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  1. Any advice will be appreciated. Here is what I have: 70% PTSD with panic attacks 50% sleep apena 30% IBS 30% migraine including migraine variants (also claimed as headaches), residuals of traumatic brain injury. ( the professional thing re: a migraine rating is that.....going into the BVA process, i did not have a migraine rating. I did have a 10% TBI rating. The law judge found the migraine diagnosis in my reccords, ordered another TBI eval, and once the eval was done, my 10% TBI was changed to 30% migraine. I need to get to 100% P & T. The route i want
  2. Well, it worked guys and gals. ANAISE helped get a decision. My rating is now 90%. PTSD with chronic panic attacks- 70% Sleep apena secondary to PTSD- 50% IBS - 30% TBI- 10% The VA denied the allergies and the asthma, but we have an appeal filed and a hearing date in March 2020 in front of the Veterans Court of Appeals. What sucks is the VA now gives me a shot every two weeks of Xolair because allergy shots and pills no longer work to control the allergies, which has led to several allergic asthma attacks .....daily. VA has blood results showing the same...... so ANAIS
  3. Well gang, here I go. I signed all required paperwork do have Mr. David Anaise, MD, JD, represent me for as far as this needs to go. I reached 70% by myself. I am looking forward to seeing our results.....I know, I know,.... in a couple, if not more, years. He will be representing my on my TBI evaluation and effective date, service connection Headaches, service connection Allergies, service connection IBS, service connection Asthma, and service connection sleep apnea. Fingers and toes crossed.......
  4. Congrats for you and yours. And Happy New Year.
  5. To answer your 1st post, I have TBI rating, which was an in line of duty injury/ service connected in 2003, OEF/ OIF. I developed central apena this year. The VA prescribed a BiPap. I did my home work, and went to the sleep apena c&p armed with the three sleep study results, lay statements, battle buddy statements, and an IMO from Dr. Gary Anise. Just had it denied the other week. I have been looking for others as well. Keep in touch, please. And thank you for your service. Follow me as I get advice from Navy 04 and Buck very soon (I want to type carefully) bec they have been good with t
  6. Congrats and Merry Christmas to you. I need to pick your brain very soon. But, as for now, enjoy the new road and relax. Nice way to start off the your new year.
  7. Senior or Pvt, I know it has been awhile since this post, but any chance either of you still check this? Sorry- new to this and this topic hits home here.
  8. Thank you all for what you have done. Wish me luck this year, as I do for you. 70- PTSD 10- TBI
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