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  1. Thank you the BBE came in today! :) However i will have to file a NOD- because they claim I withdrew my depression in May- when I most certainly didn't. Why would I if I have to take meds for it every day? O_o Gotta love the VA and those dirty little tricks they like to play. Either way, I'm still ecstatic. :)
  2. Hello everyone, I just wanted to give some information on my success with getting an increase for some S-C disabilities. My claim was actually held up for 2 months from a VSR at the VA in Los Angeles (Wilshire)- They had said it was filed, but upon checking Ebenefits as he told me to do- 6 weeks later- nothing had shown as filed. So I took it upon myself to walk it into the federal building myself and low and behold that following Monday it showed up on eB's... as filed on the date I walked it in. This is the second time I have attempted to allow the VA's reps assist me and every time
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