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  1. Berta,, I am 0% sc for hypertension. The way I read 38 U.S.C 5107(b) any myocardial occlusion is service connected if service connected for hypertension. I do have a pretty good cardiologist, so maybe he can link both into one letter, since OSA leads to unexplained hypertension and heart disease. Yes the VA had that letter and STR's with highlighted entries about my septum BMI, fatique, HBP and depression, plus a letter from my wife and sister. Like I said, I think they were in a hurry to close it. Thanks for the help and advice
  2. Georgiapapa, Unfortunatly the doc who diagnosed me in 02 has since moved on. He was great and would have given me an excellent IMO. I did go through my STR and civilian health record, found anything remotely related to OSA, highlighted it and submitted it, with this letter. My sister is a physical therapist which kind of puts her in the medical field, and her statement went back to the early 90's. I have an appt with my VSO, so hopefully we can formulate a strategy. Like I said they denied my heart attack, which should have been automatic since I'm rated for hypertension.They decided this
  3. I was wondering if i could get some opinions from the experts on this letter from my primary doc. I was denied SC for Apnea . Retired mar 2002, diagnosed at civilian doc with sleep anea Aug 2002, who didn't refer for sleep study, then sleep study May 2013 I submitted lay statements from wife and sister, attesting to snoring and stopping breathing and i also submitted the following. I have recently been seeing and taking care of Mr x for the past several months, and he has been seen by other medical providers while being a patient in our clinic. While being a patient he was diagnosed w
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