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  1. thnks the ab8 is still at 70
  2. asi had stated before I was awarded two out of four contentions and two deferred. Went on ebennies today and found that clam was closed even though the normal rating would not have raised the percentage. I had 30% and was awarded 50% for OSA and 10% for dysphalgia this brought it to 70% AB8 and retro paid. When I went on vonapp and started a new claim to check start dates OSA didnt look right. Today when I went back GERDwas denied Nerve damage was 10% but the OSA and dyspalgia were gone. Could they have pulled these to change dates. Still no BBE.
  3. Thanks all amazing I claimed FDC on June 10th when they confirmed OSA fought with my primary for 14 month's for study then told her in no plain terms you refer it or the next person you here from will be a senator, The other contentions I held off on even though they have been around for some time just wanted that magic number for ui. Because of the trouble with the primary the Senator was already on board so 95 days total Columbia s.c. OSA effective Date 6-30-2014 dysphalgia effective date 6-14-2012. Not bad for retro and less hassle overall. Depending on the outcome of the two deferred cou
  4. AO Thailand connected If you were at Takhai Utapho or U-Dorn I have extensive lay out information for these three three bases. Would be more than happy to help.
  5. I posted several replies this past week on opinion from what research that I did in splitting out my claim to prevent stacking and denial. Four contentions for secondary. My VSO called this morning and said 50% OSA 10% dyspalgia Facial nerve damage and GERD deferred Imagine that C@P in favor of nerve along with nuero I think the examiner confused cn5 with cn7. And evidently because of the GERD being gone for many years and resurfacing lately they might consider that. At any rate 70% combined now. Actually came out better than expected.
  6. Hey dont give up remember things are put up to help. You are getting straight forward imput from people who have been there and or going through the same issue. I reasently had a C@P for osa. RESTATEMENT OF REQUESTED OPINION: a. Opinion from general remarks: Is the veteran's sleep apnea related to the laryngeal cancer with stenosis of the larynyx post laryngeal cancer? b. Indicate type of exam for which opinion has been requested: DBQ sleep apnea TYPE OF MEDICAL OPINION PROVIDED: [ MEDICAL OPINION FOR SECONDARY SERVICE CONNECTION ] a. The condition claimed is at least as likely as n
  7. Some VAMC are standing up got a call last Sun for a Tue C@P and a Call today with information to schedule a fee basis consult I do know that our Senator has made A personal Visit to the Charleston S.C and Columbia S.C VAMC and Columbia VARO since the Sh-----T hit the fan. This is the type of leaders we need. Straight to the sorce for answers. I have regular conversations with his aide that handles VA issues and moved with him from when he was our Congressman was told he could not get answers in D.C so he went to the source again pro active members we need to put people like this in regardless
  8. Greetings everyone I have been here off and on and just now decided to post First let me say never never give up. The va lost my records for over 35 years. Wrong social number put in back in the seventies. Cleared up 2011. So maybe I can chime in on es. My recent claim for secondary conditions in relationship sc Laryngeal cancer currently ruled at 30% residuals. I filed 4 secondary contentions 1. Es my throat is narrowing because of the radiation treatments. 2. GERD 3. Facial nerve damage a very rare late effect. and 4. Sleep apnea. This is my third claim. first we did the cancer no proble
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