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  1. Isn't there any way to tell a supervisor of the VSO that the VSO rep submitted the wrong paperwork?? I want to at least make sure he doesn't make the same mistake on another veteran that needs Comp paperwork done..
  2. I have been dealing with a rep from the state of TN, who has been working with me after my first Total Knee Replacement. This was in 2018. I have since had 2 revision surgeries on the SAME KNEE due to the implant loosening. 2nd claim for the temp 100% went well. When I sent him all the paperwork THIS year, he filed all the current paperwork EXCEPT the actual comp form from my community care doc. He sent the 2019 form instead of the one from this year, so my claim is all screwed up!!! I attempted to contact this rep, and either due to COVID or just him being lazy, he has not responded to e
  3. Does ANYONE know if I will again get the 13 months of 100% disability while I recover AGAIN from this hell surgery?? I'm already sick of hurting, and I can't even walk to my car without screaming, let alone fighting with the knee that won't bend to get it in the car!!!!
  4. I had my right knee replaced due to SC last April, 2018. 6 months after surgery, something was wrong, and I was in too much pain. After waiting and all the tests, it was discovered that I had a loose implant and now needed to have my knee opened again and redone. This was accomplished this past Wednesday. SO much more pain than the first time. And heck, could they make the scar any longer??? Anyway.. I just completed my temp 100%, and have the new letter from my doc to file for another temp claim. My question is.. Will it be for 13 months again? I feel like I have been crippled for YE
  5. I had my right knee replaced last April 30, and I am currently still receiving my temporary 100%(my last payment is due on the 1st). My ortho surgeon has discovered that my tibial component is loose, and will have to do a revision- which means a more difficult operation and then another complete rehab. Will the temp disability again be 13 months??? Do I have to file a new claim or can I just get the doc to sign that paperwork he did last time on the day of the surgery?? I'm lost on this one... '
  6. I was diagnosed as needing a total knee replacement on my RIGHT knee when I was 34 or 35 years old. At that time, the docs told me I would have to wait until at least age 50 to get the surgery because "they only want to do it once." Fast forward to last April, when at 54, my surgery was finally done. Starting last November, I started having pain in my lower back on my left side. After xrays and an MRI, it was discovered that not only is my left leg was now 3/4" SHORTER than my surgically repaired leg, and that I have "pars defects" in my L2, and my L3 is "uncovered". No doctor YET ha
  7. How long will this REALLY take?? I saw my VSO officer and did the paperwork on Feb 6. He needed a copy of my marriage certificate (which I had to order and wait on, since it was over 20 years ago!) so all paperwork was complete as of Feb 20. Yes, I know it's only been 3 days, but I wonder if it's true that it will only take 30 days for this to resolve itself. It's an easy one, I swear!! Was told I finally met the requirements for my total knee replacement-- I was originally told I would need TKR at age 35, and I will be 55 in September!!! Only been 20 years!! I was also told that
  8. So let me start at the beginning. I was active duty for 3 years. When I ETS'd, I had a C&P, and given 20% for my right knee, and 0% for my right ankle, both service connected. Since then, I have been told I will need to have TKR on my right knee, although I am still waiting for ortho to give me a date, as they keep changing what I need to do before having the surgery done. I have been seen for years by psychiatry for depression and anxiety. I was seen by Mental Health while active duty, when my (also active duty) husband put a gun to my head. I have had bouts of depression ever si
  9. a little late to this discussion, but I can tell you what MY experience was with the VA/Medical cannabis. I am a service connected veteran who is suffering from stage 4 osteoarthritis in my knee due to service connection. I have what the doc calls "breakout" pain. This is different from my every day, "hey, you have no cartilege in your knee, you're bone on bone, and chips hit your nerves" pain.. My doc did NOT want to get me started on heavy pain killers but the VA would NOT replace my knee until I hit 50.. Doc said to me-- "I don't know what your feelings are about cannabis, but if
  10. At 35, I was told I would need to have my knee replaced by the VA when I turned 50. Well, they are finally doing it. After 16 years of pain and difficulties walking and moving like a normal person, they are fixing it. I am looking at November for the surgery. I have my next appt with the surgeon on Sept 2, and I have to finish my season at work (I work for a professional baseball team that looks like they are going to the post season!!). I have been told that I will get a temporary 100% rating due to this being part of my service connection, and having to be out of work. What is th
  11. Having total knee replacement done in November, 2014, as part of my service connection. Was told by someone that I would get 100% disability after surgery. When will this start, and how long does it last? I want to give my boss some sort of idea of when I can return to work, too.. Who does that paperwork? Is it part of the preop stuff I have to do with my ortho surgeon? Hell, I don't even know where to find some of this stuff.. Thanks for any info..
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