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  1. Any advice will be appreciated. Here is what I have: 70% PTSD with panic attacks 50% sleep apena 30% IBS 30% migraine including migraine variants (also claimed as headaches), residuals of traumatic brain injury. ( the professional thing re: a migraine rating is that.....going into the BVA process, i did not have a migraine rating. I did have a 10% TBI rating. The law judge found the migraine diagnosis in my reccords, ordered another TBI eval, and once the eval was done, my 10% TBI was changed to 30% migraine. I need to get to 100% P & T. The route i want
  2. Well, it worked guys and gals. ANAISE helped get a decision. My rating is now 90%. PTSD with chronic panic attacks- 70% Sleep apena secondary to PTSD- 50% IBS - 30% TBI- 10% The VA denied the allergies and the asthma, but we have an appeal filed and a hearing date in March 2020 in front of the Veterans Court of Appeals. What sucks is the VA now gives me a shot every two weeks of Xolair because allergy shots and pills no longer work to control the allergies, which has led to several allergic asthma attacks .....daily. VA has blood results showing the same...... so ANAIS
  3. Good luck. Please keep us informed. I am trying to learn more about this stage/ process. I wish you the best.
  4. Well gang, here I go. I signed all required paperwork do have Mr. David Anaise, MD, JD, represent me for as far as this needs to go. I reached 70% by myself. I am looking forward to seeing our results.....I know, I know,.... in a couple, if not more, years. He will be representing my on my TBI evaluation and effective date, service connection Headaches, service connection Allergies, service connection IBS, service connection Asthma, and service connection sleep apnea. Fingers and toes crossed.......
  5. I wish you all luck. My BiPap came from the VA. Once issued, they required me to bring my card only, twice to the VAMC. The time frame was 90 days. So the VAMC wanted two, 90 day downloads to see if I was using it. The nurse gave the card back right away, and printed off the ResMed paperwork for me. I never thought to plug the card into my PC. Again Buck and all, good luck. Wether it is a CPAP or BiPap, for God's sake please use it every night.
  6. Exactly, he represents me both as a doctor and lawyer, and that is why I hired and will stay with him. He does not know my work history, but after reading your advice, I will tell him. Reason being I just did not want to overwhelm him with civilian drama, so he could focus on the VA stuff. After typing that, I see it was foolish not to let HIM decide what he needs to know, vs me deciding that - stupid mistake. Btw, my 1st VR&E appt is tomorrow. We will see how that goes as well.
  7. Bronco- Thanks. Still workin, that's another story, another time. And yes I met with him. He is on board, I am a client of his and I will be from now on with other VA claims/ issues. I will update Dr. Anaise's progress and results, for the sole reason so others can read, do their homework, and lean like I have. Thanks again,
  8. I tried opening the attachment again, it didn't work. A message was sent to the site administrator, they should be able to help. On another note, off to get the allergy skin test at the VAMC today. This was done while in service and in my medical records, but the VA wants to see if I still have the condition. I've been told by my private doctors that you don't grow out of something like this, so let's see who knows what about what they're talking about.
  9. -84- Good luck and please keep us posted.
  10. Thank you. This is going straight to my lawyer who just started my DRO for sleep apnea 2nd to PTSD. What sucks is that when I filed, I even submitted my IMO at that time. These guys crack me up.
  11. Same to you all. Happy New Year and the best to you and yours. Homework and most of your ( you all) advice helped with my claims. I hope others learn as well.
  12. Wow, if that was done at the VA hospital, they have VERY LITTLE info to give you compared to my reports done at the VA contracted hospital. None the less, keep up with their reports/ your result numbers. If I can be of help, let me know. I spent all of 2015 and most of my energy on this topic and I am glad I did. Bugged the hell out of them I did.......lol.
  13. -8404- The local VAMC paid for my sleep studies overnight at a closer hospital. As of 2015, I have had three. All you can do is collect the results and do the homework which it seems like you are. Please get the long graph as part of the results when/ after you do an overnight at the hospital ( when you have all the probes hooked up). The report that showed the results were always three pages for me. First two had language I had to Google but now understand, the third page was the graph like I mentioned. On the graph you can follow your Ahi's and you SpO2 levels. Added to you doing your homew
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