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  1. Buck/Moderators, Please put my post in the right location so i can get the maximum visibility input on this matter. Thanks Snake
  2. Hello, I’m service connected for chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, DDD, Arthritis, Torn Rotator Cupps, Chronic Pain, etc, etc, etc. I have had 6 spine surgeries while on active duty. I currently have a spinal cord stimulation to help with the pain. Please let me know if the VA has a program that can purchase me a SPA. I’m a 100%.P&T.
  3. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Snake).pdf

    As requested.. Let me know if you can open this one. 



  4. Flores97,

    Congratulations on your 100% P&T..

  5. Mrs Berta, Thanks for your feedback. I'm not P & T yet. I have a re-look in PTSD, Migraines, and Flat Feet in 2018. I have a single rating in PTSD, which is a 100%. These are some additional issues that i have just claimed. When i was retiring from the Army i did not have anyone to assist me with what to claim. Only recently i found out what i should be claiming. Yes, my DDD is already service connected and i get 40%. *Happy New Year* Snake
  6. Hello, Please let me know your thoughts on what you think my %s might be. Snake Shoulder and Arm Exam Conditions (Snake).pdf Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Snake).pdf Fibromyalgia DBQ (Snake).pdf Gulf War General Medical Exam Conditions (Snake).pdf Intestinal Conditions (Snake).pdf
  7. Hello, Please review and let me know if you think they will raise my sleep apnea percent from 50 to 100%. Thanks Snake Sleep Apnea C&P Snake Doctor .pdf
  8. Gastone,


    Do you have another email address which i can send it to.



  9. Please review/comment on what you think my % might be. Thanks Snake Fibromyalgia DBQ.pdf Chronic Fatigue Syndrome DBQ.pdf Gulf War General Medical Exam Conditions .pdf Intestinal Conditions .pdf Shoulder and Arm Exam Conditions .pdf
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