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  1. Buck/Moderators, Please put my post in the right location so i can get the maximum visibility input on this matter. Thanks Snake
  2. Hello, I’m service connected for chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, DDD, Arthritis, Torn Rotator Cupps, Chronic Pain, etc, etc, etc. I have had 6 spine surgeries while on active duty. I currently have a spinal cord stimulation to help with the pain. Please let me know if the VA has a program that can purchase me a SPA. I’m a 100%.P&T.
  3. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Snake).pdf

    As requested.. Let me know if you can open this one. 



  4. Flores97,

    Congratulations on your 100% P&T..

  5. Gastone,


    Do you have another email address which i can send it to.



  6. Sleeper 692, Thanks for your feedback. I'm trying to get P&T not TDIU. The doctor that did my examination was so damn nasty.. I had to check her twice on her attitude. At your next examination make sure you take all of your records concerning your CFS. Good luck on your upcoming C&P. Thanks Snake
  7. Please review/comment on what you think my % might be. Thanks Snake Chronic Fatigue Syndrome DBQ.pdf
  8. I'm getting K-1, and S-1. I have not applied for A & A..
  9. Buck, Thanks for the feedback. Do you have a sample i could go by?
  10. Hello, I'm requesting a sample of a Reconsideration Letter. Thanks Snake
  11. Gastone, I'm single and my total monthly amount is $3465.29, with one child and one parent. My voiding dysfunction is now 60%. i'm also housebound. I would like to submit a request to be P & T, your thoughts?
  12. Gastone,

    Please review/comment on my notes.


    Progress Note.pdf

    Radiology Report1.pdf

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