say the condition has improved. They are calling it a "clear and uncontestable error" I believe. In my C+P. it was over all anal issues. I was noted by the examiner (nurse) moderate leakage from loss of sphincter control, which under CFR 38, part 4, as a 10% disability claim. So, I will send in a copy of her report, highlighted, with my contention that at least 10% is warranted. Is it normal for the VA to go back and review disability claims like this, or was it a review since it had just been awarded in May? I could have my PCM out at the base take a look if that would help. Comments please.
  4. Okay, so on 4 August I submitted my FDC Approved 5 May 2015 80%. Life is good :) Today, I get a letter from the VA saying they reviewed my claim, and disagreed with the 20% I received for Hemorrhoids, that it should be 70% overall and if I want I can submit evidence to keep my rating. So, at my C+P the nurse noted in the record loss of sphincter control, moderate leakage when doing the C+P for hemmorrhoids. Under 7332 on CRR38 Part 4 that is 20%. But VA review makes no note of it, stating that my hemorrhoid condition is insufficient for anything over 0% Apparently South Dakota RO gave me the 20% for the leakage, but the VA didn't like that. Is that because it falls under loss of sphincter control instead of hemorrhoids? I would think that if it is noted under the C+P exam for hemmorhoids that was conducted, that it should be compensable, as it has been. Is it normal for a completed disability to be reviewed 2-3 months after it's done? Hell, I thought he VA was backlogged! So, I will respond with the evidence about the leakage and hope they will give me the 10% that it would fall under which would keep my 80% total finding intact. Comments?
  5. Success! Filed 8 Aug 2014 Completed 1 July 2015 Received first concurrent receipt check TODAY. BUT......BUT......I am owed 10 months back pay and they DIDN"T GIVE IT TO ME! So, anyone knows what's up with that? I am getting my retirement AND disability, so I am in the system, but they didn't give me my money. So, what can I do about it? I'm looking at a bit over $15K Thanks.
  6. Well, I finally got my Comp claim done. Dated 8 August 2014, finished 1 July 2015. Really good disability amount. Received my concurrent receipt payment today. BUT......no back pay! So, what can I do to get my money? Thanks.
  7. Fdc Filed, But I Am Hearing Conflicting Info

    I've been in "review of evidence" almost 4 months......no C+P's....have received 2 letters from VRO stating they are still working it and sorry for the delay......looks like they aren't going to do any C+P's on the 10 items I listed.
  8. hmmmm....60% should be more than that
  9. My hope, is that they will not forgo the C+P in an attempt to just "get it done"....and I end up getting a low settlement, and spend the rest of my life trying to get it fixed/upgraded.
  10. Fdc Filed, But I Am Hearing Conflicting Info

    what is SSDI? what is a VSCM?
  11. Fdc Filed, But I Am Hearing Conflicting Info

    Well, my hope is that they won't rush to get my FDC completed, and in so doing give me a low percentage "just to get me out of the way".
  12. Has anyone on here seen a person receive compensation on a FDC without having a C+P exam at all? Just curious.
  13. Fdc Filed, But I Am Hearing Conflicting Info

    Sounds good to me.....let's get this thing going! :)
  14. Fdc Filed, But I Am Hearing Conflicting Info

    UPDATE: 3 days ago my claim went to "Review of Evidence". It was in "Gathering Evidence" 33 days. Strange that they pushed it to the review stage without doing a C+P. I have heard that sometimes they will process a claim without a C+P if they believe the documentation is sufficient. About 2 weeks ago, I went in and talked to my VSO, and asked them if they could look into the status of my FDC. She made a call right there on the spot, and told me it was still being worked. About 2 days later I got a letter from VA Compensation stating sorry for the delay, your file is actively being worked, then a week after that I was pushed forward, as I stated, to the Review Phase. Now, I understand they can move it back, and possibly will, when they see a C+P(s) haven't been done, but who knows?