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  1. WOW...Winning really has a SWEET smell to it

    Andyman, I hope so as well...and now I wait
  2. Success! 100% P&T, No Future Exams

    Julie this is OUTSTANDING news and congratulations to you and your family.
  3. WOW...Winning really has a SWEET smell to it

    I completed my last C&P exam on Saturday, it was scheduled for 2 hours but the C&P doctor only kept me in the office for 19 minutes and then sent me on my way. We will see what happens after all has been said and done. Thank you all for your support.
  4. WOW...Winning really has a SWEET smell to it

    As a quick update, I went to both of the C&Ps and while there I was scheduled for two more C&P exams for all of my previously service connected contentions. I will keep you all updated as I continue to maneuver through this process.
  5. WOW...Winning really has a SWEET smell to it

    Thanks Pete, I will definitely talk to my VSO about filing for TDIU prior to finishing up my last set of C&Ps on Tuesday.
  6. WOW...Winning really has a SWEET smell to it

    Advice is to read the CFR, take time to research and do not take no for an answer...I wish there was something special that I can say I did, but I can't. I just kept reading, researching throughout this process. My initial claim started in 2005 with an increase in 2008. Moving on to 2010, I submitted all of my medical documentation to support my claim including medical notes from the Orthopedic Surgeons regarding my knees and feet. In 2012, the VA denied every contention and kept my percentage for my foot stating that I missed an appointment for my C&P, I responded with a 4138 stating that I never received a phone call nor letter notifying me of the C&P so then they reopened the claim and scheduled a C&P for everything but my knees and feet and denied everything saying that nothing ties these contentions to my military service. I started poking around and ordered my C-File and went through every single document and pointing out every instance of sick call, emergency room visits and physical therapy notes. I had my doctor complete a DBQ for my knees and feet including several other contentions. The 2012 rating decision indicated that I could not receive compensation on certain contentions due to pyramiding and other contentions were lumped together into one rating and an additional rating for the foot was added. So fast forward to 2013, I had a C&P and the examiner's confirmed every contention my personal orthopedic surgeon concerning my contentions with my knees and feet; my 2014 rating decision kept my feet the same with the addition of finally adding my knees. So fast forward to 2015, when I asked for an increase on these conditions along with several other Gulf War related contentions my claim was temporarily moved from my original VARO in St. Pete, FL to VARO in Roanoke, VA. After my C&Ps my claim went to Lincoln, NE for ten days then came back to Roanoke, VA. I am not sure what prompted the CUE but I am so happy that it occurred. I received my retro pay, yesterday and every single contention awarded and denied in past claims have been reopened and now are all deferred.
  7. WOW...Winning really has a SWEET smell to it

    Thank you all...I have a couple of C&Ps tomorrow... No retro pay as of yet but I received the unofficial notice from my VSO stating that the VA CUE'd themselves on 5 of my previous service connected contentions.
  8. WOW...Winning really has a SWEET smell to it

    Thank you for your responses, I appreciate the support. Broncovet, if I could I would...lol I knew once I started naming people I would forget someone...TBird...thank you for having the vision to make this site a reality and a place full of knowledge, support and a breathe of fresh air.
  9. Almost there... I think..

    When you log into eBenefits in the "Main menumenu" drop down menu click "Manage" under this screen click "Documents and Records" and then click "VA letters"
  10. I logged in a hour ago to check my upcoming C&P appointment times and lo and behold my claim had been partially awarded, I went from 70% to 90% with 8 contentions deferred. What is even more surprising, but common is that the rater looked over all of my previous contentions with 4 of the service connected effective dates being changed in my favor dating back 5 years ago and 2 of my contentions that were denied previously being reopened and combined with the other 8 deferred contentions. I know this battle is not over and as I posted in another thread I have to repeat the C&Ps I completed in August in the next couple of weeks. I plan on showing up with my supporting documents in my hands even if the examiner does not want to look at them, I will be prepared. I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your words of encouragement and advice. Many of you might not know, but your thoughtfulness and support goes a long way. Although, I have not finished my course I smell something as sweet as Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts when the "HOT NOW" sign is on and that is a WIN!! I do not post much but I continuously lurk and have tried to soak in as much as I can as well as bookmark the different threads and links provided. I know when you start to name people you always seem to forget someone...so here goes, sincere thanks to Asknod, Berta, Vync, Broncovet, Andyman73, flores97, saints13, iceturkee, bluevet and the Pete's. If I forgot someone please blame my mind not my heart. To all those still waiting for something to happen with their claim, it may not be today or even tomorrow but you are next in line for your miracle! May God continue to bless and keep you all in perfect peace!!!
  11. Repeat C&P Exam

    I will be sure to do that! Thank you so much...
  12. Repeat C&P Exam

    WOW...this is so much information..I may end up in overload..this will help give me something to do while I'm up tossing and turning, watching infomercials, watching Netflix and playing games on the iPad. THANK YOU BUCK!!!
  13. Repeat C&P Exam

    Buck..thanks for your insight..it is great to get these types of tidbits of knowledge to store up for future use. Here is a quick update...my claim has been in "Preparation for Decision" since about ten days after my first set of C&P exams in August. I logged into Ebenny's tonight and my claim has moved to "Preparation for Notification" with upcoming C&P appointments in the next 2 weeks based on request from the VARO. I guess I can assume that my claim is going to be deferred until after I complete my upcoming C&Ps.
  14. Repeat C&P Exam

    Saints..I checked my C&P notes and the ENT had to restate the opinion regarding my allergies where he stated: "The condition claimed was at least as likely as not (50% or greater probability) incurred in or caused by the claimed in-service injury, event or illness. c. Rationale: Rhinologic symptoms characteristic of allergic sinusitis developed during military service but not as a specific exposure event in Southwest Asia." I never claimed allergies under Gulf War, I claimed them as a contention with a sinus condition as secondary to the allergies.
  15. Repeat C&P Exam

    Buck..it is interesting that you mentioned the C&P examiner's comments because that is the same thing she said to me. I looked on my appointments and saw that I have the same doctor from the last C&P..I guess she will be prepared to tell me that "it's not her that makes the decision and that she only writes down what she sees."