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  1. My husband passed away 1-7-21 and the death certificate stated Idiopathic interstitial pneumonitis. He had been at a 100% rating for the past 6 years. However the rating was for Schizophrenia Paranoid type. His private doctor wrote a letter stating the pulmonary fibrosis happened in Vietnam. But the VA dr said no there are no service records showing that and declined the claim. I included in the claim that the treatment for pulmonary fibrosis are steroids and the medical records show they had to stop the treatment because he became so agitated on multiple occasions. That was not addressed in their deciison. I need a veterans group to help with the appeal.. Who should I contact?
  2. So he is getting the 100% for mental health condition for the past 6 years. He has been receiving compensation at different percentages since being medically retired from the Army in 1970. I am wondering if I should open a claim for the pulmonary fibrosis and link it to the mental health condition.. Would I risk them taking away his 100% if I start a new claim? His rating says permanent and total rating also so I think that means they can't change the 100%? I have calls in to the vet reps for my county so hopefully they can help me out.. I am just trying to prepare in case I am going to need help
  3. My husband is 100% permanent disabled. He is 72 years old and also gets retirement and social security and I work full time. He has a rare lung condition called pulmonary Fibrosis. He has been in the hospital for 3 weeks and is still not stable enough to come home. But when he does get to come home I would like to know if he would be eligible for home healthcare? And if so where do I go to apply? income guidelines? I hope to be able to keep him home and take care of him but what if he will need to go to a facility because he can't walk? Would he be eligible for a VA Hospital?
  4. Ok I am getting 100% pay because of unemployability- I am 90%... I have future exam 5 years. Question does my child quality for Champa VA?
  5. THe other way you can do it is pretend you are filing a new claim and when you go through the application it will show you what all your ratings are. You can use calculator to see what your new rating is.
  6. Ok so friday I went to ebenefits and found out my rating is now 90% and I will be paid 100% for unemployability.. 5 years they will review.. so this means temporary.. Here are my disabilities: traumatic brain injury 0% Service-Connected 10/12/2008 headaches, residual of TBI 30% Service-Connected 09/15/2014 left lower extremity sciatic radiculopathy (claimed as secondary to back condition) Not Service-Connected PTSD 50% Service-Connected Predischarge Exam 09/15/2014 right shoulder strain with degenerative joint disease (previously evaluated under DC 5003) 20% Service-Connected Predischarge Exam 09/15/2014 bilateral pes planus with plantar fasciitis 0% Service-Connected Predischarge Exam 10/12/2008 lumbosacral strain with degenerative disc disease 40% Service-Connected Predischarge Exam 10/12/2008 right lower extremity sciatic radiculopathy 20% Service-Connected 09/25/2014 right distal femur osteochondroma 10% Service-Connected Predischarge Exam 10/12/2008 tinnitus 10% Service-Connected Predischarge Exam 10/12/2008 left knee condition Not Service-Connected Predischarge Exam bilateral hearing loss 0% Service-Connected Predischarge Exam 10/12/2008 I still have about a year and 1/2 left of my GI Educational benefits. I am worried if I go back to school they may take away the 100 percent pay... I am worried as time goes on they may want to take away some of my rating and I need to be prepared. I have to meet with a counselor to figure out what I need to get a degree in because of my health and mental limitations first.. I am hoping I can do something and be productive again.. Do you think I should appeal it because I know the left side of my back and legs bothers me... Any advise would be helpful.. I am very grateful I have this money but I don't trust the system... And they told me that right lower extremity and right distal femur have improved and they will evaluate me in 2 years for rate reduction.. any advise would be much appreciated.
  7. Yes Total & Permanent with No Future Exams Scheduled,
  8. Thanks.. I only owe 1400 after they took their payment.. I just want to get it paid off. But I have 2 appointments next week for PTSD and TBI... I am getting 30% for PTSD and 0% for TBI and they are suppose to decide on the unemployability after these appointments...
  9. Not getting the backpay applying to the money I owe...
  10. I have a VA debt I am paying back. They have been taking $100.00 out of checks everymonth for the past 3 years. It is for my GI bill. I just was increased 80% will they keep the back pay? Anybody have experience.
  11. Thank you everybody.. for your advise..
  12. I may not even get back pay for the time I applied because the claim is still open.. They have to evaluate other things I requested. They granted me 20% more but the others are still pending.. So will I get the back pay for 80% now or do I have to wait till the claim is closed? Anybody have experience with this situation?
  13. When on ebenefits and its showing 80% on my award.. I was at 70%. The file is still showing gathering of evidence though and they set me up for a C&P in the next 2 weeks. I had a 0 percentage for shoulder and they gave me 20% effective 9/2014..when I filed the claim.. I did that thing where i requested they make a decision on the claim.. Because I have never received compensation for this will they go back prior to 9/2014?
  14. What I find interesting is I received in the mail a request for me to get the form completed by employee. The letter states if they do not hear from me within 30 days they will decide the claim without evidence. Based on the letter they already requested and 30 day waiting period is up... I sent them a letter in ebenefits advising the 30 day waiting period is up to process the claim.. We will see if this works. I find this whole process dumb because most employees will not complete..
  15. Thank you...Already had compensation exam...
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