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  1. Thank You all, first for your service to our Country, for your sacrifices and lastly, for all your help on my questions. God Bless You All.
  2. Received my awards letter today. Finally got to 100%. Read it through 3 times, and I still have questions. First, it says, "No examination will be scheduled in the future for your permanent and total disabilitiy/disabilities. Does that mean I am P & T? My disability may affect my ability to have a drivers license in my state. Should I relinquish my license if my state says that with this condition I cannot drive? Can I work at all? The awards letter says I have the highest scheduler evaluation allowed under the law. No where does it say anything about TDIU. Thanks to all for the help.
  3. Hello All. Great site with really good info. I am S/C with a seizure disorder since 1982. Seizures recently got worse and I filed for a re eval. Received call today from VES to set up appoinments as they were asked by VA to "help expedite my claim" Did my research on VES, but can't find too much here on going through a re evaluation for an existing S/C disability. Is having your claim expedited a normal process? It took over a year back in 1982. Should I also seek a private Dr's opinion? Thanks for any help and of course, for your service.
  4. Hello, All. Found this forum while searching for help with my VA claim. Looks like I came to the right spot. Want to thank you all for your service to this country.
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