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  1. Hello all. I have been out of the Navy for 7 almost 8 months now. I was rated 100% P&T late last year. I was recently diagnosed with Colitis. Like recently as in yesterday. I have no such cases or visits other than a couple of cases of abdominal pain from when I was in several years ago. I never claimed anything IG related aside from GERD which is rated at 0%. My question is should I file a claim for Colitis? It was discovered on CT scan. (Ulcerative). Will they even consider it since I have been out for this long? Thank you for any advice or related stories whether succes
  2. So this is a bit late, but I logged in a month or so ago and was again shocked to see that my deferred PTSD with symptoms of anxiety, depression and insomnia was rated at 50%. So I checked my letters and I have been awarded 100% Permenant and Total with no further evaluations! WOW, just WOW!
  3. thank you Berta. I was awarded SMC-k at 103.00 a month as well.
  4. I filed in January of this year. I retired 30 June this year. C and P exams July this year. Just received the following for a combined rating of 90% including SMC (2170.00) How should I proceed? UPDATE 12-30/2015 - Deferred was decided at 50% I am now 100% P%T no further evaluations! Happy New Year! Disability Rating Decision Related Effective Date migraine(also claimed as headaches) 30% Service Connected 07/01/2015 umbilical hernia status post surge
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