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  1. I was recently awarded 50% for SA - secondary to TBI. Just received the rating after 2 years of applying for it. - What's even crazier is when I went in for the DBQ the rater stated that it was less likely than not more than 50% that my SA was secondary to TBI - so how I got awarded for it... is beyond me. I'll take the win though!
  2. Hey Guys, If the VA sends a copy of my records, (medical or financial) containing my SSN and other forms of personal identifiable information out to someone other than me can they be help responsible and what can I do to report that? I had a battle buddy text me this afternoon, stating that he received a letter in the mail from a stranger (also a vet) who lives in Texas stating he got a copy of my battle buddy's records including medical and financial information. He was pretty pissed off, but SUPER Thankful for the intergrity of the Vet who sent him what he was originally supposed to have gotten. He reached out for help... and as I do - I ask you all for your insights! - C
  3. Hey Buck, Not sure if this might help but have you tired looking with the national archives? https://www.archives.gov/veterans/military-service-records/ When only key documents and extracts are provided from the Official Military Personnel File and the Medical Record, the response package contains a copy of all separation documents and all of the following information if it is in the file: Military Services DatesCharacter of ServicePromotions and ReductionsDuty Stations and AssignmentsForeign or Sea ServiceMilitary Schooling and TrainingAwards and Letters of CommendationDisciplinary ActionsLost TimeEnlistments ContractsEntry and Separation Physical ExamsImmunizationsDental ExaminationsClinical Summaries/Cover SheetsMaybe this can help or provide something that you may or may not have. - C
  4. RO Coaches?

    Thanks Vync! I appreciate the insight, it helps understand it a little more. I would hope that a noob is not a coach! I am really in no rush to get this claims processed - I just want to make sure the process is done right. I know that the VA ... tries ... to be perfect and consistent - that's why it's up to this community to keep them on the right path, or get called out on their BS! -C
  5. RO Coaches?

    Awesome - I really appreciate the response and the help. I have this strange hobby of wanting to learn everything and anything about the system as much as I can. I look at it like a game of cards, and wanting to know everything and anything about the game. How can you master something you don't know or understand? I love reading this message board because I come across all different types of road maps to success to better help my position. -C
  6. RO Coaches?

    Thanks RU, I guess my question needed to be more directed. - What is a Team Coach? What is this person responsible for? What is the process for how the claims are handled? Are they given to a Team Member then given to the Coach for review? Thanks! - C
  7. Hey Everyone, This may be something that has been discussed before, but I tried to do my due diligence and research with no avail. Therefore, I come to the community I know will have the resources to help me get the info I am looking for. So recently I was talking with my VSO and I wanted to check the status of my claim. It had been in the ever wonderful "gathering evidence" phase for sometime now and I like to check now and then whats going on. Her response was interesting to me - she stated that my claim was moved to a specific individual who is a Team Coach (I believe at the Regional Office) and is handling the action. So I was wondering - what really happens? What is the process for the claim from the inside of the VA? Are their really teams that work these claims together? I guess it's just my way of trying to figure out this strange system. Thanks Guys! -C
  8. Hey Buck, I had a situation similar to yours where I was being seen by the PCP RN, and a part of the pre-check. I noticed that as she was inputting data into the computer and answering questions that I did not answer. I quickly called her out on it asking, why she was answering those questions for me? Her response "it's more efficient if I just answer the questions that don't matter rather then ask you." I sat there in an "awe" moment like WTF.. was that seriously what her answer was!? I told her for the benefit of my records I would be more comfortable answering them myself, rather then her on my behalf. Naturally, she was annoyed because I cut into her texting time. As soon as I was done with her, and the doctor came in - I made it very clear to him that some of the responses from the RN check were not accurate and I wanted it reflected in my notes with the doctor. He was apprehensive at first, until I explained that some of those responses she gave were not accurate and if it was not reflected I would be taking the matter up higher. He then said his peace - about how it is important to have accurate information and made his necessary notes. I was not done at that point - I went to the front desk to ask for the person who is responsible for running that clinic to address the issue. I was handed the general phone number to the hospital and said that I can get a hold of them there. Now, I am beyond pissed. I have considered recording all my interactions at the VA - but like most people have said on this board.. it is a not highly suggested. What other avenue does a Veteran have in the "He said - She Said" game? Eventually, we are going to begin seeing videos come out exposing the bad habits and destructive practices at the VA much like the secret planned parenthood hidden camera footage. It's only a matter of time - my suggestion would be that once the notes are input into the system - the veteran gets a chance to "sign" off on them. I know that might bog down on time but if it prevents shady business... I'm all for it. - C
  9. It just seems like it's shady. Not that I am suprised what so ever.... Thanks Broken.
  10. Hey Everyone! I just wanted to throw this out there and get everyones thoughts and opinions on the subject. So right now I am 20% SC for Tinnitus and TBI. I've got a couple claims in right now, and have been seeking treatment for those claims, as well as my SC disabilites. As an OIF/OEF I am entitiled to 5 years of free healthcare - I am in year 3 of my 5 years. Everything was fine and dandy, and then all off a sudden the VA started billing my private insurance for my claims. My first thought was WTF - why are they billing my private insurance. So I went and talked to my VSO and she stated that "Yes, they can bill your insruance but they cannot bill you." I thought okay.... sounds legit, but then I started to think more... why are they billing my private insurance if my treatment is supposed to be free. Why does my insruance have to pay for any treatment ? Won't my insurance look down at me now since I am going to all these appointments - not only through the VA but my private family doctor as well? So I online and searched this topic - and thus leads me to here. I have not really found a solid answer to this. My intial thought was okay - so their billing my private insurance, no big deal as long as it doesnt bill to me. Then I thought - No, this is not cool. They shouldn't be billing anyone but themselves if I am qualifed for 5 years of free health care. What is the sense of saying that it's free health care if they're still billing my insurance? It's sort of iratating if you start to really think about it. Just my thoughts - wanted to see what everyone had to say. C
  11. Hello Everyone, I have been doing some research online and I was wondering what different kinds of information everyone has come across in regards to the Voc Rehab program. I know the general specifics, but I know this awesome community always has that little bit of extra information that the VA fails to give out, or other tricks of the trade. Thanks guys! C
  12. Do you have a service connection for PTSD or TBI? I was able to provide this study done by doctors at Walter Reed to both my sleep and tbi docs and they're looking into it - maybe this can help you when you go speak with your private physican. I have been fortunate with my TBI doctor as she used to be a medical examiner in the Army and understands the conditions and the reasons for my VA claim. Have you talked to your service rep? I have also found that they know doctors who tend to lean in the favor of the Veteran or can at least point you in the right direction. Hope some of that helps as well. C
  13. Hey Bolt_vet23 That is a battle I am going through right now - and just to make you feel a little bit better, our scenerio is almost exactly the same. Here is what I did - 1) I went to my primary care doctor (personal) and told him that I was having issues with my sleep. I was experiencing excessive daytime sleepiness and fatigue. He recommened me that I have a sleep study preformed. 2) Went to sleep doctor - he asked questions about my excessive daytime sleepiness and fatigue. - I told him about my service in the military and the onset of the snoring while I was there and deployed. I stressed to him that the symptoms occured while I was there. 3) He recommened I go in for a normal sleep study 4) Based on the results of my sleep study it was determined that I do have sleep apnea and a second study was requested with a CPAP 5) Results returned - CPAP perscribed. So after all that I filed my claim with all my supporting documention. I went for my C&P exam and the examiner determied that yes the dignonsis was correct. The VA denied my claimed based on the lack of supporting medical documentation in my serivce file and failed to show how the claim was related to service. So right now I am having the sleep doctor review my military record, and write a letter stating that the sleep apena was secondary to TBI. I am also having my TBI doctor write a letter supporting that same verifing that that sleep apena is a secondary to TBI as well. I guess I can let you know as the process goes. Good Luck C
  14. Small Business Information

    TBird - Thank you, this is awesome information. I will definitly keep this close to home! C
  15. Hey Guys I got a phone call today from the VA when scheduling me for an appointment. I was refered for to the gastro clinic by my VA primary. They called me today and informed me that the earliest I would be able to come in would be at the end of September. They said they would not give me an actual date and time for the appointment. They did however offer me some kind of "voucher" that will allow me to seek authorized outside treatment from a doctor of their chosing if I did not want to wait until September. They said their policy was to have someone seen by a doctor within 30 days or make outside treatment available to the Veteran. My question - what would you guys recommend? I am was refered to this clinic for symptoms of IBS due to my time spent deployed and will be a part of my claim. Would you suggest waiting the 30 days to see an actual VA doctor or taking the oppurtunity to see one of the hired guns from the outside? What do you think would be best for gathering evidence for later? I am all about getting my ducks in a row and I like to see what the best options available are before making my informed decision. Thanks! C