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  1. soldierfromthe80s

    I filed for MST.

    It took me about eleven months to receive my disability rating from the time of application, so try not to get frustrated.
  2. soldierfromthe80s


    Congrats to you, Floridanurse, I know that you are so relieved !
  3. soldierfromthe80s

    VSO visit

    Floridanurse, I too hope that you receive the best possible outcome. I am truly sorry to hear about another service member who had to go through what so many of us have had to endure, and also what I had to endure, MST. You are a survivor though and your strength will pull you through. Again, the best of luck to you !
  4. soldierfromthe80s

    PTSD due to MST C&P today

    The BEST of luck to you Andyman....God bless !
  5. soldierfromthe80s

    I filed for MST.

    Kent101, I wish you all of the success in the world in getting a high rating on your claim. I am also an MST survivor, and was awarded my disability about a year and a half ago. I had NO hope of getting anything at all, and if it wasn't for my husband's encouragement, I never would have filed. It took over thirty years for me to file when I did. You are not in this alone !! God bless you.
  6. Andyman73, just wishing you luck on your claim. Some of your life experiences sound like things I have endured as well. I finally got my disability for PTSD based on MST and MDD. I waited for over thirty years to even get up the nerve to apply for benefits, I was thinking that the VA would treat me like the Army did, "I didn't matter, so they didn't mind" (to quote you). Hope you are well.
  7. Hedgey, thanks for your post ! It reminds me of myself before I got my disability. I just wanted someone to acknowledge what i had gone through, and yes an apology would have been the icing on the cake after the acknowledgement. Thanks again for your heart felt post !
  8. soldierfromthe80s

    MST Compensation Claim Question

    Congratulations, it is great to hear that all of the waiting and suffering were well worth it in the end ! Good luck to you !
  9. I wish I could give you some advice, but I am new to this board and am just getting started in filling out my disability paper work. I do want to say that I have experienced the same thing you have, only it happened about thirty years ago. I have no idea what to expect, I do wish that I had done this sooner though. When this happened to me MST wasn't recognized of course, I am so glad that it is now. Good luck on your claim, your recovery and God Bless !

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